Pepper stated:
Pepper smiled as  tony put that image in her mind. She then looked over at him and nods. "Of course I would. After all what else would a wife do for her husband? Any kind of help is important." She leans down and kissed tony on the lips for a while before pulling back and moving over to her own plate next to get her meal started.

"Growing old together. Sounds perfect to me." She smiled again at him as she's obviously very happy.

Tony smiled and looked at her and chuckled shaking his head,

"You are so beautiful, Pep, do you know that?  Inside as well as outward appearance."  Tony reached for his coffee and took a sip smiling.

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Comment by Pepper Potts 36 minutes ago

It feels a little unfair as they're interrupted in their moment together with the sudden knock at the door. "To be continued." She smirked up at Tony as he pulled back to get the door. Pepper tried to fix herself up after the little roll around on the bed with her man.

She could hear Tony speaking more Italian before hearing the door close. "Everything okay?" She asked as she got up to go check on Tony, she almost collided with him around a corner. Laughing softly out of sudden surprise she noticed he's holding a silver platter that's still covered.

Comment by Tony Stark 50 minutes ago
Tony continued to kiss her as her neck then leaned up looking at her,
"Do you know what I love? I love you very much." He smirked at her and leaned down and kissed her lips in a loving fashion as there was a knock at their door.
Comment by Pepper Potts 1 hour ago

Pepper let out a soft moan before speaking as she focused on how good Tony was at cuddling and getting romantic with her.

"Oh, you thought right. I do like cheese, in fact I love cheese on my burgers." She giggled a little as she felt his goatee tickling her neck.

"But I gotta admit I am really loving how affectionate you are right now." She spoke softly now to Tony as he kept focused on her

Comment by Tony Stark 1 hour ago
Tony put his head on her shoulder and kissed her neck softly and slowly,
"I thought you liked cheese."
He loved being with this woman. She always made him feel at home and at peace.
Comment by Pepper Potts 4 hours ago

"And cheese?" She asked him softly with a giggle to follow as she found it funny to be talking about the toppings on a burger during a moment in bed.

Pepper smiled over Tony's shoulder as he gave her a big hug. "Your hugs are the best hunny." She rubs his back and sighs happily.

Comment by Tony Stark 4 hours ago

He smiled kissing her back as he whispered softly, "I love you, Pep.  I hope mustard, ketchup and pickles are ok on your burger?"  He smiled and kissed her back softly on the lip then wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a great big hug.

Comment by Pepper Potts 4 hours ago

A surprised squeak escaped Pepper followed by a lot more giggling as Tony tickled her on the bed. "Tony!" She laughed his name out before getting her arms free to pull him into her more for a passionate kiss. "Love you." She smiled up at him as her arms were just resting on the back of his neck now after the kiss.

Comment by Tony Stark 5 hours ago

Tony looked over at her and smiled,

"Yes, food time."  He rolled onto his side and reacted for the phone and it automatically rang to the front desk as Tony started to speak in Italian asking about an 'American cheeseburger', he nodded and said yes a few times then hung up the phone looking at Pepper then grabbed her and pulled her down on the bed and tried to tickle her a little bit.

Comment by Pepper Potts 5 hours ago

Pepper was quick to make sure she was out of tony's way as the full grown man made a run for the bed. She laughed and walked over to him laying down beside him with a happy sigh.

"Yes, I think we're already use to it." She turned her head as she grins at him. After a moment on her back Pepper got up and sat on the edge of the bed near Tony. "Food time?" She asked him with a smile.

Comment by Tony Stark 6 hours ago

Tony closed the door behind him and smiled seeing Pepper so excited for being in this glamorous hotel room as he put the hotel key, his wallet and some change in his pocket on the side table as he slipped off his shoes and ran and jumped on the bed laying sprawled out on his back as he smiled and looked up at Pepper,

"We can get used to this, don't you think?"

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