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Ashton was so young yet so broken, live here in this house of hell? Or death, which was better? At this point she didn’t even now. That night at around 3am there Ashton sat against the wall sitting in bed.. her blood shot tired eyes starring at the same spot on the wall that she had for hours. Biting her lip thoughts drifted through her mind, the razors .. the razors he had gotten this morning for himself to shave?  Her hazel orbs blinked now which had felt like the first time in days. Her feet gently touched the cold floor as she quietly made her way into the bathroom.

Closing the door behind her there she stood, in front of the sink with the new package of razors beside the counter. Watching herself in the mirror for a long moment she took a slow breath.. her messy blonde waves in front of her face.. was she going to do it? Could she. Every nerve in her hands shook, picking up the razors she took out a shiny clean one.. her hazel orbs focusing on it.. this could be it? This little sharp object could be the end of her having to live this way any longer. Ash took one last look at herself in the mirror as she glanced back down placing it to her wrist, if she was going to do this she was going to do it right the first time. Placing it upward along her wrist against her light complexion she took another long breath before she began slicing her skin down the middle of her wrist to her arm. Dark thick blood began to pour, sighing softly under her breath she tried keeping herself quiet so he wouldn’t hear her.. nothing in her wanted to be saved. Doing the same to the other wrist she quickly collapsed to her knees, shortness of breath began as she started to shake.. leaning along the bathtub she felt her body begin to get cold. After about 8 mins passed suddenly she heard him, his loud footstep walking into her room and out of her room to the bathroom door. Slamming his fist onto the door tears began to pour, praying hoping, wishing, she’d just die already.

The door swung open, he looked at her as his face went from mad to panic! Falling to the ground beside her her screamed! ” WHAT DID YOU DO!! ” Ashton began to go in and out of consciousness her heart beating slow and breath short. Little did she know He was a doctor, the man that had stolen her life from her was of course out of everything a doctor.

Waking up in her bed, the window open beside her.. Her ankles tied to the bed and both wrist all bandaged. Her heavy dark circled eyes glanced around… she didn’t die, it didn’t work! She was still here, in this hell! Ashton felt eyes on her, there he sat.. across the room in his big blue chair with a face that showed no emotion. This was it, she was stuck here.

To be continued . . .

  1. Tony Stark 4 months ago

    Tony looks at Pepper and gives her a slight smile and nods to her agreeing that he is able to talk to her as well,

    “Pep, I understand and I appreciate you willing to let me tell you about my past but right now I am focused on us and where we are going.  Our future together.  We can save that for another time, ok?  I’d rather think of happiness and joyful times making a new life with the woman I love.”  He smiled and kissed her hand, “Ok?”

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