"You're gonna do great things, kid." (Mitchel "Wrath" Blade vs. Mai Ortega)

(Language and violence ahead. All events based off a private RP between the creator of Mitchel "Wrath" Blade and myself. I have written it differently with permissions from Mitchel, but the story still has the same outcome and battle. Enjoy~)

Her finger circles the rim of her wine glass with a small shake to it as her emerald green eyes gaze at a full glass of whiskey on the rocks. Well, it's nearly whiskey and water at this point. It's late out, and the only other person in the bar is the bartender himself. He's an elderly gentleman, but Mai knows he's wise enough to know why she comes here every week. He always questioned her at first, but after staying quiet for so long, he gave up on asking questions. For now he simply watches her with a look of concern as he drys the last glass before closing time. What could cause this green haired woman to come here every week, same day, same time, same seat, and sit there with a glass of wine and a glass of whiskey? He has assumed that she was married to him, and is still in mourning of him. She didn't come often with him to this bar though. He usually sat by himself and drank his whiskey until closing. He thought quietly to himself  as he watched this woman sit by herself, dressed like she's supposed to be on a date in a better part of the city. He comes out of thought as he realizes the time. He walks up to the woman with a sigh, and he speaks up.

"Okay ma'am, I'm about to close up. I'll be taking your cups now." Usually she just nods, and leaves, but this time she didn't move at all. "Excuse me, miss? I need to close the bar now." He leans in a little to see if she's even blinking. "Ma'am?" "I failed him." Mai announces, and the bartender stands straight again, and looks at her. "He needed me and I let him down." The bartender was intrigued. This woman has been coming here for a few months now, and never said a word other than her order. He squints his eyes as he looks at her with interest. "Huh... What's your name?" Mai finally stops looking at the glass of whiskey, and to the bartender. She takes a breath before speaking, "Mai Ortega. You are?" "Just call me Will. Nice to meet you, Mai. He spoke a lot about you." He extends his hand to shake her's, and she does the same. "Were you two lovers?" He asks. She looks back to the glass again. "No... Just friends." 

"How long?"


The memory of their first meeting came to her head. She was thirteen, and trapped in a helicopter.  Mitchel was sent to retrieve her, and bring her to safety. The helicopter was turned over, and she was dazed from the crash. She was afraid. All she can hear is gun fire and Mitchel barking orders at the others to open the door, but it was him that pulled it open. He dropped in, and rushed over to her. He comforted her.  It's where he gave her the pistol she still uses today. It was a long day, but Mitchel got her home. The last thing she can remember was when they got home, she went back to Mitchel and tried giving to gun back. He smiled at her, knelt down, and told her to keep it. He told her, "You're gonna do great things, kid." 

"Did you two go through tough times?"


He was laying on the ground without his left arm. It had been blown off, and he was trying to crawl back to the rest of the unit. As soon as she realizes who's out there, she loads her pistol, and charges out to him. He's yelling at her to go back, but she doesn't. She grabs him by the collar of his armor, and starts pulling him back, all the while demons are starting to rush up to kill them both. "Leave me!" "You're not dying today!" Whilst still pulling him, she raises her pistol to begin firing. She was just trying to buy herself more time. She lets go of him for a second to fight off a few of the demons that caught up. After killing a few, she grabs him and begins running back again. "You're going to be okay, Mitchel!" Finally she makes it back, and leans him against a humvee. She takes off her helmet, and grabs his hand. "Mitchel look at me! I'm going to fix you, but you have to look at me!" She begins to process of regenerating his arm. The pain he's enduring is enough to make him cry out. "Just keep looking at me Mitchel, don't lose focus!"  She lost him for a moment. Just a moment though until she was able to resuscitate him.

Another day during the war. She was pinned down during an assault on a fallen city. She was stuck in a gas station, and she was being surrounded. Mitchel charged to her position by himself to join her in the fight. His unit followed behind him. During the battle Mai was mortally wounded and couldn't get herself up. Mitchel picked her up, and charged back to get her medical attention. He was shot three times in the process, but didn't drop her once. Then he stayed by her until her father told him to get back into the fight. Of course he came to visit her as soon as she woke up. Since that day Mitchel has visited her every time she was rushed to medical.

"Did you mourn for each other?"


She can recall a time when she was about to die from Virus 8. She quarantined herself so that she couldn't spread the virus. Before a synthetic woman came to her aid, the last thing she was seeing was Mitchel trying to punch through the armored glass that kept her in. His fists were starting to bleed, and she could see tears in his eyes. She felt so bad for him. The last things he would've seen was her lying on the ground with black sludge leaking out of her eyes, nose, and mouth. Of course as soon as she was better Mitchel was there for her.

Another time she can remember is when Mitchel was shot through the kidney, and he was bleeding out fast. Mai couldn't make it in time to save him. She was there next to his dead body mourning until a two headed horse stepped in to revive him. She was so happy when he came back to life. She can still remember how she felt when he walked into her home asking for a check up. She hopes everyday that it will happen again, but no one ever comes to see her these days. 

"Did you have good times together?"

"Oh, we had so many."

Several memories came to her all at once. They've stormed several prisons together. Killed several people together. Made so many new friends together. Everything that happened back then, they had experienced it together. They slayed gods together. So many adventures. 

"How did you let him down then?"

Mai gave no response as she began to lose herself to her thoughts now.

They were both in the core of the Warlord Headquarters. Mitchel was trying to detonate an atom bomb at the center of the old lands after Mai just ordered the execution of Night Blade. She was able to escape before he detonated the bomb. After that day, things were never the same.

She remembers a time when she could see several flares going into the sky. They were all from Mitchel. He needed help saving his grandson, but Mai didn't respond. She let the boy die, and this caused Mitchel more of his mentality. He lost it after that day.

"Mai, how did you let him down?"

Still no response from her as she remembers their last moments together.

It was just a couple streets over where Mai intercepted him. She was already in her armor, and her sword was drawn. "Mitchel, please. I need you to be disarmed. This government can't have someone like you roaming free." Mitchel was in his usual suit and tie with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. She could still recall the anger building up in him. "Wouldn't you like that? You don't think that it's a little fishy that they've asked you of all people to come here? The only one that has a remote chance of killing me? They're afraid of me Mai, and they can't control me." "Because you're a ticking time bomb!" Mitchel throws his bottle to the side, and points at Mai. "Say's the woman with the same training as me, Killed just as much as I have, and is actually a demon stronger than me!" 

"I'm the one that knows how to control myself! I've only ever wanted peace for us Mitchel. All I ever wanted from you was peace."

"Well this isn't how you're going to get Mai. Go home."

Mai shakes her head. "I can't let you go anymore Mitchel. It's right her right now. I can protect you without your abilities. You can finally grow old like you were supposed too."

"Grow old with who?! In case you haven't noticed Mai, everyone is fucking dead! Creed, Doom, Chelsea, Eric, and all of my kids are fucking dead! They're all dead! Then on top of that who's going to want to stay with a ticking time bomb, Mai?!"

"... I will. I'll stay with you. Come with me, and I'll be with you forever Mitchel. Just please don't make me do this."

Mitchel shakes his head. "It's too late for that Mai. I'm sorry."

Tears start to come in Mai's eyes. "No, please don't..." She speaks weakly as Mitchel activates his armor. "Please Mitchel! I love you!"

"I'm sorry Mai... But I don't have anymore love to give." A short double edged sword forms out of fire from the ground, and another out of lightning from the sky. He begins to charge at Mai.

Her soul was broken in the moment. Her love wasn't enough. All of their adventures wasn't enough to keep him. Everything they endured together wasn't enough. She wasn't enough.

Each time their blades clashed her heart broke more. Eventually they both lose their swords, and they resume in hand to hand combat. Mai is to fast for him. She lands several body shots, and weakens his armor. She breaks his arm, and destroys his helmet after a series of hits to the face. She beats him to the ground with no contest, and grabs her sword again. Wrath puts his hand out in an attempt to blast her with fire, but she stabs the blade into his WL mark on his chest before he can. The fight was over, but Mai was devastated in what she did. Still, Mitchel is trying to get up. Mai punches the bottom of the hilt to make the blade go in deeper. "Mai..." He tries to speak, but Mai punches the hilt again. "Wait..." She punches it again, this time letting out a cry. "Please..." Mai hits one last time and the hilt is against his chest.

Mai collapses on top of him. She removes her helmet so she could breath. "Why?" She tries to speak between sobs. "Why wasn't I enough..?" Wrath reaches up with his hand and holds her face. "I'm sorry... Don't be afraid Mai... You're stronger than that... Fight for peace, and n-not for war... Like I did..." Mai nods and grabs his arm. "...You're gonna... Do g-great things..." 

His eyes wen't blank, and his hand collapsed. Mitchel "Wrath" Blade was dead. It was over. She lays her head on his chest and continues to cry for her fallen friend. She couldn't save him. She couldn't keep him alive. 

The sirens from police are her cue to leave the area now. She doesn't want to go. She wants to stay with him, but she can't be here for the police. Still crying, she removes her sword, and leaves her best friend's dead body in the middle of the street.She couldn't sleep that night, or the night after. She's not even sure what kind of quality her life is going to be from this point on.

"Mai? Are you okay?"

She snaps out of her memory and looks to Will. Some tears roll down her cheeks when she blinks and flashes a smile. "I'm sorry, you must want to close. Sorry for wasting your time." She stands up and leaves the bar.

Perhaps she'll be better next week...

... If she makes it another week.

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