Niamh Grace O'Cahan

Hybrid {Mage & Fae} 

Parents:-  Aislinn O'Cahan & Unknown

Siblings:- Ruben & Sehale 

-:How She Came To Be:-

Niamh was born of a snatching, Aislinn had glamoured herself into a male, shifting her appearance to trick and elude a very famous and feared mage into bearing a child. The glamour, was used to work around the flaw in her plan that the mage wasn't one for the female delights, upon finishing the Mage was none the wiser that he had planted the seeds for a child within Aislinn, forming a Halfling child that immensely powerful, tearing the fabrics of what was the norm. Niamh was a child, born from Aislinn's need to build her family, the need to reinforce her court. Niamh is next in line for the throne of the Unseelie Court unless she aligns with the Seelie.



  • Fluctuation of fortune:-  The ability to alter the fortune of others around her, giving luck or removing it within a blink of a second. 
  • Glamour:- Warping reality, memories or perceptions to either hinder or encourage behaviour or interpretations she wants to influence.
  • Cleansing:- This is a trait she inherited from her father. This allows Niamh to cleanse and purify the soul, mind or body of impurities or curses.
  • Curses:- The ability to place and create curses, within the soul. Inherited from her father, the ability allows her too often get her way due to fear of curses that can only be undone by her or her father. 
  • Alchemy:-  Magic/ Medicine making, and potions from the surrounding nature. Aligning her with an Affinity to the earth and nature.


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