Captain James T. Kirk (Son) / George Kirk (Father) - Reunion (Day 1)

George Kirk

Kirk stirred in his sleep. George Kirk. And slowly, he began to sit up, still nude beneath the sheets of the infirmary. Propping himself up on a single elbow, his blue, sunken eyes, roved the room in silence, flicking here and there. They were not the eyes of a man who felt safe, even in the least. He was searching for traps, tricks, enemies, and ways to overcome them, if possible.

Captain James T. Kirk

Kirk hadn't slept all night! But it was by now that he'd heard some stirrings in the infirmary: just as he and Danvers were thinking about going back to the cottage. Their cottage, their safe place and he halted over by the Infirmary door. Then he just as carefully knocked on that door, "George? May I come in?"

George Kirk

George stared at the door, and hesitantly stood. He stared down at himself, and then pulled the sheet from the bed, winding it around his figure, and tying it off at his waist. He flung what was left over his shoulder into a sort of toga, and approached the door, the sheet trailing behind him still, and he slowly opened it, leaning on the body of it for support, as he stared at the man he didn't know was his son.

Alex Danvers

Indeed. They had planned on going back to their safe place, their safe haven. It would have been nice to be able to relax for just a moment. But said moment would have to wait for the couple. Kirk hadn't slept at all and so she was intent on allowing that to happen. The Infirmary. Where Kirk's dad was. Of course he wanted to visit him. And she would not deny him that. Never. Once George opened, her eyes went to. Maybe they wanted to be alone? Danvers would let Kirk decide that.

Captain James T. Kirk

Kirk was keeping his distance with his father, so as to not scare him. Hell, even Kirk is scared about finally meeting the man. Why would he want to scare him off? Questions filled his face, "...You um? Want breakfast?" He asks, "Maybe some clothes? I can ....make that happen if you want?"

George Kirk

His eyes narrowed as he stared at the younger man for a moment, and then he nodded. Yes. To both. He released the door, and stepped back, on unsteady feet, gesturing inside, inviting James in further, if he desired, before he looked up at Danvers. He met her stare for a moment, and then ventured a cautious, reassuring smile. These people seemed nervous of him. It was a nice change, if nothing else.

Alex Danvers

The stare was not meant to be rude, nor hostile. She was just unsure what to say, how it would impact him. Him speaking she knew wouldn't happen, so they would have to rely on his gestures for now. George nodded to both. Breakfast and clothes. The smile was returned to George, as if to reassure him she meant well. And then her gaze flicked to Kirk. ''I'll get some new clothes, okay?'' She offered. ''Won't be long.'' And so she would set off to grab standard hospital clothes. At least for now.


Captain James T. Kirk

With Danvers taking care of the other order: Kirk could concentrate on George, and with his offer? Kirk, nodded and grinned towards the man while he walked further into the room. So? This is where he meets his father? After all of this time? The Red Sun Inns Infirmary Room. But at least, it was something, while he took in the rooms stunning decor, "...Got some rest?"

George Kirk

He shrugged, and then nodded, but then glanced around the room. He approached a desk, and began to rifle through it, until he had set out a pad of notepaper, and a pen. He wrote upon it, and held it up to James, as he raised his eyebrows. There, upon the pad was written three questions. "Where am I? Where are the Sith? Who are you people?"

Captain James T. Kirk

"Well", Kirk sat down on a chair, so as to not appear looming in any way shape or form: especially after a prisoner’s release. Hands are where they can be seen, resting on his legs, to the arm chair. Yet his eyes start to water as a result, "...I'm a", not wanting to frighten him, "A very close relative of yours", to wean him to the idea of it, "...The Sith are? I'm not sure just yet...but they're around", leaving that option open, "...We're....working together from an Organization based from Earth”

Alex Danvers

Danvers knew where most medical things were, the clothes included. And so it wouldn't take too long for her to find some clean hospital clothes. While they didn't offer much in terms of fashion sense, they would at least offer the poor man clothing. And they were not too uncomfortable, either. George would get breakfast too. But first things first. Once Danvers had everything she needed, she set off back towards the Red Sun Inn Infirmary. Though once she was outside the door, she didn't just barge in. No, she stopped just outside and if it was closed, she knocked and open it just a tad, sticking her hand in with the clothes. ''James?'' She asked. Danvers wouldn't be in the same room as George got dressed, out of respect. And so the clothes were given to James.

Captain James T. Kirk

Kirk grabbed the clothes/necessities from Danvers and then set it on a table, so that George could take it from him. "..Clothes, Necessities"

George Kirk

His eyebrows dropped, and his lips twitched in annoyance at James deflection of his questions. He turned the pad around, and started to write something else, when Danvers knocked at the door. He smiled politely, and nodded his head in thanks at the clothing. He waited until she left, and then unfolded the items. He shrugged, after a moment, and turned his back to Kirk, as he began to dress. When he finished, he bundled up the sheet, and then threw it to the bed. He bent over the table, then, and finished his note, raising it to James' line of sight. "Cut the shit."

Alex Danvers

Danvers waited outside for now, allowing father and son to reunite first. She wouldn't take liberties here, though if asked to come in, she would. Here was hoping it would go well. This would be an emotional moment for them both she imagined.


Captain James T. Kirk

A former prisoner’s sense of violence to their new surroundings wasn't unusual behavior, Kirk thought to himself. Though he looked away to give his dear old dad a sense of privacy once he got those clothes on. Till more activity over there provoked him to look, to see what he might be writing? Flash. Blinks. Another long sigh follows, because he wanted to inform him gently, and not rushed, "Alright", his arms still loose on that arm chair, "I'm Your Son. I'm 33 years old. I'm a Captain with The United Federation of Planets", he states, "....Captain James Tiberius Kirk", he takes another breath, "You’re in the infirmary of the Red Sun Inn, which is based just outside of Persistence and on a planet called: Hellifyno", he says, "....My associate out there, who handed you those clothes is another member of my crew", he says, "Her name is Danvers. Alex Danvers", willing to say even more.....

George Kirk

He blinked a couple times, and then sat heavily in the chair across from James, and he stared at his son in confusion, and heavy silence, the type of silence that would have been present regardless of his ability to speak. He stared down at the pad for a long moment, as he turned the page, and slowly set his pen to the paper. He turned it in Kirk's direction, his eyes fixing upon the younger man's features, seeking out any hint of a lie. "Too old," was the only message upon the page.

Captain James T. Kirk

George did appear rather young, for someone who should around sixty years of age, so? There was that issue! Nods, "...That's my age", not trying to be confrontational, "...How old are you?"

George Kirk

He considered James' question for a long moment, and then began to write down something. He shook his head, and scribbled it out, before writing down again, and raising the paper. "40???" A flash went through his eyes, and he looked down, and wrote something else, and raised it. "What year is it?"

Captain James T. Kirk

It's horrifying what they've done to him, just in these preliminary moments spending time with him. Cautious breaths are still taken, "...When the event happened", he states, "You were thirty years old", he says, "...The year, for Earths Time-table is 2171"

George Kirk

He started a bit, and shifted in his seat, looking down at the pad of paper, and writing out the simple equation, as though not believing what the result would be. 38 years? This made less and less sense. He looked up at Kirk in confusion, and shook his head again. Then, he wrote another barrage of questions. "What is your middle name? Who are you named for? What is your Mother's name?" Tests, clearly.

Captain James T. Kirk

Although he tried to hide some of that wetness in his eyes. Soft blinks here and there: more trickles of wet still clogged his eyes. Yet refusing to use a napkin at this point to remove them. "...Tiberius", in some awkward way, it felt as if he was being questioned by ...Mr. D, since names were forbidden from being spoken. Even thought of, at this point? "...I was named after you", he replies, "...Winona", then finally using his right index to slide some of that wandering wetness away.....


George Kirk

He stared at the man in silence, and then the pad and pen dropped away, as he looked down, and pinched his nose, covering his eyes with his hands, and resting his elbow against his knee. His shoulders shook for a moment, and he sniffed for a moment. He stumbled forward a bit, out of the chair, to his knees, and his arms moved out towards his son.

Captain James T. Kirk

When Realization struck George? A sense of panic flooded James, in the fact that: he's got his father back! As soon as George opened his arms out, there was no hesitation for James as he flew down to that floor and hugged him, through and through! Were there tears? Yes. Is he emotionally crumbling just as much as George is? Definitely.

George Kirk

He clutched the younger man close, his fingers curling in the hair upon the back of his head, as he pressed James' face against his bony shoulder. His lips found their way to his son’s forehead, as the tears streamed freely down his face. His other arm wrapped around James, and he rocked slowly, back and forth, chest heaving.

Captain James T. Kirk

A Father that he always believed was around: somewhere! Till new information brought them to this point! James held his father with all of the intensity of a toddler, rushing off to grab his leg, after he'd run away for a few minutes! Most of his own childhood with the stepfather wasn't so great, though. He'd tended to be abusive to James, when he was drunk. But, now? This was a new start! And he couldn't help but to cry, to clutch, and even gasp that the man was truly near to him!

George Kirk

George broke the embrace only after several minutes had passed, and he pulled his son out at arm's length, to examine him. He stared at him for a long time, and then his face twisted in anger, and determination. He pulled away, and reached for the pen and paper. He scrawled a single word upon it, taking up most of the page. "Vengeance."

Captain James T. Kirk

Maybe he'd held the man too close within the embrace? But for whatever reason, Kirk sniffed and gave the man his space: while he stood up to get his bearings sorted out. But then he was visually examined, while his own tormented features were returned to George. Sniff. Lost in the barrage of emotions, ideals: perhaps even dreams of the future with his dad? His True Dad. Kirk gave him that space and waited for the next message to appear. Lo and Behold it was that one. "They got Captain Christopher Pike", he says, "...He's with the Federation, as well", he states, and now he uses those napkins, why? Pike was like that semi-adoptive father that he never had. Sniffs. "...They got him and I'm going to get him back next"

George Kirk

He nodded slowly, and reached out, to wipe away first James' tears, and then his own. He nodded again, and then sat back, and turned the page. "We'll get him back." He wrote, and then added beneath. "After breakfast," and he glanced up, with a sly smile at his son. He was, after all, literally starving.


Captain James T. Kirk

James was still in awe of the man before him. So every little act, no matter how small: was making a huge impact on him. Though when the next arrived, Kirk nodded, and was about to say, "Yeah. After that", it was going to be a lot more complicated than that to get Pike back. But he played along and got the tray from Danvers which held enough food to fill 4-6 people. Beverages included. This is a celebration. What was on tray? From what he remembered mom telling him of George's favorite breakfast items. "..Hope you like it?"

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