After a daring move by the Super Slayer Empire last night the city of Aark, breadbasket of Helifyno, has fallen. This coincides with a planet wide blockade consisting of New Avrillian cloaked ships prowling the sea, and self replicating Anti Magic mines surrounding the planet’s orbit.

The city of Aark fell under attack at 9:00 PM Tavern Time, when the navy of New Avrillis, now allied with and resupplied by the SS, entered the Aarkian harbor. A full bombardment commenced immediately, with heavy artillery pounding the city’s shielding for hours before they fell.

A covert Hero mission into the city led by Michael Zagurian had some limited success against the Brain commanded Super Slayer soldiers, before they were forced to retreat as the city burned in the distance.

Corresponding with the fall of Aark, the SS released thousands of self replicating Anti Magic mines into the atmosphere, filling the air with twinkling stars of eerie green death, that will automatically recreate themselves whenever one is detonated. This has disrupted trade between Hellifyno and the rest of the universe, making it nearly impossible to bring fresh supplies in.

We do have reports of some daring bootleggers running the mine field and surviving to procure supplies from off planet, though their ships have to be small to survive. Portals off and on planet are also working to some extent. However they require far more power, and are much smaller than usual, with some strange transport quirks being affected by the AM mine blockade.

The situation is being exasperated by a dominant New Avrillian navy with nearly undetectable cloaking technology. Rumor has it that the ships were supplied to the vampire lords in a secret treaty, where the Avrillians agreed to kill all non human based magicals in their population in return for military aid in the current hostilities.

Aark produced nearly 50% of the planets non blood nourishment. With its loss, and the blockade limiting Hellifyno’s ability to bring in and transport additional resources, famine conditions are already starting to set in. There is hoarding in all of the major cities, with riots breaking out in store houses and granaries across the world. Emergency conditions are being put in place by the various regional governments, but until the Super Slayers are dealt with things are only going to get worse.

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Comment by Lady Viktorie, Archon of Tremere on April 5, 2014 at 5:15pm


Comment by Amelie Zagurian on April 4, 2014 at 9:36pm
Damn those Super Slayers. *secretly begins plotting their destruction.*

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