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At 8:31pm on February 18, 2017, Kiche Wimari said…

Kiche made her voice more friendly. Or tried to. "I'm hunting." She mumbled out. "You didn't look like you were patrolling? Why were you upset?" Kiche asked, watching as she looked around. The red wood trees towered over them and occasionally birds would call out to eachother. Fresh rain dripped from the leaves, as if counting the seconds away. Drip. Drop. Tick. Tock.

At 12:16pm on February 17, 2017,
Lisa Mcknight

why thank you my dear? *grins* we definitely need to play..and soon

At 11:06am on February 15, 2017, Kiche Wimari said…

She shifted into her human form. Brown eyes narrow as she spits out the words "what are you doing here?" and growls. Her arms cross and it seems like there isn't a way to move her. She looked stronger then one would think. 

The forest is growing darker as night falls.

At 12:05pm on February 13, 2017, Kiche Wimari said…

She would run smack right into a wolf. It's fur was reddish brown with silver streaks and it's fangs were bared. Her scent caught the large beast off foot and she backed up. Barks escaped it's lips, ears lying flat.

At 8:36pm on February 11, 2017, Kara Zor-El II - Dark Supergirl said…
Well Wanehaeda. However it's spelt. lol. What did you have in mind?
At 1:08pm on February 10, 2017, Kiche Wimari said…

I'm not the most scifi-ey person but I could see Clarke and Kiche kicking ass together. It says there that she wishes for the clans to rise again. Seeing as Kiche has lost her people that would make sense

At 12:31pm on February 10, 2017, Kiche Wimari said…

Ayeeee. Your profile looks awesome. What were you thinking for plot wise?

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