(Warning: Strong themes and language)

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Monday, March 31st, 2014. Smallville, Kansas. Approx noonish.

A curly-haired blond little boy walked through the streets of this small town. The home of Clark Kent, Superman. The little boy was Belle Carter's best friend and schoolmate. Little did Baylee know that he was being watched. The two bullies of Belle - Tad and Sandy. The two had plans for this child.

"Hey kid, come here." Tad called out and, being a child, walked into their traps. They covered his mouth with a cloth, knocking him. The two took him into the alleys and proceeded to hack him to death. Squish! Crimson liquid splattered onto their clothes as the child began to wake up, sobbing. "We'll send you to Belle.. As a little present." Sandy grinned, snapping the neck of Baylee.

Two days later

Belle was inside the Devil's Carnival, being happy with her new friends. She was playing with her best friend, the Scorpion, when her father arrived with a depressed frown on his face. Belle looked up and whimpered, running over. With a child's curiosity, she tilted her head.

"Why you crying, daddy?" 

The sweet, innocent voice of his adoptive daughter made him break down into tears, forming fists. He looked up at Scorpion, "Give us a moment.." Scorpion walked away and left the father and his child. Lifting up his head, Nick locked his light blue eyes on Belle's hazel eyes. 

"Baylee.. He.. went bye bye, sweetie.." Nick said through sobs, wrapping his big arms around the, now crying, child. He rocked her back and forth, cooing softly to Belle.

"Want to go see him, d-daddy.. I want to go see him!" Belle screeched while squirming and struggling in his grasp. "Let me go see him, daddy!" Nick sighed, giving up. His daughter wanted to see her best friend. He opened a portal to the cemetery, letting Belle go in first. The portal dropped them by Baylee's grave.

Belle collapsed and placed her hand on the tombstone, facing the words. "...B-Baylee.." She began, choking back tears. "Why don't you ever come over? Why didn't ask for me.. Baylee.. you're my best friend.." Nick silently watched Belle mourn, feeling a dark entity among them. He knew who it was. The fuckers who killed off Baylee. He looked down at Belle, rubbing her back. "Daddy will be right back.." He turned and faced the darkness. "No daddy.. I want to do it." Nick nodded and backed away.

"So you think you destroy my best friend?

So you think that, by doing this, you'll be cool?

So you think you destroyed me?

Well, you're correct. You finally broke me..

But, it's my time to break you."

Belle said through tears and walked into the darkness. She took Sandy's ponytail with her hand. "You've lost your baby.. You've lost your balls." She narrowed her gaze at Tad. "So say bye bye.." Belle, with her tiny, little hand, smashed into Sandy's chest. Blood splattered on Belle as she smiled widely. She took out the heart and gave it to Tad. She walked over to Tad, kicking him in the dick. "I will have fun killing you.. But, I will take you to Hell with me." She snapped his neck and let his soul disappear. She turned around and went back to her father, kneeling before the tombstone. Tears exploded once more.

"I've waited all my life

To step out from the light

And, see the shadows fading.

You, you've always stood tall..

I'd never thought you'd fall

But, now, it's you that's fading."

Belle sang to the tombstone, clenching her eyes closed. 

"I  know that inside you're delicate.

But you say that

You don't need someone to take care of you, but

I'll take care of you.."

She began to sob loudly while clawing at her skin. Her whole world was crashing down. She haven't seen Clark since he rescued her. She hasn't seen Baylee until today. Nick pulled her into a bear hug, kissing her forehead and rocking back and forth. "Let's go back to the Carnival and see Scorpion, okay?" He said to her in a hush voice until they disappeared into Hell. The only thing that was left was a heart-shaped tear on the top of Baylee's tombstone.

A note was placed there as well, which read:

"Take Care Baylee Thomas Wylee Littrell. I will always be your best friend.. Always..

Green Arrow and Superman.. Side by Side..

Kick meanies' butts..

I'll do it for you.

Love Superkid."

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