Robert Oddman
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  • A Devil and A Saint
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Well Then...

Profile Information

Relationship Status
Romantic Interests
Yeah... Right...
Who Am I...
A Devil and A Saint
My Story Is...
My Name is Robert Oddman, Son of the Never Never, Long Walker of the Inky Black, Man of the Grey… Chief Executive Officer Of Oddco Heavy Industries, and Prime Representative of the Share Holder's Board, along with Lord Commander of the Hallowed Dead Mercenary Force under the Auspices of the Board.... I am a defender of the weak, an opposing force to the darkness... and a notorious paramour...
My Appearance...
Hair: Medium Length Grey

Horns: 2 foot long, iridescent black, protruding from his forehead, slight backwards curve

Eyes: Deep Black, Like Shining Obsidian, Silver Irises that Appear to Spin at Times... with powerfully hypnotic effect

Ht: (Variable) Social- 11 feet 5 inches, Light Combat- 12 feet, Heavy Combat- 15 feet, Limiter Disengage- 38.5 feet

Wt: (Variable, N/A)

A God of the Battlefield, his presence alone wins battles and turns the tide of war, his demeanor and mannerisms are that of a lifelong soldier, professional and occasionally curt. When off duty he’s known for lapsing into deep philosophical rambling... and amorous flirtation. His Pansexual nature and charismatic personality translate into a polyamorous setup in his relationships, keeping many lovers at once.

Battle damage has left him 95 percent cybernetic, body systems gauged towards durability and combat efficiency

His body is a weapon in and of itself, redundant systems, sensors, artificial organs, and various other systems make him a walking tank. Internal weapons make him a dangerous warrior even unarmed… His entire left arm has been replaced with a combat modified prosthetic, fingers more resembling metal claws than human fingers, metal plating exposed all the way up to the shoulder.


Base Layer-

(Usual Garb)

Skin Tight Black Aramid Sheath (Trauma and Heat Resistant, Reinforced with Nanotube Weave)

2nd Layer-

Combat Reinforced Leggings and Greaves, Ceramic Armor Plated

A Reinforced Arm Guard on his Right Arm, Useful for Parrying

Customized Model 213/V Variable Knee Bracers, reinforced with ceramic plate and nanotube weave

Customized Model 214/V Variable Heavy Combat Boots

3rd layer-
Model ODD1 Retractable Semi-Digitized Combat Armor- One of a kind armor deployed from a digitization module mounted next to Odd’s spine, it folds out over his chest and back when engaged, it’s modular set up and integrated systems provide an unheard of level of customizability, and aramid fiber plating, ablative ceramics, ballistic gel layers, and carbon nanotube weave grant it durability beyond that of nearly any other armor in existence

Final Layer-
Heavy Brown Oilskin Duster with Arcane Shielding Enchantments

A brown leather cowboy hat

Various mounting points for weapons, holsters, gear pouches, etc.

The Holy Sword of Love, Amoracchius, a massive longsword, more akin to a lance than a sword, used a foci for Odd’s particular brand of will based energy, allows the manifestation of shining armor for the wielder
1x Tomahawk, worn on right leg
1x Bowie Knife, on belt
1x Lat36x Assault Rifle, a customized G36C rifle, originally belonging to a soldier of the Latvian Military… don’t ask… she’s fine
1x "Ladybird" his weather beaten M-1897 trenchgun, capable of rapid fire due to the lack of trigger disconnector , modified to accept custom rounds
(On his back)
1x "The Casanova" Odd's bladed four barrel shotgun, based off the Winchester Liberator
2x “Shuko” Spike launcher, used as batons in close combat, with a variety of munitions for long range engagements
(In a leg holster)
"Love and Faith", 2x Custom 13mm Revolvers, in side holsters
"Embrace" a small silenced pistol, loaded with fragger rounds, in his left boot
"The Perferators" Custom Swedish-K Sub-machine guns, a 2 gun set, chambered in the special High-power .41 caliber OS round, mounted within his coat, on his back
(Special Weapons)
The Finger of Odd, A custom built magnetic accelerator cannon, miniaturized for use as a sniping weapon, it accelerates 3mm tungsten carbide slugs at 7,250 feet per second imparting a mass amount of force on a small area, set-up time for each shot is a disadvantage, but is a moot point when engaging a target beyond the horizon. The top rail mounted Integrated Global Targeting system allows for confirmation of target location through a variety of data sources, including visual, aural, and seismographic readings, transmitting them through the eye piece for the sniper to utilize in target acquisition and execution.
The Oddco T445 Rotary Launcher, 8 shot 40mm grenade launcher, fed from revolving magazines, carbon fiber parts allow for maximum durability at a minimal penalty to portability at the infantry level. Designed to offer mass firepower to small combat units, the T445 can fill a variety of roles, including indirect fire, anti-armor, area denial, and breaching, depending on the shell loaded, shells are issued in prepackaged magazines, allowing for quick swapping between roles, 40mm Flechette Rounds allow for close range engagement, while programmable M8 shells detonate at set distances and altitudes, allowing the T445 operator to engage targets in cover, and drive them out for elimination by fellow squadmates… these are only a few examples of the versatility of the weapons system.

Odd carries a variety of explosive devices, ranging from the conventional to the insane these include:
Frag Grenades, Flashbangs, Hornet's Nest grenades, UV grenades, Smoke grenades, Incendiary grenades, C4, Semtex, Thermite, Spike mines, SilverFrag Mines and Grenades, AcidSplash bombs, and the ever classic Molotov Cocktails, and the ever useful AAD grenades, when detonated they cover an area in a zero friction gel, making it difficult to stand or move in the effected area


Explosives of various types
A med kit, well stocked, is included in that bag
Various Occult objects, used in thaumaturgy and other ritualistic magic, useful for placing magical wards around areas, or temporarily resurrecting the recently dead for interrogation purposes
Miscellaneous equipment, including rope, grappling hooks, gas-masks, flashlights, glowsticks, field rations, blankets, extra clothes, and condoms, along with other random objects

Holy Water- Misc. Varieties, including a brand of holy vodka, Holy Hell
Blood- Multiple flasks, some supposedly from historical figures
Alcohol, generally exotic or rare varieties
My Secrets Are...
I Believe...
In Love

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At 1:33pm on February 18, 2014, Vexus said…

(It's all good ^-^ )

Robert Oddman's Blog

Twenty Seconds in the Sun

Posted on October 20, 2013 at 7:30am 0 Comments

Twenty Seconds in the Sun

Twenty Seconds I'm Not Numb

I feel the heat that kisses skin

I feel the heat that's creeping in

Twenty Seconds Next to You

Twenty Seconds Get Me Through

I feel your touch and I pretend that I'm a man again

I feel your touch and I pretend that I could ever live again

Twenty Seconds I'll Remember

Twenty Seconds I Won't Surrender

Your Very Closeness Lends Me…


Allemande (The Waltz)

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 1:00am 0 Comments

"I come in Peace, I didn't bring Artillery."

The boardroom was silent, every expression wrought as though in stone, hardened... glum.

"But I am pleading with you with tears in my eyes... If you cross me..."

There was a rumble of contrite opposition, muffled consternation amongst the board members... a mixture of mild shock…



Posted on August 6, 2013 at 2:47am 1 Comment

I want...

Your Soul...

Your Mind...

Your Heart...

Your Body... that was just the start...

I'm hungry for the blood you bleed...

I want to own the life you lead...

I want to possess every breath...

To hold sole ownership of life and death...

I crave to be the only one you touch...

Everything you have will never be enough...

I'll put an end to any…


The Great Destroyer

Posted on April 29, 2013 at 11:09pm 0 Comments

I don't do nothin but break what I built.

Hate what I've felt.

Lose what I have.

I am The Great Destroyer.

The New World Order.

Because I'm the Last One In My World.

Because I tore it all down.

Because I hold so tight to things I don't wanna lose that I crush them in my grip.




Destroy Everything that could harm them.

Harm Her.

Go on an…


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