Insane, Mad, Loco, Crazy, CooCoo, Bonkers, A few bolts missing, A few wires short.

There are many whys to describe someone who is...well. Insane. And Labyrinth was someone that fit every single description. She was like this ever since she found her Job in life. To be more specific.../Jobs/. But even then, there were small things that hinted to Labyrinth's madness. There was Trinity, and Eugene. The Great House Fire of 1240, the death of her son. Each one taking a massive toll on the woman. Each one worse than the other. Now Labyrinth will never say she had a horrible life, being she met, knows, and hangs out with others who have had it worse, and in fact still have it worse to this very day. But one thing she will say. Is that she never had it easy.

It took many years for her life to erode away at her mind though. At one point, she was a strong willed leader, who was kind and gentle, and cared for everyone and everything. She was loved, and cared for. But now? Now she's dark. She's evil, and rough. She cares for little, and prefers to be alone than to be around others. No longer strong willed, or a leader. She rather just sit there, and stare. What was the tipping point for her? The voices. They were...loud. Each one a different pitch, from a roaring bass, to pitches that shouldn't even be humanly possible. Ranging from moans, to shrieks, giggling and sobbing. Begs, pleas, demands. For hours, and hours. For days, and years. They were continuous. And after a while, she thought she got it handled. Ignoring them long enough that they become a distant hum, until she surrounded herself with the people...the drama. The fighting, the yelling. Her /Job/.

It was mentioned before, that she had jobs to do. And the thing was, she could only ignore the voices if all of herself were there. But the woman had six realms to take care of, each one brimming with creatures, a bounty hunter, that was favored for the fact she doesn't want pay. A throne to protect, people to watch over, and finally. A brother to search for. Sometimes, the days are easier, sometimes the days are packed. But she was a woman who didn't like to wait, didn't want to sleep every time she went on a job, so there was one solution. Cloning.

Now some people will think that cloning isn't a big deal. It doesn't matter. But for Labyrinth, her clones work like a hive mind. Each one she makes, rips a part of her away. Which is one less wall to protect herself from the voices. And for two whole weeks, she was running fifteen clones at a time, all taking jobs, and helping around. However despite the clones chipper and happy tones and high energy levels, the center of the Hive mind, was suffering. She would hide in her home, laying on her back as she would forever zone out. Sometimes for hours, sometimes for minutes. Once for two whole days. Letting the voices consume and destroy. She wouldn't sleep, wouldn't eat. And the only drink that could help was in the Inn. When she could, she would go there to help. Or try to. Spending emotional energy, for people who needed it. But she never showed her own personal suffering. Until...a couple days ago.

She wanted to scream, and cry. To rip at her hair and to peel herself from her skin. But on the outside, she showed exhaustion, bitterness. Dismissal for most things, which is something she rarely did around others.  But she was caught. Her bones felt like metal, blood feeling like hot coals. Her skin felt odd, and loose. Yet like something was wiggling just underneath. Going...Insane.

It's hard to keep things from people, including those she cared about. Though it was her Job, her do this. Constantly. She needed to do it, right? Wrong. She could easily quit, narrow things down to just one thing, to where she didn't have to work herself. To where she didn't have to scream, and shout, and zone out for hours on end, like a husk waiting to die. No one knows, no one realizes the pain she is putting herself through. Just to make herself feel like she's helping for once. That she is useful.

"It's going to drive you /mad/."

"I already am....mad."

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