(This is an original story, which tells the tale of Arch Versailles and Mouse. This is written by both players, and will be posted by the both of us.)

Part One

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All was quiet in these woods. The Celestial Plane was no place for a lone, little girl. It was an eerie dusk, that prolonged a haunting night, the moon had not revealed herself yet. Dark hues of black and blue threatened the purples and reds in the sky, daring to override the lighter colors and bring night upon the Plane. And this girl was alone. She couldn't feel her heartbeat as she raced through the woods, bare feet blistered, bleeding, dirt and grime covering her medium tan skin, her pristine blue eyes stung with tears that paved their way down her small, heart shaped face. She was no more than seven years old- no child should feel the fear that she was experiencing in this very moment.

Her body was weak from hunger and exhaustion, she had only been here for a mere few days, but she had not had the luxury of a wink of sleep or a morsel of food, not even scraps. But she forced herself to keep running. Running. And she would find herself soon tripping, the hard ground raking through her skin, burning, causing her to bleed from a rash-like wound. She muffled a cry in pain but she got to her feet, spotting a hollowed out tree with a small opening. She needed to try, to try and hide. She scrambled forward, dirt wriggling under her small fingernails as she desperately made her way into the tree, crouching down. Her whole body shook with violent tremors, small whimpers escaped her lips but she held her tongue, covering her mouth with small, grime-covered hands.

But they could smell her fear.

The pack of Wyvern's pushed their way through the bushes, snarling, beta's snapping at each other in a battle for dominance, but their alpha soon silenced them. They were ferocious, gruesome creatures in every way. Their bodies were thin and lean, yet the muscles rippled beneath their pelts. The tendons in their foot-like paws were visible, leading down into four inch silver claws that glinted in the dusk light. Their black horns scraped the sky, their four yellow eyes flashed, their hole of a nose twitched. 


The girl remained silent, her body ceasing to shake, but her heartbeat seemed to be in her throat. And she screamed, her cry splitting their air when the pack of Wyvern's charged, tearing at the bark of the oak tree, each fighting to shove their heads in and rip hers off, snarling and barking, hissing and spitting. The girl pressed herself against the back of the small crevice, despite the many spiderwebs that resided there, tears streaming from her eyes as the alpha reached into the crevice with a hand like, clawed paw, tearing for her, hungry for her.

And suddenly, there was a screech and the four Wyvern's were thrown to the side, taking pieces of the bark with them as they were hurled away in the clearing. The girl opened her eyes, blue hues shining in the dark. She was too fearful to look. But she had to, she just had to. She could hear the cries and wails of the Wyvern's, their whines and whimpers in pain. Hesitantly, she peered out in fear. And what stood before her shocked the little girl.

There stood a boy, despite his young age, he already had the beginnings of supple, strong muscle. His ink black hair cascaded down his back and shoulders as he stood defensively before the crevice where the little girl resided. Her body trembled once more.

The boy then lunged for the cowering Wyvern's, a battle cry escaping from his lips, and at his finger tips flash fire- white, alabaster, that radiated righteous and heavenly magic. Holy Fire, the Fire of Angels, as many called it. The white Holy Fire tore its way through a Wyvern's skin, sending it with tucked tail off into the woods. The boy then turned on the Alpha, revealing his face to the little girl, his golden eyes flashing with nothing but anger and hate. Even...protectiveness.

With a thrust of his hand, a flurry of furious Holy Fire lurched forward and caught the alpha Wyvern, filling it's nose and eyes and ears, travelling down through its body despite it's screeches of sheer pain. And then the alpha fell limp, dead, blood oozing from just about every exit of its body. The boy then stood, huffing, chest heaving, the vicious look in his eyes dying away.

He then turned to the crevice, golden eyes becoming soft with care and concern. He fell to his knees right in front of her, looking at her gently, extending a hand to her. "N-No...don't touch me." The girl would whisper. The boy looked a bit taken aback by her sudden rejection but his surprised expression softened. Through Empathy, he could feel every emotion coursing through her veins at this very moment- fear, pain, it was almost overwhelming for the boy.

"I won't hurt you...I won't let anyone hurt you." 

Her blue eyes widened a bit, her pupils dilating. Never before had someone shown her such kindness, despite being an utter stranger to her. Hesitantly, she reached up and placed her hand in his. A broad smile fell across his face, pushing his freckles up towards his golden hued eyes, a dimple denting each cheek. And she couldn't be strong any longer. She fell into his arms, her head on his shoulder, blonde hair binding with black, tears of many emotions, sadness, pain, relief, fear...happiness, flooded down her cheeks, her sobs muffled by his torn up shirt. The boy was pushed back a bit by the sudden force of her throwing herself towards him, but all he did was wrap his arms around her body, embracing her.

"Th-Thank you..." She would stammer, sniffling softly as she pulled  back, her small, flushed face inches from his. His golden eyes were filled with sympathy for the young girl, his hands, which were a bit large for his age, resting on her back, with her own small ones placed on his shoulders, both small children on their knees before each other. "What...what's your name?" He would ask, offering her a reassuring smile. "I'm Arch." He then moved to wipe the tears from beneath her eyes, his thumb running over her smooth cheek, taking grime with it. "I-I'm Mouse." Her voice faltered, her body still trembled and he could still feel the sting of her wounds, the pain hanging heavily in her fast-paced heart.

"Well, Mouse," Arch murmured. He leaned forward, plucking  white rose that grew behind her, not minding that the thorns pricked at his fingertips- his hands were already calloused. "I'll protect you. From now on." He held the rose out to her, its porcelain petals unscathed, unmarred, as if it were the only pure thing in the entire universe. Mouse's sky blue eyes widened, and she gently accepted the rose, holding the flower with both hands, the thorns dangerously  close to her skin. She could not help herself but throw her body against him, but this time, she was not trembling. She drank in his warmth, felt each pound of his heart...it was as if he would breathe for her. "You'll protect me...always?"


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