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At 1:06pm on March 17, 2017, Vαℓєитιиє Hαℓє said…

[I'd love to~]

At 10:13am on March 17, 2017,

I'd love to

At 12:41am on March 17, 2017, Xe said…


At 10:58pm on March 16, 2017,

Thanks for accepting my Invite

At 9:58pm on March 16, 2017, Peter Augustine said…

Oh. "I don't think that's supposed to happen. The light stuff.." Peter waved a hand around. "The lights flickering? No. They uh.. they have a backup generator. Well, multiple ones, 'cause if the power went off then all security locks and shit are off and that means every one of us down here could get the fuck out."

At 9:27pm on March 16, 2017, Matthew Michael Murdock said…

((I am really fine with either...did you have anything in mind?))

At 7:50pm on March 16, 2017, Peter Augustine said…

"I feel like you just cheated. No, obviously not, and we don't know unless we look. And hello 'a mutant and a warlock by the way,' I'm dad." He flashed his teeth in a smile, one that made the corners of his eyes wrinkle. "Peter Hale actually and if you can get me out of here I will gladly help look for you mother here and if she's not here I'll help you look elsewhere and about three other locations of your choice. That's as far as my gratitude will go though."

At 7:36pm on March 16, 2017, Xe said…

(Well, Xe is already with Hooligan, and is under his wing.)

At 5:48pm on March 16, 2017,
Takashi Hyuga


At 3:34pm on March 16, 2017, JACK said…

Jack gave a nod of acknowledgement with confidence settling over his features, awed by the immense power the boy wielded and handled with ease. The blade slid back into the scabbard, and Jack walked over to one of the trees, planting his hand on its elongated trunk, shutting his eyes shortly. He clenched the eyelids with a disgruntled expression and spoke. "I do not like this..."

Opening his eyes, it was hard to figure out the route ahead of them. A blanket of mist had obscured the way, with vague shapes of what appeared to be trees scattered in the distance. Yet the shapes grew in size with each second, appearing in silhouettes, with more approaching. Indistinctive noise of collective moans and low cries neared along with them. They were people... Or were they?

Their faltering steps and movements seemed unnatural, akin to puppets on strings. The samurai stepped closer to make out the blurry image. Their eyes shone wickedly with a yellow shade, directed at nothing in particular.

"They are lost souls damned to wander this forest aimlessly, unable to find a way out." Jack explained in a melancholic tone. They would not want to attract their attention, but was it possible.  

At 3:11pm on March 16, 2017,
Faith Scolace

He laughs slightly " me I'm a Nephalem a half demon half angel my father was an angel and my mother a demon"

At 1:17pm on March 16, 2017, Peter Augustine said…

Wow. Rude much? "So does every other person in here. Except the ones upstairs might look a little worse." Poor little humans, so weak and fragile. "But that's not the point. Not really, the point is you and you being down here with people like your uncle and I. And.."

Peter presses his nose through one of the tiny holes as best he could, gave a little sniff. "And maybe even you because let's be honest kid, you don't smell human at all." He's holding his hands up now, palms flat and pressed against the glass. "Now, before you get all.. whatever, hear me out. I know this place like the back of my hand. The tunnels underground, the sewers, the woods, the people, everything and everyone. I bet I could help you find your mom."

At 3:18am on March 16, 2017, Peter Augustine said…

While the world above was fast asleep many down below were wide awake. Not the dead of course, but those wishing they were dead, or at least not here in a damn basement because that's what it was. A fucking basement of deadly, supernatural creatures even though Peter wasn't deadly or anything. Sure he killed some people and sure he had come up with the big old hit list and blah, blah, blah, but the point was he really didn't belong here. 

At least he didn't have to share his prison anymore with mister 'I-have-a-third-eye-and-can-see-all.' That had been a damn nightmare. But they guy had left him with a book he had written forever ago, so Peter had some more of entertainment as he lost his damn mind even more down here. He felt filthy. No, he was filthy. The sups didn't get out as much as the little mortal humans upstairs did. Food, play time, and showers were far and few. All 'work' and no play made Peter a dull boy.

Of course, just as he thought his day could only get worse, he smells something, hears something... a boy. A child really. At least in Peter's eyes. And he's here, talking to someone, an uncle. It was rare anyone down here got a visitor, let alone by a family member. Peter's pressing his ear against one of the few holes in his glass prison, listening to the one sided exchange.

Something about a mother being lost and the kid looking for her. Ha. If she was in Beacon Hills there was a short chance of finding her here. Sure the place was small, but people here were very good at hiding when they didn't want to be found. Peter shifted about. Maybe... no. He wouldn't be so lucky. Not ever. 

"Hey." Oh god. It had been some time since he'd actually talk. Peter cleared his throat. "Hey!" He taps the glass. "Kid!"

At 12:32am on March 16, 2017, Matthew Michael Murdock said…


At 11:54pm on March 15, 2017,
Faith Scolace

My name is Lucifer Cross. Nice to meet you.

At 11:00pm on March 15, 2017,
[Hm.... can't say I do, do you? ]
At 10:16pm on March 15, 2017,
Faith Scolace

"well I wish I could say that that's the most unique reaction I've ever gotten"

At 9:42pm on March 15, 2017, JACK said…

Jack admired the boy for his easygoing attitude in a life threatening scenario such as this. They amassed themselves, prowling around them like deadly vipers waiting to strike. "This is only your first?" The smile in his voice was evident. The two stood back to back, fending off each consecutive attack. 

The vines began lashing them fiercely. It became difficult to parry each coming blow. Jack felt a sudden rush of pain racing down his spine, as one of the vines had struck his back, tearing through his robes and leaving a line of blood in its place. He winced and sliced the vine into pieces. 

"This way!" He gestured towards a small opening between two trees. The forest would try to stop them, releasing toxic poisons from the buds on the ground. A musky yellow mist dispersed into the air, its corrosive nature able to eat away bones in mere seconds. Jack performed a wild leap into the air, ascending above the poison, aiming for the little opening that could be their way out or at least of this part of the deadly woods. 

He landed gracefully on the other side, where trees grew more scarcely and more light seeped in. He had hoped Billy would make it, otherwise, he'd go back for him. 

At 8:11pm on March 15, 2017,
Takashi Hyuga

Very well. Whom to begin?

At 7:24pm on March 15, 2017, JACK said…

The samurai's eyes narrowed in response to Billy's words, heeding his warning, closely inspecting the estranged environment. "Yes..." Jack whispered. The path ahead of them concealed itself from their sight, likewise, the exit was entirely obscured by the plentiful bushes and vines that crept along the ground, almost alive-like. In that instance, the various sounds blended in and died out, and a momentary stillness descended over the two. Only the breaths they would take would be audible. 

Then, the abrupt whistle of the sword as it cut through the air broke the silence. It left its scabbard silently and its wielder's arm stays stretched out. A precisely divided branch plummeted to the ground before them. Jack breaths out. "The forest is alive!" he exclaimed, and broke into a sprint. "Hurry!"

The drooping branches spiraled towards them, wrapping themselves around anything moving that did not belong here. The mightier, slower branches hurled themselves at them, pounding the ground with a crushing force, creating obstacles that prevented an easy escape route.

Jack used his sword to cut through any branch or vine that threw itself at him, trying to rely on his instincts regarding the correct route through the dreaded woods.       

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