Time-Frame: Friday: July 7th, 2017. (Over a Week ago).

Location: Picnic Table: Right next to the Red Sun Inn (RSI)


Captain James T. Kirk

By now, this late at night, Kirk had finally changed into some new clothes? Hell, he probably did that as soon as he'd walked back into the inn, this morning: This AM. Black leather jacket, some pants, pair of shoes, and a shirt. All: Black. But, lost nonetheless. However, even the insides of the Inn aren't going to help the Captain tonight. No. So with that knowledge in his grasp: he's meandering out the door, towards the dunes, towards the water, to help calm his own mind from yesterday’s events.



It had been a whole day since Everest had been to the inn, although it might not seem that long it was strange for her. She had gotten used to the drama of the inn, somewhat enjoyed it now. So, she decided to come back from her small trip, walking out towards the inn.


Captain James T. Kirk

Out of the corner of his eye, Kirk may have caught the sight of a familiar face? Either way: he stopped his journey towards the dunes and decided to walk into the Inn, as well. Confused. Bitter. Disappointed. And so very quiet...



As she was walking she caught Kirk, a small worried frown forming as she saw his state. "Uhm, are you ok, Kirk?" She asked, her voice quiet as if trying not to startle him. It wasn't really her specialty to comfort others but she at least forced herself to try. She had hugged herself, not cold but enjoying the feeling of the black baggy sweatshirt she wore wrapped around her.


Captain James T. Kirk

Another one that's familiar with him on this planet. Hellifheknows? Kirk's eyes are still vaguely wet, still seemingly hollow with all of the emotions that have been running through him lately, "...Yeah", then glancing back to the Inn: who knows? "...Who are you, again?"



With a small sigh she looked away, knowing he was lying. "I'm Everest. Now, would you tell me the truth?" She looked back at him, not turning her head. Her face had become blank as she looked over him, the site of it all too familiar.


Captain James T. Kirk

"It's about Spider", Kirk released after a noticeable breath of hesitation, "...We can, sit down to talk about this?" Lord knows he's going to need to.....



She had instantly gone rigid, her jaw clenching. "Uh-uhm yeah... Let's sit..." Her voice was barely a sliver of a whisper as she spoke, already imagining the worst. As she looked at the man she studied any reaction carefully, trying to figure out what exactly had happened.


Captain James T. Kirk

If they were near the giant picnic tables? Then he'd sit there with her? If it was inside, yet somewhere, quiet? Private? They'd sit there. Player’s choice. But either way, Kirk would pull out a chair for her to sit down on, then sit in one of his own. Jerry would provide them beverages in the meantime, while Kirk's eyes got moist with each passing second: followed by another big breath. "...I can tell you everything", he admits, glancing into her direction, "But you won't like it" 



When he had pulled the chair out for her to sit at the picnic tables she silently thanked him. A million questions seemed to play in her head, one in particular replaying itself over and over. "Is he dead?" She asked quietly. As she wasn't looking at him her blue eyed gaze was cast towards the sky, something she tended to do when in deep thought or in emotional distress. "And I don't care if I won't like it... Just tell me please..."


Captain James T. Kirk

Kirk nodded in his own silent thought, "My condolences to you, Everest", but that wasn't even the worst of it, and it shows: from the flickering of emotion, to what might be arriving in the sky all around him. "...An exchange was to take place", offering her a hug if she might want it? Though even he's hesitant to go that far, if Everest is hesitant about her space? He says, "...I was told that I was going to meet my father, Soon", he can't repeat names a loud because that'll make things even worse. "Lo and Behold: The Sith had my father, and Spider in captivity", is he rambling? "...Captain Pike is still out there. They still got him", staring towards the darkened skies above: merely black as night has rolled around, "....There were Forty Sith Armed Inquisitors that surrounded us in a circle", "Some: icy part of Hellifyno", he's being honest, "...Many others, as well", still emotionally wounded from it, "...And I was told that someone was going to die that evening", turning to Everest, "....I had to choose between my father and Spider", Let’s that sit, "...So? I tried to divert them by stabbing him in the chest with my saber", Kirk is grabbing some napkins, giving them over to Everest, "The Sith caught on, and were going to kill My Father..." He lets that sit again, "So? I...." He pauses, "I got my Father Back"



The girl’s eyes had turned a dull black as he had told his story, trying to fight off her emotions. "No, it's fine. Don't worry about it." She gritted out, not responding to his offer of a hug. As her eyes began to water she angrily wiped them away with the sleeve of her sweatshirt. Though she wasn't mad at Kirk, she hated herself for allowing herself to feel any sort of emotion for someone again. "Yeah, perfectly fine." What a horrible lie. "Fucking fine really." She was staring down at the table, the wood there begging to violently tear apart and drop to the ground. After most of the wood from the table had been torn away it stopped and she looked up at him with a blank face. "I am sorry for my outburst, it was not needed, just not feeling well is all."


Captain James T. Kirk

She, obviously wasn't doing that well. Nor. Sniff: was she mentally fit. Even the tearing up of the picnic table told him that much. "...I'm sorry that it happened to Spider", he says, "...That you got are involved and are now hurting because of These Siths", Which are his problem. "...They won't stop though", he warns her, "...Anyone, whose likely close to me is a target", he reasons, especially with that new post he's begun with the Federation and the other organizations, "....I don't want anything to happen to you" 



The blank look on her face remained, even though her thoughts were everywhere, trying to keep herself from getting emotional. "No, it's fine. And let them try to hurt me for fucks sake, I stopped caring about death a long time ago." She had trailed off on the last part. Even though it had been true, she had wanted to continue living lately, but now, she didn't see that there was much point to her life. Other than serving the man she was newly rebounded with, she just didn't see why he should anymore. "Really though, you shouldn't care about anything happening to me, I would gladly let them kill me if they tried, torture me even if they wanted."


Captain James T. Kirk

Nods: but he's still deliberating, "...Are you going to be alone tonight?" His hands go partially up in mock surrender, "I got some people that I call friends, if you'd want to meet them?", now wasn't the best time for it, but? "...It's got to be better than sitting out here alone", Danvers is at risk. His father is at risk. Everyone's got a target on their back. 



"Yes, I will be alone. I haven't really got much friends." She sighed, knowing it was her own fault about the friend’s part. "And, I don't exactly think it's a smart idea for me to be around others in this state. To likely to hurt someone myself..." A sad looked crossed over her features, soon twisting into a look of pain. "Thank you, really, for the offer though." Her jaw clenched a moment, her gaze quickly shifting towards the forest. "Uhm, when did this all happen?"


Captain James T. Kirk

"Yesterday, evening", so the wound are fresh, "...Look. Everest, I'll be around the Inn. You'll continue to see me in there", in passing, more or less, "...But if you ever want to get away from this place", not hitting on her, "...I've got other places to utilize". Allowing more silence to take hold, "...You don't have to hide out alone. I've got a crew and..." When were they coming back for Danvers? Or maybe they'd try to take back his father again? Who looks more like an emaciated bag of flesh! They tore his tongue out! 



With a small sigh she rubbed at her temples harshly, trying to rid away the emotions that began bubbling up. "I- uhm I'll think about it." It had taken her a moment to speak, her thoughts never stilling. "I need to uhm, let off some steam." Vague answer as it was, she stood. "I'll possibly be around later, just, I don't know... I've got a few people I need to kill really quickly." Not a total lie. "I am sorry if I have stressed you at all during this, uhm, meeting..."


Captain James T. Kirk

"Don't mention it", Kirk is thankful that he didn't get hit after what he's informed her: which makes him respect her even more. Nodding, "Yeah. I'll be around", still not quite himself, and maybe not for a long time to come? "...You get your head together and I'll do the same and", another pause, "...I'll be here if you need me", meaning the Team, not just him. 



“Ya know.” She paused, wondering if she really wanted to speak further. Further, deciding that she wanted to. “I don’t pride myself on reading into people’s thoughts, but, I wouldn’t hit you. You haven’t brought me any reason to, you did what you thought was best...”, After a moment, she sighed: her body slowly disappearing into ash. “I’ll consider your offer…” She muttered before completely disappearing into a pile of black ashes.

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