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Role playing is the act of taking on the role of a fictional character, and then playing the part of that character using your chosen creative medium. On RolePages, you can engage in roleplay story telling by creating a profile for your fictional character; choosing their name, an avatar picture to represent them, and filling out the profile questions as if the character were doing those things for them self.

If you do not yet have a profile, or are waiting for a profile to be approved, then you may enter the Multiverse Chat above as a guest. However, if you are looking for the full experience then you should sign up for a profile at and create a character so that you can interact with others across all of the different communication channels available on this site. Guest members of the chat are also subject to all posted rules and etiquette guidelines. 

Each room in our chat represents a different location. The name of the room, as well as the description at the top of the page will give you an idea of the fictional role play setting you are supposed to be in. Other chat room locations can be accessed by clicking the small “house” icon on the top right of the member list. A single room can be used for multiple related locations, and general rooms such as "Multiverse" and "Hellifyno" are designed to be blank canvases you can create stories within. 

When entering a chat room location, you should immediately assume the role of the character you are playing, and all interactions that you have with people in that room should be undertaken as if you are that individual.

Interacting within a chat room is a done using text and actions. Actions are generally written out in a descriptive manner, and placed within “action marks” which delineate those words as indicating movement rather than voice. Action marks themselves can consist of any marking which clearly indicates the text as not being spoken. Several examples of action marks are shown below.

::steps into the room::

*holds up a sword*

<Smiles, winking in your direction. >

Proper spelling and grammar are highly encouraged, and the most respected players are those who can form sentences correctly. However the use of tense, capitalization and punctuation is generally left up to the style of the individual writer when writing out an action.
Verbal communication in the chat is done with written words as well, but these are not enclosed in action marks. Some people may be used to a more strict, literary chat room role playing style, where actions are left unmarked and words are delineated using quotation marks. While this style is not prohibited, it is not the general method used in the chat rooms on RolePages, and may be confusing for many of the regulars. Either way the words typed are considered to be the voice of the character. 

Chat Room Rules

You must follow The Rules of at all times. Failure to do so can result in temporary or permanent banning from all portions of the community.

You are not allowed to kill or drastically alter another person’s character without their consent. In the end, every player controls the destiny of their own creations. If you want to try to do something to another person's character it is always best to talk it out with them ahead of time through private messages or email. This will allow you to work out a better story that you both will be happy with.

DM's and Events

The one exception to this rule comes from the Directional Moderators, or DM's. RolePages has several official DM’s and a number of amateur DM’s that will act as narrative story guides for various quests and missions. By agreeing to participate in a quest run by one of these DM’s, you are agreeing to play by the rules of the quest, even if it causes an alteration or permanent harm to your character.

If you believe that lasting harm is being done to the integrity of your character by a careless DM dueing an Event then you may politely “poof” or have your character disappear at any time. Remember that the DM's donate their valuable time to create stories on this site, so you should always be respectful of their work and try to resolve disputes in an amicable fashion through private communications.

Chat Administrators

The authority of the RolePages Administrators is absolute. They have the power to arbitrate all disputes, and the ability to silence, ban, or kick any member that they feel is being a disruption to the storytelling, or violating a rule of the site. While a warning will generally be issued to the offending member this is not mandatory. All rules and etiquette guides must be followed at all times.

The Multiverse Chat system has a constant log of all public interactions that happen within this chat. This will be used by the Administrators to review all reports of abuse or rule violation.

Chat Room Etiquette

On RolePages the story is the most important thing. Sometimes bad things should happen to your character. This can help further character development while also making for a better story. Everyone needs to have moments of triumph, and moments of failure, if they are to be a fully dimensional believable being. 

It's also important to remember that everyone in the community is on the same team. Just because your character's might hate one another IC, is no reason for anger or animosity in real life. We are all just trying to create stories here. Nobody should ever be trying to hurt anyone else in a real life way.

Unless you are in a room that is designated as OOC or Out Of Character, you should generally try to keep the conversation In Character (IC). This means that everything you type is generally what your character would either be doing or saying in the story location at that given time. 

If you need to say something OOC to another person, then you may want to consider a whisper message, or a private message that only that person will see. If you need to address the group in the room OOC then the words you type should be surrounded by the OOC marks (  ) 

Example: (Hey everyone, I just got booted, can anyone who posted at me please repost?)

In cases where IC role playing grows quiet or nonexistent OOC interactions are fine as long as they don’t interfere with other people who may come along and want to begin an IC interaction or story. Remember, there are OOC rooms designated for talking about things other than role playing.

Generally speaking, if you are interacting with someone and you are forced to leave your computer, you should indicate that you are (afk) so that they know what has happened to you. You can also use the "away" indicator on your Multiverse Profile by clicking your avatar picture. 

Try to have fun, and don't take the act of role playing too seriously. This is our art, and so many of us get very passionate about it, which can lead to some intense emotions. But you have to remember that none of this is real, and the goal, aside from creating beauty, is to try and have as much dun as possible. So just relax and role play.

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