Drag: (All Is Lost/Captured: Jim Kirk Arrives) - (The Inquisitorium Outpost - 6:02 AM) - 8.3.17

Drag: (All Is Lost/Captured: Jim Kirk Arrives) - (The Inquisitorium Outpost - 6:02 AM) - 8.3.17



Captain James T. Kirk

(United Federation of Planets – UFP)







– Versus –


The Inquisitorium



686th Squad Black Stealth Armored Death-Troopers – (Ten+ Troopers)






Grand Inquisitor D’Jak Speir / Darth Callidus,

Inquisitor Crisshei Corbleigh (Kri-shay Core-blee),

Inquisitor Verrutum……

Inquisitor Wynonna Earp.

Inquisitor Ryssa Stark,



Kirk’s Mind-Set…

Required Listening…

To Feel  / Kirk’s Exact Mood…

Captain James T. Kirk || Black



Drag: (All Is Lost: Jim Kirk Arrives) - (The Inquisitorium Outpost - 6:02 AM) - 8.3.17


The Inquisitorium

Saber Hill.

The base had begun its morning ritual. Prepping of food, sunrise exercises, changing of patrols, testing of various equipment’s...When Inquisitor Cresshei's call came through. It was as though a bee's nest had been struck with a rock.

Organized Chaos Loomed...

Suddenly, Death Troopers dashed everywhere.

Inquisitors dressed and met up with their Squads.

While a Ten-Man Strike Team began to assemble.

TIE/LN Star Fighters & Tie D Defenders/Fighters were prepped for battle.

Their Pilots readied themselves for sudden takeoff!

Turrets were armed.

AT-AT's and AT-ST’s, were prepped.

If any of the upcoming developments were true?

They would all be on the razor's edge of battle!

The Front Gate's Shield opened.

And the Speeder Bikes whipped into the courtyard, without hesitation.

Death Troopers... 



Tie/IN Star Fighters


Tie/D Defenders/Fighters


AT-AT Walkers


AT-ST Walkers



Drag: (All Is Lost: Jim Kirk Arrives) - (The Inquisitorium Outpost - 6:02 AM) - 8.3.17

Inquisitor Crisshei Corbleigh (Kri-shay Core-blee)

Inquisitor Crisshei’s Speeder Bike drifted, as she braked sharply, and turned to look up at...

None other than: Grand Inquisitor D’Jak Speir, upon the Gate's Threshold.

"Grand Inquisitor!" She shouted! "What are your orders?"

Although, the response that she was seeking...

Came from another Inquisitor...


Inquisitor Verrutum

But her response came from none other than, Inquisitor Verrutum, "Get Kirk Inside. Bring him into, The Ordeal room. Then be ready for anything." And it was just as the Inquisitorium had said: from the very beginning. That Jim Kirk, would eventually, be captured. Time. Patience. The pale, older man beside Kirk, briefly rested his hand upon Kirk's shoulder. "Don't fight your emotions. Seek their help. You'll need it."


The Inquisitorium / Inquisitor Crisshei Corbleigh (Kri-shay Core-blee)

Inquisitor Crisshei hesitated a moment, and then glanced back up at the Grand Inquisitor, who said nothing in return. His eyes were closed, and he had not so much as moved, as he waited. She nodded to her comrade. "Yes, Brother!" She agreed, and finished moving into the garage.


Captain James T. Kirk

No Sleep: the night before, why? Kirk was dealing with The Amazons. Twenty-fours: No Sleep. Sometime afterwards, once Jim Kirk was removed from the Speeder Bike. Only now, could Kirk open his eyes towards what was awaiting him. Why? He's had to duck his face away, to protect his eyes, from: the wind, the grass, the trees. Everywhere, though: this facility was booming with power. Just as he'd predicted, over the course of his many meditations. Most of those meditations were cut in half, however: due to their enemies, being rather plenty, upon Hellifyno. And still catching his breaths...During the interim, Kirk paid attention to orders. Followed them even, by those with more power than him. Arrested Individuals = Have No Power. Illusions, right? No-Wins. So? Kirk listened, he jogged, and he'd even kneel as directed by the mass of troopers which were in order. The last approximate number for this base: was from three-thousand-men, to on-wards of up to thirty-thousand-men. Thirty-thousand-Men! Not Including Air Power. Land Power. Man Power. No Wins Right? Good thing Kirk specializes in exactly these types of scenarios. Every Damn Day of the Week. You Got It. Breaths...Pulled from the Speeder Bike, an Inquisitor seized each arm, as they jogged him to the wide, blank room that was the ordeal room. From there: they pushed Kirk right on down to his knees. Metal Floors. It had to be metal flooring. Kirk was still taking in some valuable breaths, after the rather eventful ride upon the Speeder Bike. However, it was only the touch of the older man that got his attention. Familiar? His Voice? "....Pike? IS that you?" Questions riddled across Kirk's FaceCould it be? No! Pike is: Their Hostage...

Inquisitor Verrutum  

The man twitched his thin lips, in something dangerously close to sympathy, and shook his head lightly. "No, my boy. No. You'll see him soon enough, too... And Alex Danvers, as well. I believe you will find this situation to be the most terrible form of Deja vu..."


Captain James T. Kirk

Surrounded, By: Three Armed Inquisitors. Upon. His. Knees. Within, This: Ordeal Room.

Jim Kirk stubbornly reiterated, "The deal was for me! A Switch! Not Them!" And still trying to catch his breath...Calm Kirk. Calm. Focus. Despite the anger for freedom, within his two seized limbs....


Inquisitor Verrutum

"There was never a deal, Kirk." The Inquisitor reminded him, and shook his head. "Never."


Captain James T. Kirk

Emotion flashed through his features, even as he stared down towards the metal floor. Kirk has known through a certain succubus, Malis Hayte: that certain questioning, has occurred to Pike. Broke Him. A long time ago, "Pike is..." It was Kirk's gut feeling, from the very beginning. Even Danvers believed that Pike was gone. Wet. Eyes. Raw Emotions ripped through him. Bitter. Tender. "Long Since Dead"

Inquisitor Verrutum

The Inquisitor confirmed it, with the quiet nodding of his head, as he circled around Kirk, and then he knelt before him. "By a certain point of view, yes. Captain Christopher Pike ceased to be, even before 'Harrison' put paid to him." There was something familiar, after all, within the Inquisitor's features, as he stared into Kirk's eyes. 


Captain James T. Kirk

It was a mental gut punch: which seemed to have physically manifested. Though neither was the case here. "Harrison? But he's in?" Kirk replies, "…He's been sectioned", meaning Section 31: been sleeping for a while, unless? Wait? The Non-Khan was? No. That makes no sense. Knot in his stomach, got even worse. Pale features, were forming again, "...Galactus was you?" Herald of Galactus. Unless he's missing something? Unless the man standing before him is really? "John Harrison?" While some breath left his lungs, "You're Harrison?" Still questionable? Kirk is in a lot more trouble, than he ever realized. John Harrison: Khan. 


Maybe in the manner?

Of how the man knelt?

Seemingly, in a Fatherly?

Father. Semi-Father. Wait? 

Kirk didn't want to believe........

Confusion strikes Kirk once more...


Inquisitor Verrutum 

"What happened, shortly after you were selected as Pike's First Officer?" The Inquisitor pressed on, "Come on Kirk, think. You're better than this. Or, you will be."


Captain James T. Kirk

"Captain Pike boarded the Narada" Yet that bitter emotion was swathing around in his mouth, causing some form of cotton mouth to arise. "...Nero questioned him. He was released when we ....We, eventually saved him" Damn Vulcan wasted everyone's time! Of course, something clicked about that point. "Worm-Hole" It was the two common schematics for both events, "...It's what happened to the Kelvin" Remembering his theories now, while adjusting upon that floor, for his knees, as best as possible,  "....Force Storm”, Pause, “It's how The Empire Retrieved: George Kirk, and, Christopher Pike"


Inquisitor Verrutum

"Partially the Emperor's doing, yes. But a Green Eyed God granted him the extra little bit of trust that he needed." The Inquisitor agreed. "Christopher Pike died before that even happened, however. Darth Verrutum rose in his place." He smirked, briefly, at the name, and shook his head. "But we don't use that name yet. For now, it's just Inquisitor Verrutum"


Captain James T. Kirk

Raw Emotions rifled across his face in wild abandon. Kirk closed his eyes, and leaned forward, till his fore-head touched the metal surface of the floor. Metal Surface. Arven. Sique. Green. Eyed. God. Kirk's body, followed suit, and he crunched his body, further off to that of his right side. Emotionally: Gut-Punched. Exhausted: Beat To Hell. Kirk IS at a Total and Definable: Emotionally Annihilated

Shocked. Dizzy. Crushed.  Burned. Lost. It meant that? Pike Knew All About....

Pike Knew About His Fathers Imprisonment, (George Kirk), All Along...




And That's When...

The Pike Memories...

Started To Roll In...







Inquisitor Verrutum / Captain Christopher Pike

Inquisitor Verrutum stood, and glanced at the other Inquisitor, who had stood by in silence, the entire time. He jerked his head towards the door, and followed the other, in exiting the room, leaving Kirk there, on the cold metal floor, with the door locked behind him. A moment later, and from the ceiling, probe droids began to descend. Five of them, as Verrutum's voice entered the room through a speaker. "No time to rest, Kirk. You've been witnessed drawing your light saber from nothing before. I suggest that you do it again. The darts those things will fire are filled with quite the painful serum. Insect venom, mostly. You'll want to be ready to block those."


Captain James T. Kirk

Kirk continued to stay upon the floor, within that crouched position, with his forehead, mostly touching the floor. The wrist-binders were removed within a combination of two maneuvers. Force REND, and Move Object: which hit each of the objects looming towards him! The purple light-saber quickly appeared within his right hand, though Kirk stood up rather quickly and he paid the price for it. Heavier breaths followed, tear filled eyes swam across his emotion-filled-face and sweat-lined his neck, "...Then Bring it"

Fury totally consumed Kirk




Behind enemy lines...


Force Illusion: Returned Kirk's Gold Shirt. Consumed...

Kirk's: Red-Rimmed-Yellow-Eyes, Pale Skin...Never Left...

Inquisitor Verrutum / Captain Christopher Pike

"Up the count to te-" the voice began, before the speaker shut off, and even as droids dropped to replace the destroyed ones, five additional ones dropped in. And then, they began to fire upon Kirk. Each one he destroyed would be rapidly replaced. Each sting of a dart that he missed would spread pain, like liquid fire, throughout the area where it hit. It would be tempting, even, to simply go limp, in that spot, as though one had been shot with a blaster bolt.


Captain James T. Kirk

Kirk could use his saber all day long, if it was needed, correct? But why do that, when a few stings might occur, instead? Shots. Scars. Wounds? He's got a pair in every shade! Yelps! Another Yelp! Till he got wise, leveled his left hand towards the drop down mechanism and sent a shot of REND and MOVE OBJECT to the machine that’s creating these devices? Would it be possible for that to occur? Random jump, here? Over there? His purple saber, however: was long since activated! Always Ready!

If he can live through this? If he can live through it







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