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At 3:35pm on February 2, 2017, Alex Danvers said…

// I could always add the show to my neverending list of shows and films I should watch. xD I really need to get better at that. Watching shows and all.

And if you do have a general starter, then that's more than I've got! I'm usually pretty bad at starters (though I do try when asked to). So I wouldn't mind if you sent it. No complaints. At all. 

At 2:13pm on February 2, 2017, Alex Danvers said…

// I think your imaginary coin made a good choice! ^^ While I haven't watched that particular show, I'm sure I'll be able to follow suit (or even look it up, if need be). So it shouldn't be an issue. :) Yes, that could work, since the DEO has a lot of advanced tech and weapons.

It would work well if it worked before but this time around, they have to up their game. Adds for depth, I'd say. 

At 4:11pm on February 1, 2017, Alex Danvers said…

// A baddie is always fun to RP against! And it's similar to an event that happened in season one, where peope were brainwashed. The way to get around it was with the use of a device that was handed to a few, blocking it out. Similar but not entirely the same. But if she has that kind of power, Alex would more than likely be sent with a strike team to capture Gabby. Since she is a threat. And whole the DEO focuses on aliens, I would say they protect Earth from beings with powers as well. It makes sense.

Casey would involve taking her to the DEO most likely. For her own safety and others. She would only be there under custody for the time being. It would be somewhat similar to that of Kara Zor-El's training when she became Supergirl. Trying to teach Casey to come to terms to them, helping her.

So yes, the choice is difficult. I like the idea of maybe trying both and then we can have a talk and see which one we prefer the most? As for which one to start with. I honestly can't say. Anyone you feel ready with.

At 11:58am on February 1, 2017, Kainoa Razson said…

Thank you , I appreciate you saying that :D. But sure I wouldn't mind getting something started- just be forewarned, though, that my time on here has been limited, so my replies aren't going to be very quick.

At 2:22am on February 1, 2017, The Winter Apocalypse said…
*Watching his wife speak like that to his child made James the happiest he ever had been in a very,very long time. That joy was reflected in his amber eyes and in the smile that parted his lips. A hand would gently brush over Raven's head and a gentle but loving kiss was placed on Ella's cheek.* You did a wonderful job.*James whispered to Ella. Then, there was movement in the door way. Quickly looking that direction, James spotted both Sam and Wolf standing there. Right away Sam hurried in and knelt next to Ella and the baby.*

Sam: What's her name? Are you happy for this? Are you proud of yourself? Did James faint?*All the questions rushed out of Sam's mouth as he looked over little Raven. It made James smile. But soon James turned his gaze on to Wolf who did not look as excited as Sam was about the child.*

Wolf: How did it go? Becca told us there were some complications.
James:*Nodded a little.* Yes...we almost lost both of them. But now both mother and child are doing fine. Do you want to see her?

Wolf: Maybe later. You and I need to speak.*Wolf then walked off. James would look over his shoulder and Ella, Sam, and Raven, an apologetic look in his face. He did not want to leave but James knew that what Wolf wanted was probably very important. James would give Raven and Ella one more kiss each before he headed out.*
At 9:44pm on January 31, 2017,
Emerson Baxter
Not much hanging out with my bf got my high school crush he asked me out on new years
At 8:34pm on January 31, 2017, Alex Danvers said…

// Alrighty, so I've had a look and read of all your characters and I chose the ones I think would work best, due to different reasons.

The first one was Gabriella Grenwald, as it just seems to me should fit into most storylines. The second one was Margret Jones because I found it interesting how she's constantly surrounded by bad luck. Although it also said 'Out of Order', so I'm not sure what that means. Is she unavailable to RP with?

Then I was maybe considering Casey, due to her having powers. Would remind her of her own sister Kara (Supergirl), due to her also having powers. Hailey Dean could also work, although that would be an entirely new setting, with zombies and all. Although I'm not against crossovers, so I'd be game for that if you want.

Which one out of all these do you think would work well with Alex? Going by her personality traits and all. 

At 7:31pm on January 31, 2017, Kainoa Razson said…
Thanks for adding ^^
At 7:09pm on January 31, 2017, Alex Danvers said…

// Same here. Although before it struck this time, it was a while ago since last time. So I'd call that an improvement. Thankfully the site is still running and I hope it will keep on doing so.

It's an amazing show. Then again, I'm biased, so take it for what it is. xD I do recommend it though. :) And yes, I will be sure to try and make a good choice.

At 6:50pm on January 31, 2017, Alex Danvers said…

// It certainly has it's ups and downs, yeah. And since yesterday it's had the gee old 500 Error popping up here and there. That's also something that causes a bit of trouble. *Shakes fist at!*

I'm usually the same, though I have some shows I follow. Supergirl being the main one (and the one Alex is from). Oh gosh... choices! My one and true enemy! :O I always have such a difficulty choosing. But I will have a proper read of them and see. 

At 6:41pm on January 31, 2017, Alex Danvers said…

// Most of the time I don't notice friend requests until hours after they've been sent, so yeah, I would consider this a quick add, hehehe. Thankies! ^^ I love Alex Danvers and she's my favorite character on the TV-show. Not sure if you've seen it or not but that is neither here or there, since it won't be an issue once we RP. As for RP:ing, I'd love to!

At 6:29pm on January 31, 2017, Alex Danvers said…

// Thank you kindly for the friend request. :)

At 5:06pm on January 27, 2017, The Winter Apocalypse said…
In times like this, people will cling onto any hope and happiness they can find. For many people here, a new life is just that, hope and happiness. We have all seen so much death in the past months that this child is a refreshment to us.*James explained as he continued to watch his daughter.*
At 1:20pm on January 19, 2017, The Winter Apocalypse said…

*James gave another yawn and stretched once more. He would sit back down and placed his tail over his paws before answering Ella.* I don't know where Sam is. I'm sure he is itching to come see though. I am sure many people are wanting to see. *He then tilted his head to the side.* Yeah I think thats how you do that.

At 2:20am on January 18, 2017, D R E A M [ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟ] said…

[that is entirely up to you, hun. it doesn't matter to me whether or not we keep that starter. if you want to send another, feel free (sorry about the late reply, was busy all weekend, and the site wouldn't let me reply a couple of days ago.]

At 3:44pm on January 14, 2017, The Winter Apocalypse said…
*Sortly after Ella was able to settle little Raven down by feeding her, James would awaken. Standing with a stretch, he would then jump up onto the cot next to Ella. His amber eyes watched as Raven ate peacefully. The sight brought joy to James and he expressed it with the fox equivalent of a smile. Out side of the little dug out the rest of the rebel forces were already up and moving about, keeping watch for enemy air ships and troops while continuing to gather what would be needed to survive the winter. The war was still raging on out in the world but right now, in the dug out, all James knew and cared about was his wife and child. Thankfully Wolf had allowed James to stay in the dug out to be with his new daughter. James would cherish every second of his break from the war. He knew that before long he would be needed back out there fighting.*
At 8:07pm on January 11, 2017,
Emerson Baxter
(I missed you too, and I lost the password))
At 10:20am on January 11, 2017, D R E A M [ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟ] said…
[I did get it, yes. I just haven't been able to get to it yet.]
At 3:58pm on January 9, 2017, The Winter Apocalypse said…
*James would return the kiss when Ella finally went back to sleep. He would sit in silence next to Ella while holding little Raven, taking it all in. Soon enough Becca would help James make a makeshift crib for Raven and placed that next to the cot Ella was on. James would then curl up on the floor on the other side of the crib in his fox form and also fell asleep.*
At 6:33pm on January 8, 2017, D R E A M [ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟ] said…

[Actually, I think that's a pretty cool idea.]

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