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Peace is an illusion that requires alot of work

Profile Information

Relationship Status
Romantic Interests
None at the moment why you ask?
Who Am I...
Vice Admiral John Reyton Starfleet command
My Story Is...
Lefcourt: I Served in many roles. Some were for the better...other not so much. but i take comfort in the knowledge that the Federation still lives due to those actions.
I Enlisted at the time of Battle of Wolf 359, joining Starfleet Academy soon after. I excelled in the areas of command and intel. my first assignment was aboard the USS Overlord. she was used as an intel boat for her warp speeds and advanced sensor package and was used to monitor the Badlands. This posting lasted 3 months in that time i was Promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade.
On our last day in the Badlands the Maquis had learn of our presence in the sector and moved in to engage the overlord in an ambush. As a result of the attack the Captain died and the first officer took command. we were defenceless as our shields had been taken out and we had no warp engines. the 3 ships had withdrawn leaving us for dead as our engineer got us up. then the worst the Cardassians took note of our presence. a Galor Class Destroyer intercepted and attacked us hoping to gain our intel.
The commander injured from a condit exploding on the bridge made me acting captain and told me to save as many lives as i could. So I moved us to an asteroid mined it and moved off sending a distress call. this moved the Galor in range of the blast and i detonated the mined rock disabling the Galor's coms and weapons. The Enterprise D moved in and stopped the fighting and Towed us to DS9.
From that i was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to Starfleet Intelligence. working as a covert operative. There i did many things that i am not proud of, but in the end i justified it to myself as a necessary means of survival for the federation. needless to say threw my efforts people were injured, killed, and lost loved ones.
Finally after 2 years i was promoted to Captain as a Reward for my efforts and given command of a starship. With the Dominion War in full swing we fought long and hard on the San Antonio.
The war ended in four years. but in a victory for the a high cost
finally with the war over we could turn to the Federations real purpose...Peace. we hoped that we could spread peace across the Galaxy. five years after the war i was promoted to Admiral and thus we have our story to date.
My Appearance...
Lefcourt: Standard Grey and black uniform Uniform with a Rectangle with 3 dots in the center on each side of the collar indicating my rank. for formal occasions a white with gold lining uniform with the same tabs both having a starfleet combadge
Species (Optional)
Federation Com badge
Federation type 2 phaser
My Secrets Are...
They are my own unless you want to know
I Believe...
i beleive that love is the best thing to have in life!

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At 10:48am on September 10, 2013,
Loki Laufeyson

well well..greetings xD)

At 2:29pm on April 15, 2013,
Dalinda Rin Aneira (And Others)

( Being a huge wolf fan, and a fan of khaos dog on DA, I have to say you have a very awesome profile set up- nods-  Also a very interesting seeming character!! )

At 3:54pm on February 24, 2013, Morgana Pendragon said…

Morgana was in the forest, surrounding by beautiful trees as they hovered over her, her pale lips pursing into a gentle smirk as parchment was carried in her palms. Turning around sharply, she heard odd crinkles against the forest floor - almost alarmed, she turned her sharp gaze back and quirked a brow.

"Reveal yourself, mortals. You're not fooling anyone - and any intention to harm me isn't the wisest."

At 3:39pm on November 12, 2012, Tony Stark said…

I sighed and waited a short moment. "Has your daddy taught you how to lose or how to show no emotions? I guess you have both in common with him." I shot at your hand with which you have hold your sword.

At 1:43pm on November 3, 2012, Tony Stark said…

"You shouldn't play with the fire. You might get burned." Before you could hit me with your sword, I dodged to the side so that you couldn't hit me. See that you make the same always again. Blocks your attacks always again. Then flies fast to you and forms a fist with my suit of iron. Punches with my fist into your stomach with much force.

At 4:46pm on November 2, 2012, Tony Stark said…

I looked fast around me to see where you would be and shot at you everytime where you would be for a longer time at the same place. I was obviously able to fight against you. Well, at the moment.


"I hope this is just the warming up!"

At 6:32pm on November 1, 2012, Zoey Redbird said…

(To let you know I'm going to kill Zoey off for good in a few days, there's nothing else for her here)

At 1:37pm on October 28, 2012, Tony Stark said…

I was a bit surprised about all the fog around you but began to be unpatient.  I rolled my eyes as I listened to your words. "This should be a yes." I flew very quickly in the near of you and began to blast at you with my hands.

At 10:21am on October 28, 2012, Tony Stark said…

I would walk slowly outside to you. My suit wrapped around me automatically with every step I made. During it, I wouldn't stop watching you. I narrowed my eyes slightly as I saw you standing there in the air. "And?" I would stop after a few metres and waited. The helmet was down and the eyes began to glow bright. Ready to fight. "Ready?"

At 10:24am on October 27, 2012, Tony Stark said…

I would smile as I heard your answer. "Great. You will get your fight then."

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