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The story so far. Friday was bring your baby to the bar day, a very popular holiday in persistence. But it ended up having unintended negative results. Namely the kids toys attacked the citizens, and the Rogues were all ripped apart and remade into puppets, marionettes, and action figures.

The Rogues escaped…


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The Arena of Lost Hope

Persistence was eaten by a monster. Mendacium lurks behind it all. But in the meantime, the Rogues battle warriors of strength and skill in an intergalactic arena. You are welcome to this life or death contest, but beware. A hershey bar can be as much as…


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The Sleepy Crib Inn

:: And now, everyone finds themselves in the Sleepy Crib Inn. Here you…


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Restoring HP at the Inn

Hello again friends. As most of you know now Persistence is gone, Hellifyno is screwed, and the Rogues are in a pickle. After last nights disaster with the children and the plushies and the board games, everyone has been tossed into a video game version of Persistence, with health bars above their heads and magic…


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XP Please

And now the Rogues are in a video game. I have no idea where Persistence is, or even where Hellifyno is. Do you? Can anyone help me?

Apparently the mushrooms make you bigger here, but they can also cost you HP which is a bar above your head that shrinks until you die. Like a death clock but more…


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A Whole New World

After a chilling adventure with Slenderman in which the Rogues were turned into toys, they were tossed into the multiverses most popular game show LIVE or DIE, where they rolled a dice to randomly generate a game, which turned out to be... charades!

After Anthem Kishimoto failed to…


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Madness in Persistence

So... apparently bring your baby to the bar day was not such a good idea. The kids went insane, and their toys started attacking and killing citizens across the city, causing widespread panic which of course led to more death and injuries. Right now the city is broken, but more important and far more interesting is the…


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Bring Your Baby to The Bar Day

Join the fun.

Persistence, Hellifyno - June 10th 2016: This evening, in a tiny island nation just off of the shores of the Eastern Continent, the people gather in their Inns and Pubs to observe a new and peculiar tradition. …


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PuCk Lays Eyes On The City Of Dawn

The plague of madness that has beset the city of Dawn for weeks now, claiming nearly a quarter of the population in its crazed clutches, now has a known…


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Ar'Elis On the Verge of Collapse


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World War Hellifyno Update

The planet of Hellifyno has been unstable for several months now due to violent conflicts which have erupted between its various city states. This has left the world isolated from outside galactic contact and trade by…


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Sacrifice Saves The South

At a peace summit convened between the Nymphs of Helifyno and the High Priestess of Shiva last evening, a peace accord was agreed to. In return for the willing sacrifice of 121 innocent Nymph lives, Harmony, would end the war.

The Nymphs, a generally peaceful race, went war like several months ago,…


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The Cloaked Rebellion of Ar'Elis

A man wearing a dark cloak has been causing a stir in the city of Ar'Elis. He claims to be a prophet, and a seer, and many are starting to believe him as his predictions have started coming true. This has caused a mass of people to gather around him, proclaiming him as a savior and looking to him for the answers…


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The Delusional Disease of Dawn

A plague has broken out in the port city of Dawn, causing many of its inhabitants to suffer from traumatic psychological conditions. Reports indicate that citizens are seeing things that are not there, speaking in gibberish, chanting singsong nonsense words, and behaving erratically, including…


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Missing Bodies, Missing Parts, the Silent Scourge of Consequence

The city of Consequence has become a dangerous hive of thieves and villains, but there are still some crimes that stand out from the rest. Of these, the most gruesome and foreboding is the disappearance of a number of children, 5 - 10 each night for the pat few weeks. While the theft of urchins and orphans…


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Bailee Roberts Is Dead!

The Princess of the Nymphs of Agorion was slain by Aaron Giovanni, and a mixed group of mercenaries and Wyrm soldiers during a raid last night.

Alarm sirens went off across Agorion territory around 8 pm Tavern Standard Time last evening, as a band of mercenaries and Wyrm Creatures surged into nymph territory,…


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The City Of Aark Claimed By Radical Gaian Faith Faes Opposed To Voidist Expansion

The ‘Cult’ Led By a Former Protege Of PuCk Vows To Restore the Balance of Life to Hellifyno



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Nymphs Commit War Crime: Thousands Of Wyrmlings Killed In Horrible Attrocity

Last night a battle broke out between the Nymphs of Agorion Wood, and the Wyrm Worshippers of the Shiva Expanse. The conflict started when the leader of the Nymph Military, Thistle Leafblade, challenged High Priestess Harmony Stryder over the growing Wyrmwood forest that was spreading across the Southern Continent.

General Leafblade claimed that the Wyrmwood was a growing menace that was fed by the blood of sacrifices, and which left unchecked would cover the entire world,…


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The State of Hellifyno: World At War

The Heroes Strike Back

In a daring raid last night, the Blue Moon Heroes, led by Wilhelm Faolan and with assistance by Emperor Brutus Crowley, managed to infiltrate the occupied city of Civalo'ki. After putting down resistance by Soulless and Giovanni soldiers, they made their way to the…


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Kharak-dar, the Silverhide clan in world war Hellifyno

These are the first explosive reports of major Silverhide activity in the recent planetary war engulfing Hellifyno. The Alpha has declared Kharak-dar, the innate call to war that every clan member must answer.…


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