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Updated 12/13/11


Current Situation

The main location is a planet known as Hellifyno, the center of all supernatural activity in the universe. This is a pastoral planet, sparsely populated, and rich with nature, vegetation, and life.

The Heroes congregate in a Tavern run by a bartender named Harry. Imps serve food and drinks and everything is free to the Heroes.


The Universe is recovering from the end of the Apocalyptic Wars. After having been almost entirely destroyed by the Void, it has been renewed, thanks to the courage of the Heroes. A mostly empty sky is being reborn with new stars, and new worlds.

Many of these new born planets are infants, with only the first vestiges of life blooming upon them. Others have sprung from the air fully aged, with long million year histories trailing behind them.

Nobody knows why this is. 


Immediate Timeline

The following is a timeline of the major events that have taken place since the end of the Apocalypse and the Rebirth of the Universe.

December 8th, 2011 – Lord Executive Daniel Plainview signs a treaty with the major gods and goddesses in the universe, agreeing to allow the Hellifyno military to be used as extremely well paid mercenaries in a war against the menacing Soulless threat. The United Confederacy of Planets also signs on to this war, as do several other major planetary unions.

December 6th, 2011 – After hearing about meteores filled with Soulless monsters crashing into planets across the galaxy, Hellifyno is invaded by these creatures. However the Hellifyno military is able to contain and exterminate the threat.

November 29th, 2011 – H.E.R.O. Inc. (Hellifyno Engagement and Reconnaissance Operatives) is legally formed.

November 22nd, 2011 – Augustus Giovanni steals the last artifact needed to imbue himself with the Damascus entity. He races off to Thak’s library where the void corrupted ork prepares the spell. The Heroes give chase, and after battling through the libraries defenses, are able to reverse the spell and banish both the remaining Void, and its powerful servant Augustus Giovanni.

November 15th, 2011 – The Heroes infiltrate a sthe night club of a powerful Vampire named Lucito. There they discover that the Vampire and Werewolf war was instigated by Void Cultists left over from the apocalypse. The leaders of these Void Cultists are revealed to be the Trickster Loki, the Vampire Augustus Giovanni, Tavern Hero Daloki, and Daegon the half brother of the venerable werewolf Titus Silverhide. It is also revealed that Loki is searching for the Second Mother.

November 2nd, 2011 – Daniel Plainview defeats Tye Sampson in an election that sets him as the Lord Executive Dictator of Hellifyno. He immediately grips the planet in an iron fist, creating a powerful robotic police army, while instituting plans to industrialize Hellifyno.

October 25th, 2011 – A war breaks out between the Vampires and the Werewolves of Hellifyno, a conflict that quickly spreads across the stars.

October 18th, 2011 – The Heroes manage to rescue the prophetess Dyrfinna from Odin, but her prophetic powers are stripped from her.

October 11th, 2011 – The trickster Loki kidnaps the apocalyptic prophetess Dyrfinna, and uses her to extract a particularly important prophecy about the future. He then sends her to his father Odin in Asgard as a prize.

October 4th, 2011 – With the help of a rebellious Pryor warrior named Bozrah, the Heroes are able to infiltrate the palace of the Keeper, slaying him, and installing Bozrah as the new Keeper of the Pryors. A peace treaty is immediately signed ending the war.

September 13th, 2011 – In the month since the apocalypse Hellifyno is still struggling to recover. However the Keeper of the warrior planet of the Pryors blames Hellifyno for the Void and the Apocalypse. Mounting tensions eventually lead to the Keeper declaring war on Hellifyno, sending a force of phallanx warriors to invade and conquer the planet.

August 16th, 2011 – The final battle of the Apocalypse is fought. A united army of Hellifyno survivors, Fae, Slayers, Demons, Wyrmspawn, and other assorted races and cultures from across the universe battle the Void on Earth, in Heaven, and in Hell below, while a covert team implanted a seed of Gaia directly into the Void, weakeneing it enough that it could be battled from our universe.

General Background

Three wars were predicted and three wars were fought on a universal scale. The Slayer War, the Fae War, and the Void War. At the end of the Void War the universe was mostly empty. Then the light of Gaia, and the power of life itself begin to lead the Heroes on a series of quests that gave them hope for saving the universe from the Apocalypse. 

Led by Echo the avatar of Gaia, and Titus, her champion, the Heroes used the energy of life to cure the Weaver of Order, the Wyld of Creation, and the Wyrm of Chaos, of the Void taint that had infected them and driven them mad. Once these three key elements of creation were cured, they were able to gather an army of friends and foes, and oppose the power of the True Void. 

In the final battle a team led by the Lady Echo brought Dyrfinna and the first seed of creation into the heart of the True Void. While the Tavern Heroes fought desperately on Heaven and on Earth to battle the might of dark forces that descended to shatter reality, this small group planted that seed in the heart of the Void. A tree of life burst forth, shattering the darkness, and allowing the Gaia blessed Heroes to overcome the taint in reality, and renew the universe. 


State of the Universe

Reality: The sky is slowly filling with light as stars wink into existence, replacing the empty areas left in the universe in the wake of the apocalypse. Some of these stars have new born planets forming, while others have worlds that are millions and billions of years old. 

The Hells:
The Hells were severely damaged during the Void War and are currently 80% closed off for repair. 


The Heavens: The Heaven’s never fell during any of the three Apocalyptic Wars and the damage to the walls has been repaired.

Earth: For some reason Earth has remained untouched through the apocalypse.

Plot Characters


The Triat

Wyrm: Fundamental element of chaos in our universe.

Weaver: Fundamental element of order in our universe.

Wyld: Fundamental element of creation in our universe.


The Great Old Ones

Scorpio Damascus: An evil prophet of corruption. The last of the Chosen, Laryka Dior-Fionnbharr used the power he imbued her with to turn him into a mortal, who has escaped to an unknown location. 

Nyarlathotep: A creeping force of destruction.  

Amaranta St Clair: Former vampire who died at her lovers hands, then rose from the dead as the Dark Queen of the Void.  

The Hellifyno Government

Daniel Plainview: Lord Executive Dictator of Hellifyno.

Alexander Zagurian: Warchief and leader of the armies of Hellifyno.



Gaia’s Children of the Light

The Lady Echo: Healer of Hellifyno and former Avatar of Gaia’s power.
Titus Silverhide: Heroic leader of the Silverhide werewolves and champion of Gaia

Key Plot Characters


Elexin Harbindale: Leader of Hellifyno’s vampires.

Havoc: Former War Chief of all of Hellifyno’s military resources. Betrayed the city and took half of Hellifyno’s armies with him when he converted to the Wyrm’s cause. When Wyrm was healed, his mark was removed.

Harmony: Twin sister to Havoc, daughter of Raelin and Aiden. Servant of the Chaos Wyrm.

Tye Sampson: Form Lord Executive Dictator of Hellifyno, he is now wanted dead or alive by the Plainview regime. 


Hellifyno History


The Three Wars of the Apocalypse 

The Slayer War

The first great war of the Apocalypse began in September of 2009. Humanities Hope, better known as the Slayers, was a military organization whose sole purpose was the murder of all supernatural beings in the universe. Their leader, Leonard Malcolm Cross, ordered a full scale invasion of Hellifyno, driving all creatures of magic into hiding.

The refugees of Hellifyno formed the Supernatural Resistance, and fought Cross and the Slayers across the galaxy for several months until they were able to reclaim their home world.


The Fae War

The extensive use of Anti Magic gas during the Slayer War, especially on the planet Hellifyno, caused many magical barriers to grow weak and fail. One of those barriers held the Fae confined to the outer realm known as Limbo. When the barrier was destroyed, limitless hordes of insane twisted creatures poured into the physical universe, seeking to dominate it.

The Fae made the universe more insane, breaking down reality itself, bending minds, and shifting space and time. Using thirteen towers of Insanity on Hellifyno, they sent an endless stream of strange and powerful soldiers armed with the tools of madness, to conquer roughly half of the known universe. 

The Fae were defeated when the thirteen Towers of Insanity were destroyed by the Tavern Heroes. These Heroes then used the evil power of Void to eliminate the source of the Fae’s power, and poison their race.

The Wyrm War

The use of void to end the Fae War weakened reality so much that the Wyrm was able to shatter the barrier between the physical plane and the Hells. Deep within the chasm where the previous war had ended, an enormous rift in time and space blasted outwards, and all of the countless demons and beasts of the Hell’s spewed forth.

To date, most of the known universe has been conquered by the Wyrm’s forces. There are pockets of resistance in many places, organized largely through the Weaver network but still scattered across galaxies.

Hellifyno has been almost entirely devastated by the Wyrm, and its surface is twisted chaos and hellish violence. Even the last great hope of the planet, the mighty City of Consequence, has fallen. The Weaver, our former protector, fled under the sheer strength of the Wyrm’s forces. The universe has become hell, and there seems to be no hope in sight…

  1. Ares Alexander 7 years ago

    Thanks for the tips, Rae. I really agree with them, and Im guilty of at least doing two in their. I don’t always check for spelling and grammer errors, but when I do, I find errors that I normally would have missed by just skimming through and not doing it. I don’t get too discouraged when no one likes that certain blog, because it’s very simple for someone to easily skip and go to the next one. We’re here for fun, and to read and write some amazing things. Not to read lousy written work. However, I still think it’s important that we let them do it, and then try to help them write better. I was a lousy character when I first started out, and most know who that was. Sir Ambreose Sans.. He reminded more people of a bunny, slash, nooby more then others and was a terrible character who wasn’t much thought out. And now I’ve become a somewhat good character that some look foreward to playing with. Thanks again, and I’ll stop rambling off like a moron. <REG>

  2. Sugar Cube 1 year ago

    This is awesome! But wow how late am I now? Five years? XD, Whatever good heavens this is cool

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