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Looking for coplayers – Sons of Anarchy

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I own a small role playing site that has been going for a few years. We’re a bunch of friends and want to keep it that way. So we only accept people, who enjoy Sons of Anarchy and don’t harass others.

Otherwise we’re open minded and friendly.

The game is set after season three and is AU.

We have the usual guys (a few characters of the show are still open) , you could also bring your own in.

Our contra players a bunch of arms- and drug dealers named Foxhound.

We’d love to have you.

Join us at

  1. Peter Hale 8 months ago

    Bruh you’re not allowed to promote any writing sights, it’s against the rules
    Just a lil fyi

  2. There was silence this time on Pepper’s side. She’s thinking it over. “..You’re right. I’m sure things will be fine until we get back.” It’s official now, Tony and Pepper will be having some real relaxation.

    “I’ll pack a few things and call you when I think I am ready. Deal?” Yes, Pepper isn’t one to usually leave her work city for so long in such a long time. So her packing skills are a bit rusty.

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