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Returning To Rolepages!

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Hello, friends! My name is Rat, and I’m returning to rolepages, after an absence of many years, with a new character and an eagernesss to seek out partners. I left initially, just out of necessity. At the time, I did not have the free time to pursue activities on the website, but now, I feel I have sufficient time to roleplay here. 

My skype and discord are available to those who ask, and I will accept messages here. I look forward to getting involved in stuff here–and please excuse my garbage can of a character. He is a bit scary, but I promise never to do anything you’re uncomfortable with without your consent. 

Hope to play with you guys soon! 


  1. It took Pepper a little longer then Tony to find her things and decide on what might be best for this little break. “Will it be hotter then normal, will it rain, will-” Pepper chuckled softly and shook her head as she realizes she’s overthinking things again.

    She splits up the amount of clothing taking a couple of warm things and the rest is comfortable relaxed Summer clothing (and her swimming gear). Pepper smiles as she’s pack one suitcase that’ll hold her over for the holiday with Tony, hopefully. And she’s quick to get her phone out to call the man up again like she promised.

    Pepper laughed softly as she found that Tony answered his phone rather fast this time. “Tony? Yeah. I’m ready I think.” She says with a smile that can be obviously heard in her voice through the phone. 

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