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At 3:46am on February 19, 2017, V E N O M said…

(That sounds interesting. What could she want with Brock? Let's say he's imprisoned and that's when he has these "hallucinations" of sorts.)

At 2:57am on February 19, 2017,

"Former?" Kotal asked when they said that and soon they all came to the throne room where "Kitana" was sitting. "...What is the meaning of this? Quan Chi, if this is one of your feeble tricks your trial will be death!" He said aloud Ferra tilted her head,"Huh. Me thought you Emperor Sun man. What we do now? We work for Blue lady?" Ferra asked.

Reptile turned to the girl and hissed at her,"No you imbecile. This is obviously a mirage!" hissed the Zatteran and then he sniffed the air only to growl,"I can't smell anything off about her, masster." Reptile said bowing to him. Ermac was silent still, but Kotal sighed again. Perhaps they could resolve this peacefully, if she truly did revive perhaps she is better a ally than a enemy.

"...Yes. Let us dine then." Kotal agreed only for Retile to stare at his master strangely. Ferra and Torr was already running to the food and began gobbling it up greedily.

At 2:38am on February 19, 2017,

And soon Kotal and the group came back. Reptile was injured and so was Torr. Ferra kept barking down at him to keep going. But there was something off.. When Kotal asked for a status report they all said.. they do not take commands from him anymore. This confused Kotal. Why were his people suddenly betraying him like this?

Kotal sighed in thought but continued on his way to the palace. Ermac keeping behind his heels and Ferra and Torr lagging behind. Reptile was to his side and looked at his master, some insects flying around his body all attracted to the stentch of him. "Do not worry massster... They will know of their foolissshness soon." Reptile hissed as they neared the palace.

At 2:11am on February 19, 2017,

"Jax like--" Erron Black was silent as he looked like the hookswords.. he was like the revenant Quan Chi has.. what was his name? Oh yes, Kabal. But he looked to her, a eyebrow tilting a bit,"If you say so. I will take my time with killing Jax, Special Forces are a bitch to sneak on through. Give me.. a week or at least a day.." He said.

Swords weren't his strong suit but he tried to make his employer happy, and no questions. Soon he told the guards and chiefs to make a feast for them and all the citizens in the city and they all went to work. "I ain't stayin' though. Parties aren't my thing." He said waving goodbye to his new employed as the door shut with a thud. Then she was all alone now. Well, her and the few guards that guarded the areas of the palace.

At 1:50am on February 19, 2017, Lazarus Gideon Kishimoto said…

((Perhaps in the course of his studies he might come across the necessary spell formula for the ability.  But for now he is forced to rely on what spells he can create using his magus training and 4 1/2 years in Hogwarts))

At 1:41am on February 19, 2017,

Erron Black only thought for a moment before he went to her side,"Five percent extra. I'm in." He said And he rolled his eyes at the flirting tease she did,"Please. The more and more you began to act like Mileena.." He grumbled,"But you have Kotal, best guess is to challenge him on one-on-one Kombat for the throne. He really can't disagree. A lot of pride." He said slowly leading her to the palace.

"Really most of the others will bend a knee if you take care of him, Kitana. Ermac is just a ninja with a shit ton of souls inside of him that give him special telepathy powers. There's Ferra and Torr. All muscle. No brains. And Reptile. He's an assassin. Keep your nose sharp, that's how you can find him when the bastard goes invisible." Black ended as he then open the door to the palace for her,"Go on, after you."

At 1:40am on February 19, 2017, Lazarus Gideon Kishimoto said…

((Thank you for accepting.  I confess I don't know much about your character, as I never had the chance to play FF8.  But it's always good to see a fellow magic user around, and especially such a powerful one.  I can only hope my own character will rise to such heights himself one day.))

At 1:04am on February 19, 2017,

And how they bowed! They remembered the princess revolting against her father and.. seemingly dying! But praise be to the Gods she is alive and it seemed she was under the right mindset! The soldiers and guards looked her over and gave only a nod sliding out o f the way for the Imposter to pass.

But this trickery would be death if they found out. But leaning on the wall near a group of soldiers was Erron Black. Flipping his guns between his fingers as he stared at her dully. His hair flowing messily from his hat,"What's this now? Princess Kitana, huh?" He said soon coming into sight as the wind lightly blew past him as he put his guns back in the holsters on each of his hips.

"Everybody thought you were dead, but Kahn's out for the time being." He said looking to her now,"And what you're doing here is a mighty big fine also. Would hate to shoot off that pretty face of your's." Erron said to Ultimecia, he was.. kind of threatening her to back off. But the magical thing about Erron is that.. he wasn't loyal to Kotal. He was loyal to money.

One could fight him, or just give him some payment and then she'd have a ally and insider info on who to keep her head about! But it would be her decision.

At 12:10am on February 19, 2017,

In Outworld, there was.. chaos admist the superiors of Reptile, Ermac a being made of multiple souls, Ferra a little girl warrior, Torr a hulking beast, and the current leader Kotal Kahn. One of his underlings betrayed him, and a betrayal not many expected all but one. And that was the humaniod lizard creature. Adorned in a iron face mask and a outfit made of bones of numerous creatures. He leaned on t he cool palace walls and watched his master, Kotal, decide what to do.

Ferra and Torr being their usual idiotic selves and Ermac was debating what to do amongst the multiple other souls inside of him. Disgusting bug, Reptile thought, I knew we were wrong to trust her... Reptile spat at the air, causing a bit of his green acid to drip on the floor which ate away at it a bit. But it wouldn't be long until a soldier of Outworld came to report to Kotal that D'Vorah was spotted near the Shaolin Monastery.

Kotal nodded in acceptance as the soldier hurried off and then he arose from his throne. "Ermac, Ferra, Torr, Reptile. Come. We must pay those monks a visit.. D'Vorah will face her trial for her treachery." Kotal said as Ermac nodded in agreement. Ferra hopped onto Torr's back and looked to their master,"Okay! What we do to bug lady when we get her?" Kotal scoffed at the question and began nearing the exit to the palace,"The punishment will be death." Ferra giggled sadistically as they followed Kotal, followed by Ermac, and then by Reptile.

A portal opened in Outworld and then.. they were off.

At 11:58pm on February 18, 2017,

(Ah! A Big coup! I get it! But.. do understand that Reptile wouldn't take kindly to someone defiling the rule of Kotal.

And if she takes actually defeats Kotal in Mortal Kombat for the throne, I am will have less than a liking to her I like it! Who starts?)

At 11:43pm on February 18, 2017,

(He is sold on anyway to have his clan back!

And even then he roams really without having anyone to serve o bring back his works good! What you got in mind?)

At 11:36pm on February 18, 2017,

(And yes, I'd gladly! I am sure Reptile would love to meet someone as... regal as Ultimecia! Care to plot?)

At 11:35pm on February 18, 2017,

(Big thanks for accepting!)

At 10:39pm on February 18, 2017, Sinh Marol, Iblis said…

[Aye, maybe.]

At 7:29am on February 18, 2017,
The Crimson Fucker (Alucard)

( Ooooh, I'm sure I could get some more.~ )

At 3:09am on February 18, 2017, V E N O M said…

(Plotting sounds good. I like to plot.)

At 9:47pm on February 17, 2017, ƬHΣ ƁƱLL said…

[:D for sure!!]

At 7:40pm on February 17, 2017, Bannoc the wanderer said…

(Sure, go ahead!)

At 12:20pm on February 17, 2017, Amora the Enchantress said…

(Whichever you choose would be fine with me.)

At 12:17pm on February 17, 2017, Amora the Enchantress said…

(I could not have put it better myself. That does sound like a perfect encounter.)

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