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Dinner Theater

Mother is on another kick. How long it lasts this go round is anyone’s guess. I play along until it ceases to be amusing and then in the end I disappoint both her and my father. What else can I do? Surely you cannot expect me to wear the mask of gratitude and perfection all evening. It’s too much to ask of anyone, adult or child. When I was younger, I had no choice. Being of legal age, it has become a game that I continue to win.

From the moment I walked in to the house and was…


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A Leave of Absence, if You Will.

Fellow rolepagers, 

Good morning, I would like…


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My Love.

M Y  L O V E

For everlasting peace…


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Pain & Love (Chapter 2)

Pain & Love (Chapter 2)

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Just as Leilah had thought the cops had showed up. Rolling her eyes a bit annoyed at this time. She pointed at the house that was merely nothing but a pile of ashes. Starring the Cheif in the eyes. Leilah continued to tell him they were all in the kitchen cooking her adopted mother had sent Leilah out to the car to get the last of the groceries. That's when the house had…


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Hidden in View

I sit and listen, here in the dark, taking it all in; the woes, the pain, the facades that keep the true monsters hidden to my eyes. I am not fearful of monster. Show your faces, invite me in, grind your teeth and growl at me, I will not run. I am not made that way.

I am a simple girl, raised by ones who cared enough to give me a name and protect me from the horrors, although I sought them out with eager need. How naïve society to believe that if you raise a child in the light…


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The Story


The home Selina grew up in wasn't a loving one. Her father was a drunk with a temper and her mother was the punching bag the punching bag that he took all of his anger out on. Selina's mother would try and shelter her…


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The Cat




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Krieg Ändert Sich Nie

((Co-written by Maiden Company Mercs. This blog contains dark themes of war and torture. Reader's discretion is advised.))

Hancock had spent the hours of the night, instead of resting, securing a favor with an caravan connection who knew Proctor Ingram of the Brotherhood of Steel to tip them off, and to ensure that it was of the highest priority that the Brotherhood investigate the secured area, but even more than that, John just needed to make sure he would have enough…


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some OOC talk about Siccy

I have ran into my fair share of complaints about my character. Some along the lines of godmodding and some along the lines of my Moral compass of all things  But ill focus on the god mod thing.

Yes Sic is a pretty powerful being to the point that he seems like a very unfair thing to fight in battle but keep a few things in mind is that Sic along with a few of my other alts are Old World Style RP character

ill explain

Old World Roleplay had two styles,…


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They were friends

They cared about me. The Aces weren't always good, I know that, but sometimes it's hard to forget how nice they were to me. As I wrote earlier, they practically took me in. My dad was sick, I was just 16. Tye, Kyle, Jake, Mike, Roy, and all the others, they were there for me. Even when I pushed them away. There were some nights where I would yell at them to leave me alone, to let me be. They would go, but later that night I would always hear it. A motorcycle driving past my house. Checking…


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Pain & Love (Chapter 1)

Pain & Love (part 1) Leilah laid upon the floor of her family's marble ivory floor at the bottom of the stairs. Whilst the crimson pool stained the floor by her head memories flashed within her minds eye. Reliving every moment she had gone through during her childhood. Leilah's birthmother was standing at the crossroads near a man. Once Leilah focused she saw the man was indeed her birth father 'Lucifer…


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Evil & Darkness should rise to create a Bright Sinful Future

*Radu, the Overlord, sees over the limitations of time and space... sees Universes ruled by Darkness, Evil and Chaos... where the Bright Sinful Future will turn real all over the Dimensions...

The Prince will select few ones to live in lusty Paridises... others…


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✯ Guidelines/Intro (OOC)

✯ Hiya! You can call me Story and I am someone who has been off/on Rolepages for a very long time now (since this damn site was made actually). I used to have characters involving Assassin's Creed mostly is what I was known for (with characters like Marzia Harcourt, Hailey Parker, Castiel Chauvelin and Lucia Valpurgis. I am now back because I need some stress relief and hope to find it here. 

✯ I am currently 20 years old and work 40 hours a week during the day. I basically…


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Tales from the Void: The torture of Ash {Blue Moon Tavern}

He entered the Tavern and saw Ash was there Perhaps he could take this chance to have a little fun and maybe eat since he had yet to consume flesh yet tonight. His body became mist before coming partly out of the corner wall behind Ash.~ Hello again...

Ashlynn DarkShade

Her eyes stayed trained on Harry for a moment before she glanced down at the bar counter, acting strange in comparison to the night where she first met Valerin. 'You..have no…


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~| Jyn's Diary, Entry #15. |~

January 14th, 2017.

It's cold out. The snow is coming down hard. I've been starving all day. I found some food scraps in a dumpster. They tasted terrible, but I've learned not to be picky. Surviving on the streets is tough, but I'm tougher. I will survive. All I want is to have someone to love me, someone who will care about me.. I will endure.

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The Birth of The citadel

The Main Story

The Void.

Before time and space. Before any living thing and soul was even made, there was the void. An infinite nothingness that spanned across the Omni verse. Within this void was one simple conscious being. This was the void itself. The void was a being of immense power but also a being that was alone. It did not think nor did it have feelings other than that it was aware that it was alone. That one simple awareness…


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An Ever Changing Body

So the photo above is what i used to look like about say a few months ago? Small girl with red skin and horns and blonde hair. But I noticed after i been spending time in the normal world outside of Endless Arena iv began to change. You see the Arena is time…


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A Calculated Game of Thrones

 (( Written in collaboration with Maiden Company Mercs! ))

  Zap! They appeared back on that damn island filled with monsters and such that John had traveled to before what felt like years ago... but there they were standing before Flare's temple. Large stone busts of. what used to be female sculptures. There were about forty females outside walking about in tribal wear. All of them look like…


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Strange New Worlds || Star Trek verse

June 2263
Cygnia Minor
Man had always held desire to explore. Whether over land and sea, or beyond. When flight became possible, the next logical step was to venture into the endless black sea of space.…

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Heads up, I not-so-great at this "Posting a discussion" thing...Anyways, I am looking for anyone who is willing to RP with me. I do prefer inbox or comments yet, I will do live chat. I have tried main, and its...OK but, my luck runs dry like death…Continue

Calling all Superheroes & Villians! Marvel & DC alike!

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Hello, please read carefully below!Looking for some…Continue

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Hello there everyone! I am new to role pages, I have role played…Continue

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/any one just up for writing some smut with a story

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i am going to be honest....i would like to write some smut...plain and simple....Continue

How exactly does one use CSS? / Who can help me figure out how to code my Profile?

Started by Jyn Kirashi in Role Playing Discussion (Out Of Character). Last reply by Jyn Kirashi yesterday. 3 Replies

This post is about exactly what it says. CSS. I have no clue how to use CSS. Does anyone know how to code CSS? If so, may I please speak to you about possibly helping me code my profile so that it won't look like hot garbage?

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Dark Universe RP?

Started by Bruce Wayne in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Captain James T. Kirk yesterday. 10 Replies

Been hearing about in the entertainment world that Universal Studios is doing this 'Dark Universe' and it has intrigued me very much so. I watched the Mummy and it had a great dark story side building up (until the ending turned into a happy ending)…Continue

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Calling all Star Wars Role Players

Started by the Imperial in Role Playing Discussion (Out Of Character). Last reply by Astrid "Ravyn" Gaiasdottir yesterday. 9 Replies

The Groups of Star Wars are Reorganizing for another go. We would like to have as many people as possible join in. In this Story we are supposing the events that happened before with the Destiny Empire Sith Empire and Britannian Empire's did happen…Continue

Sorry for the Troubles

Started by Curie in Role Playing Discussion (Out Of Character). Last reply by Dream |ᴛʜᴇ sᴀɴᴅᴍᴀɴ| on Sunday. 8 Replies

I've come back today to issue a full apology to everyone that participated or witnessed my dreadful story line that I attempted to DM.Looking back, I can see that DMing such a thing was way out of my league, but i cannot take full blame for…Continue

Just looking for new stories.

Started by Mai Ortega in Earth (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Alo Heart on Friday. 10 Replies

Just want some new people to RP with, nothing in particular. My only request is no responses smaller than a paragraph. Usually I reply with multiple paragraphs though. Mai is also a demon, so plan for that. Again, any story will do, just keep it…Continue

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