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OOC sad news

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I have some news that may excite some (Because you may not like me) or upset some. I am deliberating whether to delete my RolePages account or not. Junior Year is becoming so much and I never have the time to come on. Believe me, I love you all, but I have this really big English essay coming up deliberating whether I pass or not, and there’s been a lot of family drama that I really don’t want to get into. But, I just don’t know right now. I will still come on from time to time, and I will let you know when my decision is made. (If I make a decision)

I am so sorry to all.


P.S. Please comment sharing your thoughts and concerns or whatever.

  1. Relina Vickers 6 years ago


  2. Please don’t delete ok?

    I don’t really know you but I’d like to get to know you 

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