Ships Log

Star Date 2170

Captain Kirk Recording.

The Enterprise remains in orbit over planet Hellifyno. 


The Time Frame of our Mission has changed, to Five Years, for the planet Hellifyno.

I've decided that a year, a mere 365 days, is not enough to grasp the knowledge on this planet.

This Time Frame could change at any moment, pending any outside interference(s). 


There is another possible recruit, however: I'm with-holding their name from this report. 

I am hoping for more recruits, but building trust in these individuals, is a long standing process. 

Alien Life Forms/Off-Branch-Org-Members

The Alien Life Forms were medically treated and released back to their Original Ships

I am hoping that this leads to better diplomatic relations with these Off-Branch-Org-Members.

Not only for Starfleet Command. But also as a Learning Experience for all involved in this endeavor.

Spock/Medical Evaluation

Starfleet Command's, Medical Evaluation Team, have reported that Spock's testing is completed.

Spock has been given the, All Clear, by the Medical Evaluation Team: this is good news! 

However, I've also been informed that Spock will be returning within the week. 

I cannot help but wonder of Spocks motives for staying longer than necessary?

Once Spock returns to the Enterprise, Spock will resume his tasks as required.

Spock's Titles - Chief Science/Executive Officer.

Uhura Titles - Translator/Communicators Officer.

Hellifyno/Transient Citizens

My new approach appears to be working towards these citizens.

But I will not consider it a success, until a number of weeks/months have passed since this entry.

Hellifyno/Technology/Light Sabers/Phasers/Shields

Hellifyno is overflowing in its abundance of Technology.

One such example is the creation and utilization of Portal Coins. 

Since this planet is a gathering place for varying media/literary outlets.

I've since decided to have such technologies/weaponry replicated on The Enterprise. 

Joseph Mozzillo, My Tech Dragon: has created these prototypes with my permission. 

He's also created a number of modified shields that can be used for the wearer on the ground.

In, 'Star Wars', there are weapons known as, 'Light Sabers', which have successfully been replicated on The Enterprise. I'm still learning this concept as the technology is being unfurled before me. 

These Saber Hilt Variations, (pictured above), are now in, The Enterprise's Prototype Arsenal.

Let me explain.

Phasers, are:

Nothing More Than...

Directed Energy Weapons.


Light Sabers, are:

Plasma Blades. 

Most often used by:

Force Sensitive Individuals. 




Force Sensitive Individuals

I believe that in order to be a good soldier, that every good soldier has to look deep within themselves, to find their greater path: Beyond, what any normal person, could ever possibly handle. 

I will seek these, (FSI's), guidance: if that path is presented to me on this Interplanetary Scope. 



In order to look, Beyond, what we're capable of on this mission?

We also have to look, Beyond, who we are in the scheme of Time and Space.

This includes, our: weapons, infrastructure, diplomatic relations, and basic interactions.

Progress, I believe, is within our grasp on this planet and the residents who reside on it. 

Both below the surface, above the surface, and in the interplanetary transports orbiting said planet.


In another note...

Welcome to February!

Hold onto your Hats!

And Watch Your Back!

You've Been Warned!

Kirk Out



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Comment by Son, Dark Side Manifestation on March 14, 2017 at 4:07am
"The weapons of the Jedi and Sith. Useful tools to be sure. Such a variety it makes it hard to pick just one."

Comment by Nimueh -Jamie Sommers-Changeling on February 12, 2017 at 10:18am
"Once I get my hands on one of those light sabers. I can replicate my own. Thanks Silver Blood."
Comment by Deaɴ Wιɴcнeѕтer on February 1, 2017 at 4:22pm

"I better get on, too!" Ahem.

Image result for dean winchester gif tumblr

Comment by Alex Danvers on February 1, 2017 at 1:08pm

''I'm calling dibs on one of those lightsabers.'' - Danvers

Comment by Cú Chulainn on February 1, 2017 at 4:41am

You are going to need a shit load of batteries for those babies   ;)

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