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Welcome to CASA VENOM, be it ever so humble, filthy, rat-infested...!

//Fact File


HEIGHT: 6' 3"
EYES: Blue
WEIGHT: 230 lbs
HAIR: Reddish-blond

REAL NAME: Edward "Eddie" Brock
IDENTITY: Known to authorities
OCCUPATION: Former Journalist
CITIZENSHIP: U.S.A., with a criminal record
PLACE OF BIRTH: San Francisco, California
RELATIVES: Carl Brock (father), Jamie Brock (mother, deceased), Anne Weying (ex-wife, deceased)
EDUCATION: BA in journalism from Empire State University



Eddie Brock was a former columnist at the Daily Globe; he wrote a series of exclusive articles about the serial killer known as the 'Sin-Eater.' Brock was eventually contacted by Emil Gregg, a man who confessed to being Sin-Eater. Brock wrote pieces purporting to be conversations with the self-confessed murderer. The Globe's circulation soared like never before, but pressure mounted and the police grew increasingly insistent that Brock revealed his source so that they could stop the murder spree. Under advice of counsel, Brock finally crafted his masterpiece and announced Emil Gregg as the Sin-Eater. However, within hours of release the true identity of the Sin-Eater was exposed to be rogue detective Stan Carter thanks to the efforts of Spider-Man and Brock's columns turned out to be based on the lurid ramblings of a compulsive confessor.

The scandal obliterated Brock's career as a respectable reporter and turned the Globe into a laughing stock. Fired from the Globe with no job prospects, Brock was forced to write venomous exposés for tabloid magazines to eke out a living. He blamed Spider-Man for his career downturn and spent part of his meager income on body-building equipment, believing that exercise would reduce his stress. Unfortunately, it only served to further fuel Brock's hatred and he began to tape headlines about the wall-crawler on his walls, until he could no longer bear with the pain and was ready to take his own life. Raised catholic, Brock wandered from church to church, praying for forgiveness, when the Symbiote found him-- which was previously bonded with Peter Parker --at Our Lady of Saints. Drawn to his intense rage, the symbiote bonded with Brock and through their mutual hatred toward Spider-Man they became the villain known as Venom. Together they only have one purpose: destroy Spider-Man and everything he cares about.



  • This point has probably become redundant at this point, but don't God-mod. I will seriously suck your lungs out through your nasal cavity if you do.
  • I'm all about that mature content, yo. However I don't have any real interest in hanky-panky scenarios, I lack confidence in my smutabilities and find the idea of Brock having sex awkward. I know, ladies; he's so hunky and dreamy with those massive pecs but I'm sorry, it just isn't for me.
  • I only roleplay in the comments and via private messaging (inbox). I only use the chat to plot and/or, well, chat.
  • I'll gladly do crossovers as long as it's something I can work with and doesn't make Brock feel out of place. I mean, it'd be pretty difficult to do a Venom/Teletubbies crossover.
  • I prefer to plot over winging it. Coming up with things as I go along can sometimes work, but I feel more invested and prepared when something has been discussed beforehand. It doesn't have to be super deep, just something to act as a pedestal or however you wanna phrase it.
  • Have fun; chillin' out, relaxin', maxin' all cool.

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At 9:25am on March 1, 2017, Junko Enoshima said…

"Oh, dear. Poor baby gets fired from a dead end job and he thinks he knows what despair is? I'm afraid that hardly makes you an eligible candidate, good sir. Not that I'm here to judge, but surely you're not naive enough to think you're more of an expert on despair than I am. You limit despair to one individual--for some reason, but I believe despair belongs to everyone! Why should any one soul be spared from the bliss of unending darkness? They shouldn't."

At 5:56pm on February 28, 2017, Junko Enoshima said…

"In that case, maybe I'll just have to make you my next plaything instead. How'd you like to be on the butt-end of a despair induced session of cognitive reconfiguration? You'll be head chairman of the Junko fanclub in no time, Snickerdoodle!" 

At 5:32pm on February 28, 2017, Junko Enoshima said…

"I guess there is potential tucked away behind the bad breath and crummy demeanour after all. You're ambitious, kiddo. I'll give you that, but not much of anything else. See, the pretty boy in blue and red is but one name on my ever growing list of people I intend to maim; rather, plunge them into an everlasting miasma of despair and self loathing. So grab a front row seat to watch, or step aside. I don't share my playthings. Ever!"

At 5:05pm on February 28, 2017, Junko Enoshima said…

"That's like, totally not my preferred method of execution, sugar plum. Way too messy and I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I got blood all over these new boots. I was thinking something a little more subtle--perhaps a bit of flair. Can't have a climatic death scene without showmanship, can ya?" 

At 4:47pm on February 28, 2017, Junko Enoshima said…

"Doubt it! You're all gross with that big tongue and lacking of personal hygiene. Not to mention the fact that I can probably monologue better than you any day of the week!" 

At 3:34pm on February 27, 2017, V E N O M said…

Suicide Squad is now an Oscar-winning movie for best makeup.

Did nobody see Star Trek Beyond?

At 5:30am on February 20, 2017, V E N O M said…

There's just something about voluptuous women. . . with a face filled with razor-sharp teeth that's really attractive to me.

At 10:43pm on February 1, 2017, Juri Han said…

New York, 6:17pm. The third day being spent in the city that apparently never sleeps. A small martial arts tournament was being held in a well know arena. Fighters from across the states had heard about and registered for the competition – including one devious fighter in particular. Enter Juri, a woman in desperate need to escape from the morons she dealt with on a daily basis. The recent days spent with them were becoming more irritating than usual, and after recent plans for her organization had failed – the spider had to be even more cautious, or else her superiors would find out in her involvement in the dismantle of a certain incident. But soon it wouldn’t matter – a day would come where she would be able to permanently silence all involved with Shadaloo. Just not today.

So for now, Juri decided to lay somewhat low while pondering her next move, breaking a few heads along the way when she desired to. As she walked inside of the building, several pairs of eyes would look in her direction – mostly due to her appearance. The most noticeable of it being purple mixed with pink catsuit that hugged her figure nicely, along with her hair being up and tied into buns that resembled horns, and a black eyepatch that covered her left eye, which was really a mysterious engine. Although it wasn’t the same type of tournament the spider was used to, she almost jumped at the chance to face strong opponents, but to her disappointment, each amateur she faced seemingly grew weaker and more predictable with each round – not even allowing her to unleash any real powerful moves. Tch..she had won the tournament with ease, yet still craved the satisfaction of a good enough brawl. An after-party would soon be underway, but Juri wouldn’t bother to stay – even throwing the trophy she had won in the trash to further show her lack of interest.

A waste of time was all the spider thought about the event as she walked out and down a nearby street, by this time a few of the streetlights were now on and active. There were also a few people along the same street walking about, but they would be nothing but an irrelevance – all she wanted was a bit of excitement..a challenge. Was that really too much for a corrupted lady to ask for?

At 7:16pm on January 25, 2017, V E N O M said…

Excuse the mess our home is currently in, we're not quite done with the renovations yet but feel free to add any comments! Mi casa es su casa.


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