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Captain James T. Kirk's Page

Profile Information

Who Am I...
My Story Is...
Star Trek New Ship
(Not for IC VIEW)
Ablative Armour,
Borg Cutting Beam,
Cloaking Capability,
Temporal Shielding,
Warp 9.9 Travel Speeds,
Enhanced Weapons Grid,
Particle Whip (Anti-Matter),
Enhanced Quantum Shielding.
(For Kirk: The Super Ability of Speed):
(Kirk gave Mallory a Single Phaser).
Alright, so Kirk's new speed is twice that of Peak Human. Usain Bolt's record of 28 miles per hour is doubled to 56 for VERY short bursts, however 28 mph is now pretty comfortable. And Kirk can throw punches as fast as a professional boxer's jab, and kicks as swift as a master of Kung Fu...
Asriel Dreemurr:
(For Kirk.):
What super human powers did Asriel give The Real Kirk?
Asriel Dreemurr:
Enhanced Durability, strength, and a bit more of speed
So he's like the perfect human
without having the need to break everything
Like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime
Asriel Dreemurr:
(For Kirk.): No one knew how, but Asriel's flame carried a gift onto the enterprise, a strange square-shaped gift, as it was wrapped in festive gift-wrap. Had a tag written: To: Kirk, From: Asriel. As the object inside, was a shard, which could summon a weapon of light. Taken from one of his many artifacts and relics. A long sword. Like a Zweihander. It's a normal sword, which is summoned from a crystal. Usually for personal defense. It's lighter than it's forged counterparts. It's as light as a feather, and it's improved with speed. It wards of darkness and evil ailments. It's essentially a paladin's blade. But from what the priest had rambled on, it's a high-borne weapon, used to protect the user from all types of ailments. As-long as the user holds the sword and wields it for justice. It's protection shaln't falter. So say, I were to hit you with a ability that were to slow down your body, because it was plaguing your lungs and heart. The sword would ward against it, due to it's holy nature." He tried his best to explain it to Kirk, while trying to avoid speaking like the priest when he first received the sword and it's benefits.
Asriel Dreemurr:
(For Kirk.): Great-sword of the Holy-knight, (Against Magneto). Rummage, rummage, rummage. "I believe I do." Asriel tilted his head, tongue lowly hanging, as he was digging around for weapons which could survive being man-handled. "I think, I have just the one." He pulled out a schmitar, yet the blade didn't look like metal, in fact. It looked as a foreign - material. "I will admit, all the weapons I've found, achieved, or were gifted. Are from this plane, but this one, this one seems to stem for another universe all together." It was in similar design to the Earth sword, but it gave off a weird hum. -e- Another seeking around his satchel, and he produced a compass. "Here is the weird bit." As he brought the compass closer to the sword, it's needle swung from the north-pole of Hellifyno to the sword. It didn't sway left to right, like a normal counter would. It just stayed impossibly still. "I can't explain, it's a sword foreign to everyone here. I'm not even sure how it got here." "No, this weapon is lifeless."
Captain James T. Kirk
The Essence of Kirk - Star Trek / Glitter and Gold Video
(Pine Kirk) Star Trek Versus Star Wars Videos
Captain Kirk:
Is A Relatively New:
Yet, Highly Skilled...
- Force-Sensitive / Force-User.
Kirk Needs:
Time, Practice, Patience.
Palpatine is Targeting Him.
>As a Result of Their Encounter.
>Now: Kirk has Massive Toxin Issues.
>Toxin Issues = Darkness Issues.
Kirks Purple Light Saber - (Mace Windu's):
Star Trek Logs
Enterprise Log (1)
Enterprise Log (2)
Enterprise Log (3)
Enterprise Log (4)
Enterprise Log (5)
Enterprise Log (6)
Valkyrie Log Star Date 2171 (1)
Fellow Crew Member Blog (By, Joseph Mozzillo)
Tech Dragon Audio-Log 1
(http://www.rolepages.com/profiles/blogs/tech-dragon-audio-log-001 )
Fellow Crew Member Blog, (By Joseph Mozzillo)
Exposed to Radiation 1
Fellow Crew Member Blog, (By Joseph Mozzillo)
Survival Log Day 1
Survival Log Day 2
Katherine Kane, Memory Log: Captain Kirk
Katherine Kane, Memory Log: Getting To Know The Captain
Alexandra Danvers - Status Report
USS-Enterprise-A Transmission To UNSC Triumph
Incoming Transmission From The UNSC Triumph
My Appearance...
How do you get more browsers up on rolepages?
How do I get the text for the Main Room to fill the window of the Rolepages page?
Open Multiple (different) Browsers

Species (Optional)
My Secrets Are...
Ezra Sparks / It would probably be best for Lucy to leave them alone for now, and maybe come back later when they're less on edge. She knows from experience that no matter what you do to them they bounce back somehow. At this point Kirk may as well be the Batman of the Trek universe. -c- He has back-up plans and strategies for everything it seemed like. Even his own little Justice League. She wondered if this would turn violent, and she'd have to step in. -e-

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Nov 9, 2016



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