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At 11:23pm on May 18, 2017,
Rosario Helsing

Winking back at him, she smirked at his comment. "I'm a demon, sweetheart. We're celestial beings." She commented in return before raising her eyebrow to his comment. "I know I'm the Queen." Her voice had a cocky tone in it for a moment and she playfully bowed before walking inside, looking around. "Alrighty Sonic. You won so you pick the first game!" She said excitedly. 

At 10:55pm on May 18, 2017,
Rosario Helsing

Rosario was tempted to lift him off the ground with her powers for giggles, but she was having fun tonight. Figuring she'd let him win this round, she planned on getting him in the future round. Once Tommy reached the arcade, she flew around in circles as she looked down at him. "Good job Sonic!" She teased with a smirk as he reminded her of Sonic the Hedgehog even though she never played the game. Hovering for a moment, her wings suddenly disappeared and she sorta free fell before disappearing in thin air then reappearing by the door. "You ready?" She asked with a grin before unlocking the door with her powers then walking inside, turning on the power of the games only so no one would know they were there.

At 10:29pm on May 18, 2017,
Rosario Helsing

Grinning to his words, she watched as Tommy magnetized a car. Laughing a bit, she swooped down lower once more to poke the back of his head with a giggle before swooping back upwards. "Our stop is coming up! May the fastest one win!" She yelled over the air with a laugh, eyes on the arcade that was coming up. It was still a good run to go, but she knew it would pass rather quickly at how fast they were going.

At 10:27pm on May 18, 2017, Bart Allen said…

"dude i can be a thousand miles away before you even blink "

At 10:15pm on May 18, 2017,
Rosario Helsing

(*Drags Tommy's answers to here, pets on his hair*)

Rosario grinned a bit as she flapped her wings faster, pushing her against the wind that pushed against her. Freedom. Despite that it was a race, she enjoyed the adrenaline and the freedom she got while flying. It was almost soothing. Glancing towards the ground, she swooped down so low before weaving in and out of the busy traffic without causing a wreck. It was almost amazing that she didn't. Shifting moving out of the way of a semi truck, she pulled herself back into the air. Whether Tommy went the same way she did or not to the arcade, she was quite enjoying the adrenaline of the race. "Yea!" She laughed, holding her arms out in front of her.

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