RolePages currently has a feature known as "Worlds" that essentially allows users to create their own self contained section of the site. Originally, Ning called this "Groups" but when RolePages was being developed I changed it to "Worlds" because I thought it would be better for creativity.

As I work to update RolePages, I find that I now have a chance to change the name of this functionality again. I've always wanted to change it to "Locations" because I believe that is less restrictive than Worlds. On the other hand "Groups" is actually a more accurate description.

So I'd like some feedback from the community. What do you think is best? "Worlds", "Groups", "Locations" or maybe something else? Thank you for the input!

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Comment by Anthem Lucas Kishimoto on September 28, 2017 at 9:49pm


At it's core, regardless where the RP is or what it is about; there's always going to be a group of people involved. Adam hit the nail on the head I think. 

Comment by Keno on September 24, 2017 at 1:01pm

Groups are different than Locations and Worlds, Locations are places on a World and a World is... well... a planet. However, a World can be a location as well, when viewing things on a larger scale. My thought?

Groups usually have some sort of base. Location: Biker Gang Hangout, a Biker Gang is the focus group, but the Location is their general hangout. Even an OOC group is still a location [on the internet] where similar ideas gather.

Location is the Mama Bear's Porrage. Not too big, not too specific, but juuuuuust right.

Comment by Adam "Woo" Williams on September 22, 2017 at 8:09pm

I made a 'world', but it's more like a group. It's not a world, it's not a location, but it IS a group of people having been brought together for a common reason. A group describes it more accurately, since a group of people will gather together in a location, or a world. A 'group' fits anything. That is because it's ultimately about the people rather than the location anyway.

Comment by Dragon Teers on September 21, 2017 at 6:04pm

I don't really think we can do all three. There's just one functionality, the ability to create a mini site. We have to have some way to signify what that functionality is. Is it group functionality? World functionality? Also, having the same thing in two places is kind of redundant

Comment by Echo on September 20, 2017 at 9:27pm

Drat, thought of something else "locations" would be good for: cities/areas ON the planet Hellifyno. Persistence is a location. The island Pandora, where Persistence is situated, is a location. All the other named cities are locations. It would be extraordinary helpful to have a permanent place where the leaders or creators of those locations could post descriptions. Yes, you can do that with a world, but Persistence is not a "world."

Comment by Echo on September 20, 2017 at 9:21pm

Does it have to be just one of the three? My own contribution, Worlds' Crossing, is best considered a "location." I created it intending to make the Inn of Worlds contain the chat tavern, and thus having Worlds' Crossing be THE central setting for chat roleplay, but Timeless Defiance beat me out by a few days by naming chat The Blue Moon Tavern, and the setting eventually became Hellifyno. Worlds' Crossing became another setting for roleplaying in the story arcs of Hellifyno. It is a separate world (well, dimensional pocket), but its stories are not exclusive. It is absolutely NOT a "group." I'd have to take it down if the only option for such places was "Groups."

"Worlds" was the perfect term for places like the long-gone vampire Alexzandria (sp?) created. It was exclusive to members. You were not welcome there if you hadn't been vetted and allowed to join.

"Groups" would have been perfect for the Lycans led first by Titus and then Jared (forgive my rotten memory as to their name), or for the Giovanni vampires. A Group would be a place where members could discuss their Clan's, Pack's, whatever's characteristics, codify rules, etc., etc.

Thus there are good uses for all three terms, and I feel players might have more opportunities if all three existed. To sum up:

Worlds: Separate, exclusive places for players who want to roleplay together in a setting that does not necessarily include Hellifyno.

Locations: Areas (even planets) that lie within the arc of Hellifyno storylines and have no outside basis for existence. Currently existing locations are Worlds' Crossing, Haven and The Ring. Recently there was an event that took place partly in Persistence, partly on/in Worlds' Crossing, and partly in (????? we never found out where). If a Worlds' Crossing chat room is established on the new site, it would be lovely to be able to link to it as a related location (as opposed to a separate world).

Groups: Clans, groups based on media (like Kirk's people), species, etc. I'd love to see a place where I could go to find out about a specific group. Suppose someone set up a bunch of players to be Lasombra Vampires. It would be far easier to have an area where other people could read up on the Lasombra without having to go through the White Wolf Wiki, which is long and contains a lot of info not needed for roleplay chat.

Comment by Rye Simmons on September 19, 2017 at 11:07pm

Seems like no matter what, no single term will include everything. However, I would thinks Groups is most accurate :O

Regardless people seem to be managing just fine with Worlds.

Comment by Yjarl on September 19, 2017 at 7:14pm

I like worlds as well.  Groups and Locations both probably fit in a more constructive sense, but Worlds just sounds so cool and feeds the imagination a bit better.

Comment by Peter Hale on September 19, 2017 at 7:11pm

I like the sound of Worlds and I'll agree with Kirk on it. It does fit well with group and locations too. When I think of locations I think smaller, group is ever smaller, while world is big and everything 

Comment by Father Vengeance on September 19, 2017 at 6:59pm

I can work with whatever option, but 'Locations' strikes me at the least restrictive as well.

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