NAME - Jude
AGE - Over 600 years old
ORIGINS - Romanian
SPECIES - Vampire
OCCUPATION - Club Owner,Musician

Jude was turned into a vampire by Vlad Tepes himself, during the years of war against Turks Jude was one of the most loyal soldiers of Vlad and also his best friend. Back then every day was filled with stench of death, they were losing men in daily bases but even when their tiny army was nothing to compare to Turkish legions they were able to hold their positions. However everything changed one night when Vlad was betrayed by his own men and killed during one of the battles since that day Jude didn't stopped blaming himself for not being there to save his sire and friend.
During his long life Jude went through many stages from fierce warrior to feral animal who would kill anyone in his way to self-pitying person who would barely step out of his house. However last fifty years were a better period of his life Jude moved to New Orleans started a business there, his bar turned out to be a great place for tourists and locals. However once he made sure everything was working perfectly he became a rare guest there, Jude gave his all self into creating music which allowed Jude to separate himself  from his past, forget everything he would rather not to think about.Jude isn’t very social person and he also sometimes have a hard time controlling his temper.

Powers & Abilities
~ Mind Compulsion - is an ability to control the mind of another simply through eye contact.
~ Super Strength - This allows the user to exert greater strength from their muscles and perform feats which non-supernatural beings normally cannot.
~ Super Speed - This allows the user to move and run at much greater velocities than non-supernatural beings normally can.
~ Immortality - It affords the user immunity to the effects of aging and diseases, thereby granting the ability of outliving other supernatural creatures and humans.
~ Telepathy - Is the ability to enter the mind of another to read and control them. Telepathy can also be used to manipulate dreams and create illusions.
~ Accelerated Healing - This allows users to regenerate and fully recover from injuries such as gunshots, broken bones, blood loss, snapped necks, burns, bite wounds, and brain aneurysms in a matter of seconds/minutes, depending on the injury.
~ Super Durability -It allows the user to sustain far more damage than non-supernatural beings normally can.
~ Super Senses - This allows the user to see, smell, hear, taste and feel better than non-supernatural beings normally can.
Super Agility - This allows users to run, jump, climb, flip, and perform acrobatic feats beyond that which non-supernatural beings normally can.
~ Sire Bond - Those vampires with a sire bond are supernaturally loyal to their sires to the point that they will go out of their way to do whatever their sire asks them to do, even if they don't actually want to do it.

~ Animal Blood - while somewhat satisfying a vampire's hunger and sustaining their undead life, will make the vampire considerably weaker than they would be if they had drank human blood.
~ Decapitation - dismembering or manually removing the head of a vampire will result in instant and permanent death.
~ Desiccation - Vampires who abstain from blood for extended amounts of time will eventually desiccate and mummify.
~ Fire - vampires are highly flammable and sensitive to fire, and will quickly burn and die from it if the flames are not extinguished in time.
~ Heart Extraction - removing the heart of a vampire will result in permanent death.
~ Sunlight - sunlight and UV rays burn vampires on contact, and prolonged exposure will cause them to burst into flames and die.

Vampires have the capacity to be extremely feral, predatory creatures, and can be more beast-like and savage than their human appearance suggests. They growl, hiss, snarl, and curl their lips back when provoked, baring their fangs as a sign of aggression when faced by a threat.Despite their nature, vampires are also capable of human emotions, such as compassion, love, and self-control. However, it's in a vampire's nature to be violent, and no matter what their morality or kindness, they will almost always resort to such acts if it's necessary for their survival.Even the most compassionate of their kind will often resort to cruelty and torture if it means protecting themselves and their loved ones from danger.

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