Pepper stated:
Pepper smiled as  tony put that image in her mind. She then looked over at him and nods. "Of course I would. After all what else would a wife do for her husband? Any kind of help is important." She leans down and kissed tony on the lips for a while before pulling back and moving over to her own plate next to get her meal started.

"Growing old together. Sounds perfect to me." She smiled again at him as she's obviously very happy.

Tony smiled and looked at her and chuckled shaking his head,

"You are so beautiful, Pep, do you know that?  Inside as well as outward appearance."  Tony reached for his coffee and took a sip smiling.

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Comment by Pepper Potts on September 16, 2017 at 8:48pm

Pepper paused with what she was doing to watch Tony. She smiled warmly at him as he joined in beside her now, barrel to barrel.
She could be hear giggling softly as she saw the interesting expression Tony worse for awhile as he first got into it. "I agree, even after a bit of time it does take some getting use to still." She laughed then and continued but felt Tony's hand brush up against hers. She grins and gently takes his hand. The man had taken a photo of Pepper and Tony as they did their task, a keepsake.

Comment by Tony Stark on September 16, 2017 at 6:38pm

Tony was given clean and unused slippers that he slipped onto his feet as the husband pulled up a step ladder to the side of the barrel that he was going to get in and stomp which was right next to Pepper's barrel.  He walked up the steps and took off a slipper putting his foot in the barrel one at a time and made a weird face then threw out his other slipper on the ground as he reached over towards Pepper with his hand extended to her, "Feels weird, doesn't it?"

Comment by Pepper Potts on September 10, 2017 at 9:52pm

"Oh, right." Pepper laughed a little more as she watched how Tony pointed out the spout that will allow the juices from the fermented grapes to come out and into the pail. She busied herself by starting on the grape crushing, it was very...different to her. Usually Pepper would be in high heels right now going around a office building or so.

She peered over to see the pail catching the new juice. She smiled widely at the sight and put more stomp into her next moves, hoping to be doing a good enough job.

Comment by Tony Stark on September 10, 2017 at 7:44pm

Tony smiled and laughed at her squeaking noise as he looked at her, "you need to stomp your feet, honey.  That is how you squash the grapes into liquid and look, on the other side there is a spout that drips the juice out."  There was a little pail attached to the other end of the barrel where she was as Tony walked over to the chair and sat down removing his sandals as well as the wife came to him with a clean basin of warm water to wash his feet and some slip on flip flops that are clean as he started to tend to his own feet as the wife put a little step next to the basin for him to use to get into the barrel.

Comment by Pepper Potts on September 10, 2017 at 7:02pm

At first Pepper let out a little squeak. She held onto Tony for a moment before realizing she's fine. The grapes were very weird feeling but in a fun kind of way. "Defiantly." She laughed softly as she looked down, her feet are deep in them now.
Pepper then looked back up and over to Tony as she stayed close to where he was for now until instructed on what to do exactly. She noticed how much he's smiling still as it just brought happiness to her mind and heart to see him like this, and to know that she's part of his happiness.
"I'm glad we're doing this together." She smiled warmly at him.

Comment by Tony Stark on September 10, 2017 at 12:56pm

As soon as Pepper leaned into his lips to give him a kiss, he automatically closed his eyes and kissed her back in return as he slowly put her over the edge of the barrel and placed her feet in the chilly, wet grapes as they went between her toes.  Tony stood back for a moment and watched her as he smiled, "Feels weird, huh?"  He laughed seeing her reaction to this new experience as he folded his arms over his chest watching her still smiling the entire time.

Comment by Pepper Potts on September 8, 2017 at 8:31pm

Pepper was caught off guard. Not expecting Tony to put so much of his energy into this little get away. She soon found herself falling in love with him even more as she had one arm just gently over behind his neck as he walked towards the barrel. Her ocean blue eyes never left him.

"Oh! Right." She grins as she reaches easily for the towel and lets it fall to the ground. It was obvious that she was rather distracted by this new side of Tony that she was only getting to see right now. "Thank you my sweet." She leaned up a bit to kiss him softly on the lips. Her smile grows against his mouth.

Comment by Tony Stark on September 8, 2017 at 2:52pm

Tony smiled as Pepper kissed his forehead as he finished washing her feet and wrapped her feet in a towel and started to dry them off with her legs as he covered her feet and legs wrapped in the towel he gently put her feet on the ground just outside the basin as he stood up next to her and leaned over and put his arm under her knees and then behind her back lifting her up off her the chair cradling her as he walked over to the big barrel full of grapes as he tried to flick off the towel that was around her feet and legs,

"Honey, can you remove that towel please?"He smiled looking at her.

Comment by Pepper Potts on September 7, 2017 at 7:52pm

A few giggles could be heard coming from Pepper as she heard what Tony softly said to her. 

"Shhh.." She's still giggling as she's hoping nobody else heard that for now. Pepper quietly watched Tony help her with the cleaning process she smiled warmly down at him as she's noticing he's just very relaxed and enjoying himself in the moment.

"Thank you hunny." Pepper leaned forward to kiss him on the forehead as he was done with the wash. She stayed seated with her feet on the towel now as she wanted to wait for her husband to be, to be ready to go in with her.

Comment by Tony Stark on September 7, 2017 at 12:23pm

Tony smirked at her and put his elbow on her knee leaning on it as he looked at her speaking softly,

"I don't think there is an inch of your body that I haven't seen yet."  He winked at her and took her sandals off and slowly dipped them into the lukewarm water as he put the towel he was handed over his knees as he took her left foot out the water and started to wash it with the hand soap they were provided as he made a nice lather on her foot then up a bit of her leg just below her knee as he put her foot back in the water basin to rinse it off as he started with her right foot the same way he smiled the entire time doing this because he wouldn't of been able to do this as he was the old Tony but he has a new aspect on life and wanted to make Pepper happy with whatever it took.

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