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Syx left a comment for Lord Blight
"-She was confused. She thought he was here for blood, instead he's here to own her? She looks…"
35 minutes ago

Lord Blight left a comment for Syx
""Keeping you alive would serve much more of value, and i can be reasonbal, how would you like…"
38 minutes ago

Finn Simmons left a comment for Oriana Raines
"T E X T •••   I know, which is part of what worries me. I didn't mind so…"
38 minutes ago
Rhea Krizwald and Varrick of the Thalen are now friends
54 minutes ago
Purin posted a status
"(Hiyo! it's my Irl birthday for me so i'll be on for a little while today this morning to relax before partying! Prob be back online later!)"
59 minutes ago
Sarge and Alexandra are now friends
1 hour ago

Alexandra joined Althorn's group

Craftworld Galakon

Galakon is a relatively small craftworld led by Althorn. They have always been looked down upon for…See More
2 hours ago
✠Lucrecia✠ left a comment for ₭ɴɪɢʜ₮♞
"*Viviette‘s Latin mumbling raised a questionable eyebrow for little old Luther. He barely…"
2 hours ago
R O Y A L left a comment for Sarge
"|Oh? Thank you, I enjoy reading your blogs along with a few others on here ^^ I love your profile…"
3 hours ago

Usagi Tsukino |Sailor Moon| updated their profile
3 hours ago
DRACULA left a comment for Wɑʟkɪɳɠ ɕɹɐʑɣ
"And like so, Dracula's concentration was broken as he stumbled backwards a bit by the sheer…"
3 hours ago
R O Y A L left a comment for Sarge
"|Thank you for the invite.|"
3 hours ago
R O Y A L is now friends with Sarge and Eᴋᴀ Isᴋᴀɴᴅᴀʀ
3 hours ago
Jill Valentine and Fox Mulder are now friends
3 hours ago
Erika Hällström and Sonja Serrano Red She Hulk are now friends
3 hours ago
The fundamentalist updated their profile
3 hours ago
Cat liked Deceptions Voice's profile
3 hours ago
Tess Vargas left a comment for Catherine Chandler
"“Good, that's good. I'm glad.” There was a moment of whether or not Heather…"
3 hours ago

Aldus Blonde left a comment for Sappheire Keller Dracul
".the medication acts quickly reducing her pain, aldus look around hoping Lady Mina will come back,…"
4 hours ago

Khan Noonien Singh left a comment for Sappheire Keller Dracul
"Sure. But I don't recall my last reply. I can see yours on my comment wall. And the fact you…"
4 hours ago

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