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hello world, do you give a fuck?

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freedom is feeling something horrible ripped out of your cunt

and waking up alive. 

freedom is being left alone. 

freedom is the next day, when you wake up, and the drugs are pumping

it’s not until the next day that the shackles slap down

… green jello

  1. She laughed softly and shook her head. “Nope. I guess I’m having a lot of firsts.” She grins at him.
    “To be honest I’ve not really taken a proper vacation in a very long time. Sure I’ve taken time off, but I haven’t actually traveled. I guess I was just in my comfort zone..Knowing I was not far from.. you.” Pepper looks down at her food and clears her throat a little as she’s said this the first time to someone and not just a friend, but to the man she’s had feelings for since she first started working so close to him as his personal assistant. 

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