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On Private Jet to Venice, Italy

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Pepper stated:
Pepper smiled as  tony put that image in her mind. She then looked over at him and nods. “Of course I would. After all what else would a wife do for her husband? Any kind of help is important.” She leans down and kissed tony on the lips for a while before pulling back and moving over to her own plate next to get her meal started.

“Growing old together. Sounds perfect to me.” She smiled again at him as she’s obviously very happy.

Tony smiled and looked at her and chuckled shaking his head,

“You are so beautiful, Pep, do you know that?  Inside as well as outward appearance.”  Tony reached for his coffee and took a sip smiling.

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  1. Pepper was a bit surprised with how fast Tony moved once he heard her idea bout their bedroom cuddling to come. “Woah!” She laughed softly as Tony brought her up. “I assume you like the idea I just suggested?” She smirked at him like she did that night at the Gala while they had their first dance together. 

    Uhm. Shall we first leave our plates outside the room door? So that we don’t get disturbed.” She moved a index finger against Tony’s chest slowly upwards and looked him in the eyes seductively. She then teasingly and gently taps him on the nose with the one index finger and she grins at him.

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