This may contain sensitive issues. the main source of the information about certain things describe below kept hidden for safety. don't read if it going to make you yawn and also not for haters to waste their 'precious' time read this.

                ''dark ritual of becoming a real vampire always come along with immortality as gift.''


''Many are those that seek to become the morbid image of the vampire. Few are those who suceed. Folklore state that one must be bitten by a vampire to receive the blessing of becoming undead (that is to say, REALIZED. Awakened to the Self).''

''But what of the origin of the vampire? Occult lore states that murderers, suicides, alcoholics, & "the evil" return after death to haunt upon the earth. But what of those who yet live, desire to join the vampiric legions of the night, & have not found such an opportunity, who wish to ritualistically formalize their allegiance?''

''Little is known about the process of personally transforming living, mortal flesh, into living, immortally divine flesh. For centuries, the secret has been suppressed in order to preserve the frightened mortals' own existence, in a relatively "safe" one. The dark age was a traesty of barbaric ignorance. Many manuscripts of light & shadow were lost in the transition, but not completely erased. Psychic currents have been tapped into, from time to time (what is sometimes known as the "Akashic Records"; etherial reservoires of collected knowledge), to re-write what has been called "the abominations of forbidden knowledge". More & more, in this increasingly enlightened age, has surfaced.''

- by (hidden), source (hidden).



                                                                       VAMPIRE KISS


the most common one is through ''vampire kiss''. simply to put, you turned into a vampire through a bite from a real vampire. this still had it own risk, if you strong, you may survive through the transformation process or else, you will dead because your body can't accept 'the infection'. finding a real vampire, however like find a needle in stack of hay. the content of agreement between the vampire and the human who want to do this mostly kept as secret from other people.



                                                                WHITE MAGIC SPELLS


the other method is through spells, which always in debate of it is truly works or not. you can just google them and found hundreds of them. but, mostly with magic, especially white magic, only resulting in half vampire formation only. I try the most common one through you tube, of course you got that vampire symptoms but it still far than being a true vampire. you got the thirst but its under control,fangs, and so on. but the chance of the success by casting this simple spell is not one hundred percent, depend on person, if he/she a wiccan, of couse it works well cause they had practicing compare to 'normal' people. but through the spells, it far from being a real vampire.

I and some others personally thinking this spell only to satisfy people who want to be a vampire because thinking it was a cool thing, or due to obsession and know less the truth of vampirism. because in the end, most of them want to be a human back. just before, they proudly showing off about it to everybody. how ironic.


                                               MAIN TOPIC: DARK RITUAL/BLACK MAGIC


a very extreme yet effective WAY of becoming a real vampire is made through a dark ritual or powerful black magic spells, mostly involving demon or spirit. when come to wisdom thinking, some of us want to stay away from this kind of thing, they want to keep their faith to god even after becoming a real vampire.

knowing how dangerous this ritual is, most people who held this knowledge will never exposed it freely to public. most expert in dark magic and ritual tend to grant the wish of people who want to be a vampire but it cost extremely high. so far, I has seen the payment is never less than two hundred dollars. they have good reason, since doing the ritual to the costumer will put the caster life in danger too. 

I went searching for months till recently to find one, posted to the public through a website. however, the person asked to be freed from any accusing and not being blame by people who want to try it. warnings given since the ritual claimed to go far causing death if messed up. I felt shiver when reading the the details. he doesn't want to exposed the source of the ancient ritual, but I can guess it come from somewhere from Egypt due some Arabic words, and involvement of Anubis, the god of death.

he went giving a serious warning to whoever want to try this method. they must want the immortality as well the 'vampire' with all their heart. thus, it is important for them to shed fears and uncertainty first, while asking themselves, do they truly want it? after gathering courage, they can do it. 

the end of the ritual is the crucial moment, when the so called spirits will come to you. they will 'test' you first to see whether you worthy or not, if you succeed the test, you will be merged with dark energy and given a possesion of demonic beast vampire. the 'test varied for each people's according to their determination, courage,abilities,etc. when the right time comes, the result will be certain and the succeed person turned into newborn vampire.

I bet some of us has seen it. while some others may has gone buying the ritual and other similar online. if someone had dedicated him/herself for that, proceeding is on their accord. knowing well the decision you made, because you CAN  NEVER TURN BACK.

 the 'talisman' used in the ritual. your name will be written 9x around the diagram using your own blood.

                                           Anubis, the god of death from Egypt


note: my searching about vampirism has come to end. now, I had decided to choose the path. I will never regret it. 

whatever the reasons of mine or even yours to become a vampire, the one to judge to the good or bad of the decision made is none other but our self. 




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Comment by YuukiRyuko on October 26, 2015 at 5:41pm

Hello guys :)

Did someone get the ritual? Could you please send me an e-mail with it to 

Comment by jjmportillo on August 6, 2015 at 8:57pm
Please email jjmportillo at Thanks again!
Comment by jjmportillo on August 6, 2015 at 8:55pm
Hello. Would you contact me with this ritual? Also, any advice to go with it from your personal experiences in your transformation journey. Thanks for taking your time out for my request. Maybe I'll be able to help you out in the immortal future. Blessed be! jjmportillo

Comment by wolflover9111 on August 1, 2015 at 5:07pm

could u email me the ritual please. thank you

Comment by Dalas on June 26, 2015 at 10:35pm
If you have the information to create this spell would you email it to me at
Comment by Twilight Rose on June 8, 2015 at 12:41pm

I am very interested in this ritual. Please contact me at

Comment by Adam martin on April 4, 2015 at 10:06pm sorry.

Comment by Adam martin on April 4, 2015 at 10:05pm
i would very much like it if you could please send the spell to my email it would very much be appreciated. please do it as soon as you can. tonight would be amazing.
Comment by Dewald on February 5, 2015 at 11:42pm

You really know your stuff I'm very intreaged about this ritual would you mind sending it to my email account please:)

Comment by Isabelle Rose Spracklin on January 13, 2015 at 7:00pm

My biggest dream is to be a vampire. I need to know the ritual. It is my wildest dream. Please email me at

Please email me the ritual. Email is in the previous sentence.

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