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A Normal Day At Work

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((WARNING, This story contains Violence, Maiming, Torturing, and Sexual content that might offend some of you (Necrophilia to be exact, it’s only a small part, but still, fair warning) . If you are one of those people, please, do NOT read it. For the people who still want to read it, tell me what you think))


Vince and Anna are both in the elevator, moving down to the basement, Anne holds some Paperwork. ”The subject of today is a 32 year old male. We’ve found a pack of cigarettes in his coat, so his lungs will probably be useless. For the rest, he seems to be completely healthy.” Vince smiles, nodding, as they both walk out of the elevator. ”Alright, That’s okay, the price of lungs hasn’t been good lately, so that’s not a disaster.” They walk up to a cell, both looking inside. There he is, Subject H21. Good luck sir.” He grins, nodding in thanks. ”Faceplate? We’re getting started, ready up the operation table, will you?” 

He opens up the cell, grinning to the man. The man runs to him and tries to land a hit, but he’s no match. Vince grabs his arm and turns it, forcing the man to turn around. In a smooth move, he also grabs the other arm, holding it behind his back. He struggles, trying to get loose, but fails. ” What the fuck are you doing to me?” he asks annoyed ”Is this some kind of joke?” Vince laughs, dragging him out of the cell, over to the table, ignoring his questions. Plateface waves over, giggling. ”Daddeh, I’s Dehn.” The man’s eyes grow wide at the sight of the woman, struggling in fear. ”What the hell is she..?” Vince pushes him down on the table, holding him, while Plateface secures his arms and legs. Vince smiles. ”She’s my little girl, and my right hand down here. Also, to answer your first questions: No, this isn’t a joke… *He pats his chest with a grin* This thing here is stuffed with meat, meat that I want.” Faceplate snickers nodding. The man’s eyes grow wide ”W..What? Do you mean…? ”The man starts screaming for help, struggling violently. ”LET ME GO!” Vince laughs, shaking his head, while Faceplate starts making ready his gear. Vince grins wickedly. Yes, really, it’s too bad you’re a smoker, your lungs will be pretty much useless now.” He turns around, moving to Plateface, helping with the gear. The man keeps struggling and screaming. after a few minutes Vince turns around, holding an injection needle and a scalpel ”Let’s begin, shall we?

”No.. NO, Stop, Pleeease..” The man struggles, his eyes wide in fear as Vince walks over, Plateface following right behind him. ”Plateface, hold his head still, will you?” She giggles, grabbing the man’s head, doing so. The man struggles, trying to get his head free. ”no.. no please, stop it.. this isn’t funny.” Vince laughs, putting the needle away for now, and points the scalpel at his right eye. ”Nope, it isn’t funny, I’m doing my bloody job here.. *He grins, as he starts to carefully cut out the eye. The man screams in pain. ”Stop, please Stop” *He tries to free his head from the Faceplates hands, but she holds him tightly, giggling. After a few moments, the eye slowly comes out. Vince takes it, holding it up to study it for a moment. ”I have to say, you have beautiful eyes” He grins, storing the eye in a box. The man screams in pain, and of shock. ”My eye…My eye…Please…. let me go….’ Vince smirks, and moves on to the next eye, cutting it out swiftly. and putting it away smiling. The male cries, screaming. Plateface puts her finger over his mouth ”Shhhh, quiet… Daddeh’s concentrehting…” But the guy keeps screaming. Vince smiles, moving back to the body. ”Leave him, I like some music while working. Keep his mouth open, will you?” Plateface works the mouth open, holding it open. he keeps screaming. ”yehr all sick and mlfff….”Vince moves his hand in his mouth, cutting through the tongue with a scalpel, and drags it out, also storing it in a different box. The man screams, struggling , Plateface let’s go of his head snickering. ” ‘hat a ‘retty ‘ace yeh ha’e..” Vince laughs at the comment, as he takes the infection needle, he sticks it in the man’s neck, emptying it. ”This should keep you from passing out while we continue.”  *The man whimpers, crying, faintly struggling against his restrains.

He takes the scalpel, and starts cutting around his shoulder, removing the skin, and starts cutting skillfully through the muscles and flesh. Because of all the muscles being cut, he’s able to pull the shoulder out of it’s joint capsule without much effort. He puts it away, and starts cutting in the other shoulder, doing the same thing. The man let’s out agonizing screams, struggling faintly, cursing them, though they’re not understandable because of the missing tongue. Faceplate giggles, opening up the man’s pants. ”Daddeh? Cehn I ‘lay ‘ith hi’?” Vince smiles, while working on the man’s other arm. ”Sure, just don’t spoil over his belly like you did with the last one, it’s a pain to clean it up.” He doesn’t even stop working, he keeps cutting the arm concentrated. She giggles. ”Okay, I ‘ill.” She giggles, pulling out the man’s cock. She starts pulling and turning it, with a giggle. The man, who was screaming at his arm being cut, keeps screaming, but there now is a pleasured touch to it. Plateface giggles. Yehr Lehking thet, dehn’t yah.” Vince smiles, as he dissects the second arm, he stores it next to the other one. ”you’re having fun?” She nods, giggling, as she keeps jerking him off. With the cutting stopping for a moment, the man can’t but focus on the pulling. He starts to moan, frustrated he’s actually pleasured right now. Vince shakes his head, grinning ”I’m gonna prepair for the last bit, make sure you’re done when I’m back.” She giggles, nodding. She continues to jerk, fast. The man moans, and pants, the drug not only keeping him awake, but also heightening his senses, and thus the pleasure. She giggles, jerking, the man screams, cumming all over the table. The man whimpers, struggling faintly, bloody tears running over his cheeks.

When Vince returns, he grins, shaking his head. Plateface giggles, pointing to the cum. ”Look, ‘e had ‘UN.” Vince laughs, moving over to the man, a scalpel in his hand. As soon as the scalpel digs in the mans chest, he starts screaming. Without his eyes, he was unable to see it coming. Vince smirks, as he continues to cut, making an Y-shaped incision on the man’s chest. He flips the skin open, revealing all the major organs. The combination of a skilled cut, and the injection forces the man to stay awake. He let’s out an agonizing scream, only stopping to breath, and continues the scream again. Faceplate crawls under the table, covering her ears, whining. ” ‘hy do they al’ays do theht.” She digs her head between her knees, trying to cover up her ears. Vince grins, and continues his work, seemingly unshaken by the noise. ”Now, I shall free you from your torment, it has been enough.” He takes a small disc grinder, and starts to cut away the parts of the ribcage that are covering up the man’s heart. When he’s done, he backs off smiling. ”Ahh… beautiful to see a heart working like this. Well, time to get things done. Faceplate, ready up the bloodbags, will you?” She crawls from below the table, and moves away. She returns with several bloodbags, and something that appears to be a hose. She gives one end of the hose, and attaches the other end to one of the bloodbags. When she’s done, Vince cut’s through one of the veins attached to the heart, holding the hose over the hole created. The heart now pumping the blood into the bloodbags, the man’s screams start to get fainter and fainter, after a while completely dying out. It’s completely silent when the heart stops beating.P

 Plateface sighs, sounding relieved ” ‘Inally… I thehgt he ‘ould ne’er sheht u’ ” She giggles, storing the bloodbags, as Vince starts opening up the ribcage further and starts researching the man’s lungs. ”Hmmm… That’s not too bad, an old fellow can live with this for another ten years.” He grins, also storing the lungs, and continues, in the end, only part of his ribs, and his backbone remains. ” AAHhhh… Done… Finally..” He grins, turning to the stored bodyparts, all stocked in boxes, and nicely organized. ”Plateface, can you clean up the mess?” She giggles, nodding ” Cehn I ‘lay ‘ith his ‘or a ‘hile?” Vince laughs, patting the woman’s head.” of course you can, as long as you clean up afterwards.” He laughs, shaking his head as he walks away, while Plateface pulls down her jeans, and jumps ontop of the dissected man, giggling insanely. 


  1. Liekki 6 years ago

    Key Lie Pie, seriously :S :P?

  2. Sterling Ackerman 5 years ago

    O.o… The only part that bugged me in this was the fact that Plateface keeps “playing” with the man, even after he’s dead…. o______o

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