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At 11:31pm on March 20, 2017, Enoch said…

(Would you mind? :3)

At 10:53pm on March 20, 2017,
Kiromaru Rellion

Kiromaru had pulled a chair and sat down so he would face the twins. His heterochromic eyes dashing back and forth between then as he watched while one ate from the other's bowl and a small smile appeared upon his face while he watched. "The pleasure is all mine." He had nodded as he had been thanked. But as they introduced themselves, Kiromaru had chuckled softly before speaking in response. "How rude of me. My name is Kiromaru, but you can call me Kiro for short."

At 10:38pm on March 20, 2017, Enoch said…

(That's a great way for them to meet.  Enoch would be very pissed to find Lycan's attacking strangers on his turf >.>)

At 10:21pm on March 20, 2017, Enoch said…

(I'm terribly sorry! I swore I responded to you.. we can plot or just wing it, man! Whatever you want.  I'm open to anything.)

At 10:11pm on March 20, 2017,
Kiromaru Rellion

Kiromaru had soon heard silence and would raise an eyebrow as he would then reach back and swirl his the tail end of his ponytail around the top knot and taken a pair of Japanese style hair sticks and inserted them into his hair forming an X shape. He would continue to eat but as he saw the owner approach him he smiled and chuckled as he turned to face the pair. His right jade eye and left silver eye fell upon them and smiled widely exposing his pearly white teeth. 

Kiromaru had stood from his seat as he walked over to what appeared to be twins and he chuckled softly as he would then place his right hand over his chest as he bowed respectfully to them. "I thank you for the gift. Mind if I join you two?"

At 9:21pm on March 20, 2017,
Kiromaru Rellion

It didn't take long for Kiromaru to finish his Udon and drink the broth and in moments he had moved on to his sushi but as he moved onto his sashimi, his ear would start to twitch once more as he heard mention of him being 'hot'. The comment had caught him by surprise which made him chock slightly but he quickly reached for his sake to wash down his food. The tall male had reached for more of his sashimi but would then instead wave the owner over and whispered something to him. In a few minutes the owner had come to the two men, he would set down a bottle o sake and two glasses, and would inform them the gift came from Kiromaru as he pointed to the orange haired male before walking off.

At 7:24pm on March 20, 2017,

[Could you? Pleaseeee?]

At 7:33am on March 20, 2017,
Takashi Hyuga

Sea green optics gazed over this area from his position within the trees. It was odd for an observer to be sent to a specific place, yet here he was. He had been watching this area for a few weeks now, ever writing in the book that seemed to always be floating by. "Khellendros...I don't know why we are here...there doesn't seem to be anything going on.." A quill, that was the plume of a phoenix with the tip of a dragons claw dipped in ink, yet there was no ink well. An exhaled breath escaped him looking to the lone figure upon his movements, the relatively short  being only 5'5 figure dropped down from his position. adorned in black dress shoes, black slacks, a white button down shirt with the sleeves half rolled up, a black vest, gloves that were missing the index, middle, and thumbs on each. Two katana's hung on each hip moving with his own movements as he walked towards the gates of this place. His hand rose to gently knock upon the wooden portal. every where he went that book followed him. Once greeted the low gentle voice rang out. "Pardon me..but might I hold and audience with the lord of this manor?" He smiled politely.

At 9:12pm on March 19, 2017,

[Sounds romantic. Nah I'm kidding! Sounds good! Sorry for my absence!]

At 9:06pm on March 19, 2017,
Kiromaru Rellion

It wasn't long before Kiromaru's food appeared but though his back was turned, his right ear would twitch several times as he picked up on the conversation between the two men. Though he hadn't seen or heard the second voice walk into the shop he knew that he wasn't there before or after he walked in. Holding his chopsticks Kiromaru spoke a single word before he began to eat. "Itadakimasu."

At 6:51pm on March 19, 2017,
Kiromaru Rellion

While he had waited, Kiromaru had reached into his pocket and paid the owner as he brought out his sake bottles and glass. Bowing his head as he extended the money, the shop owner had gladly accepted but as he went to give his patron his change, the tall male had smiled widely as he held up his hand and closed his eyes. "As always my friend, tis yours to have. You honor me with your kindness and food, the least I can do is give you something more in return." Kiromaru's eyes opened and though they were once a pale Ice blue they had shifted colors, his left now a dark jade while his left turned silver. He would hold up the bottle of warm sake as he had spoken to the owner. "Care to share a glass with me my friend?" The owner had smiled before shaking his head in a respectful decline.

At 6:39pm on March 19, 2017,

The music was loud as Nyx walked through the doors of the crowded club. Her long black hair flowed behind her as she made her way to the bar and ordered a drink. She had mixed feelings for places like this as the noise and lights were far different from the nights that she was in charge of, but at the same time it breathed new life into her realm. She would sit at the bar watching the people as she slowly sipped her drink. 

At 5:54pm on March 19, 2017,
Kiromaru Rellion

Following his nose, Kiromaru was led to a ramen shop and a large smile appeared upon his face as he knew this shop very well. As he walked in the owner had brightened up and moved from behind his counter and embraced the taller male. With a smile upon his face, the lean seven-foot-seven male returned the embrace as he laughed. The owner escorted the male to his usual seat at the counter. Kiromaru would then reach back and tie his hip length orange hair into a top knot ponytail that would now cascade down the length of his spine.

"No No, the pleasure is all mine, my friend. How could I pass the chance to gorge myself with the best food in town. Hmmm. How about the House special, my Udon uzumaki and beef. Hmm two of the large bottles of sake, one- Hah yes you know me so well. One warm and one cold. Uhhhh rainbow sashimi, with unagi, iruka, and ohh salmon and tuna please." 

At 3:35pm on March 19, 2017, JACK said…

Jack acknowledged Billy's spiritual acumen, and would willingly aid him in his attempt to free the damned. The samurai's gaze wandered, closely inspecting each accursed being. Their mindless bodies dragged around with no end to it. "Their minds are controlled by this place, held prisoners of this forsaken forest." He deduced with a disgruntled expression that conveyed discomfort he sensed being in this place. "To take hold of one's spirit... This... this is some dark magic." He daren't make the assumption that it was Aku's doing, but his instincts kept telling him otherwise. Only he would be responsible for such depraved and vile sorcery, serving only to amuse him.

"They may not give in willingly, Wiccan. Be mindful of your actions." The samurai warned the youth. "If all fails, we are bound to free their shackled souls..." Jack stated, hoping it wouldn't come to that, but would be honored to do so."

//Apologies for the late reply, had recently tried out a different roleplaying site, but I will stick around here simultaneously. :)    

At 11:47pm on March 18, 2017,
Lucifer cross

"it may sound cool but it is not as easy as it seems" he said Laughing "I'm very amateurish and have written very little"

At 7:41pm on March 18, 2017,
I can is there any particular setting you'd like
At 12:38am on March 18, 2017,

Wing it? 

At 12:06am on March 18, 2017,
Kiromaru Rellion

Kiromaru would yawn as he continued to walk the streets of town, his hip length orange hair swayed and bounced with each step he had taken. His pale crystal ice blue eyes scanning the area has he kept walking but would soon feel a rumbling in his stomach which caused him place a hand upon his stomach and smile softly. "Looks like I'm hungrier than I thought I was. Hmm better find something to eat."

At 9:44pm on March 17, 2017, Hellboy said…

The BPRD has had there eyes on this little shindig for ages now, they were just waiting for the right time for us to strike and in a strange case of deja vu I felt like I had been here before. A group of men all huddled together to bring back some demon to fight there battles for them yeah this all sounded wait to familiar. Nevertheless when the BPRD call I always answer and this was no different. Standing a little ways from the guards I lit my cigar they could see the glow from my lighter and started to get a little edge. They knew who I was I had that kind affect on people one look and ya scared for life but I carried on. I approached them close and closer with each step they become more ready and eagar and I was just ready to get it over with.

 I begin to fight the men swinging my right hand of doom around like a club  it was like I was playing wack a mole trying to get the highest score when a flash of light happen maybe I was to late and the demon had already come?

At 7:04pm on March 17, 2017, Peter Augustine said…

"What other three?" He's pushing past Wiccan though, feeling pretty damn good about not being locked up anymore and really, Peter could ditch the kid now and go anywhere he wanted to in the world right now. But... eh. Perhaps later. "Lead the way, darling, I had a bag over my head when I got here."

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