One couldn't see Egypt from up above, and it sure as hell would be impossible to see once in it. It was like night itself formed into a dangerous fog that clouded eyes, and smothered the senses. Clogged hearing, plugged noses. It would seep into pores and wiggle under the skin, gnawing and dragging its corrupted body along their muscles, and shoving its sharp anger into the marrow of bones. This fog was unforgiving, it was suffocating. It was....chaotic.

It surrounded the main palace of Osiris, stopping and rolling over itself as it stayed in a distinct circle. Step into it, there was no promise of survival. It steadily rose as well, creating a sealed off dome of death, blocking all the gods off from the outside world. It wasn't long until movement could be seen in the masses of midnight, a large thing that swerved from side to side, allowing the ground to rumble and break under its weight... He was home.

All gods from Ra, to Anubis. Isis to Sobek all looked around with uneasiness. He was able to catch them quite off guard. Ra didn't have his special magical staff to stab and shoot him away. This was planned. this was needed...wanted...craved. And to show that off, the shadows shifted as the mass came closer, closing in on their space. However, once more it would stop. It would feel like eyes were everywhere, bodies lurking in the dark and ready to attack. Lightning flashed inside the blackish hell, illuminating one singular body that was slowly closing in.

Another flash.

Two bodies.


Ten bodies.

They were being surrounded, and it's not like most could just fly off, or to scuttle to the side, attempting to hide in the Nile. No, he was making sure they would all simply stay put right where they need to be....

A changed man he was trying to be. Turning a new leaf. Attempting to be nice like how the others can be. But sometimes old habits just like to stick like glue. He couldn't help the fact that he lived off of everything wrong in the world, that he consumed it like a mid-day smoothie. It fueled him, and corrupted his mind. There was one thing on it right now. And it was to scare the godly pants right off of Ra.

He stepped out of the black, along with the mini-army of himself. Clones, mirages. They all took another step forward in unison, flicking in and out of focus as their bright eyes focused on Ra.

"You have tortured me for eons!"

They all boomed, their voices rattling the glass and making the water ripple in fear.

"It's time for me to return the"

All but one dropped to the sand like puddles, oozing and gooing over each other until they started to form two large blobs, shifting and forming. The heads were full of teeth and two large fangs that could fold to the roof of their mouths. White and black eyes focused on their target. Longer than buses, and scales thicker than rock. Wide necks, like the hoods that belonged to cobras displayed their size. White, and darkish brown/black. His pets. They surged forward, long bodies grabbing at the sand, propelling themselves to make a smaller moving ring about Ra.

Apophis walked, bare feet greeting the hot stone of Osiris's home, his headdress tilted back just slightly as the god held his head high. His Egyptian attire having darkened, ripped, looking like tattered wear than royal clothing. The smoke followed though, parting like the great Red Sea to allow the other gods escape as his legs were vanishing inside the dark death-like fog. Feeling the scales form around his eyes. It didn't take long for him to gain speed and to lunge, arms wide as he crashed into Ra, both tumbling down onto the ground.

He was aiming to bite the man in some sort of fashion, hands pushing at Apep's face. Ra knew that if he could just avoid the mans bite, he'd be okay. They rolled and wrestled, trying to gain the advantage on each other.

The snakes that circled Ra continued to be like large terror dogs. Eyes scanning the now deserted area for anyone who wanted to play hero...

A voice.

Her voice so sweet and pleading. It made the God of Destruction freeze in his spot, which caused his head to be slammed down onto the stone by Ra. Cold eyes were snapping this way and that, looking for her. Aniya. His mouth opened as her voice was louder, pleasing, begging to stop this. He shook, a pained yell escaping him as he squirmed and struggled for leverage. However, something caught his gaze.

In Ra's hand was a necklace, the chain broken and the blue fading light pulsing in dying throbs. Aniya...

"Give that back!"

He demanded, watching as Ra stood, putting it on himself so the woman's soul that was trapped inside such a thing would then feed off of Ra, instead of Apophis. He rolled, hands suddenly grasping Ra's ankle, yanking his leg out from under the man, watching as Ra fell to the ground. Teeth sunk into flesh, eyes widening as he both took blood and injected his venom. He wasn't able to deposit a lot due to Ra yanking his leg back in pain, the skin around the bite decaying instantly.

He stood, looking down at Ra as he leaned down, ripping the necklace from him and holding it to his chest.

"Only a matter of time now, old man. And I'll absorb your entirety, a little bit of you already in me. Just like I did with Set. I will replace you."

He inhaled, moving to fix the chain, putting it back on as he felt the comforting warmth of her crystal against the flesh of his chest.

"Who's the joke now..."

And turning, he summoned his beasts and vanished.

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