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A Nightmare Within A Nightmare

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Dark the stars
And dark the moon
Hush the night
And the morning loon

The sound of a door opening, his door to be more exact, pulled Peter from his thoughts, and he really wished it hadn’t because an open door only meant one thing: the man with three eyes. Gabriel Valack was his name, a former roommate of Peter’s and now his doctor if one could dare to call him that. No, Valack was a monster, a bigger one than Peter ever was because at least he had just killed people all quick and easy like while Valack did not. He didn’t really kill people at all, he just experimented on them.

Peter was, by far, his most favorite test subject. A werewolf who could heal from almost anything, who had died and came back, had been burned beyond repair multiple times and yet here he stood, alive and well. For the most part. While Peter was fine physically, his mind was something else, full of darkness and anger and voices that never seemed to go away. A lunatic, even if Peter himself said otherwise. For Valack it was much more fun to break the man mentally than it was physically.

“Mr. Hale, it’s always a pleasure to see you and I mean really see you,” Valack mused out, voice laced with a tone that Peter just couldn’t quite put his finger on. Sarcasm? Interest? Lust? Nah, it wasn’t lust. It was a threat, he was threatening Peter with his eye.

“Looks like you have an appointment with me today, isn’t that exciting? What fun shall we get into today? I could take a look into your head again, perhaps? Or see how long it takes for your fingers to grow back when your healing rate is almost as slow as a human’s?”

Peter kept his mouth shut when and after the doctor had spoken, knowing very well that his sarcasm got him into more trouble than it was worth. Valack smiled, lips curled back and perfect white teeth bared. He was just waiting for Peter to say something, but he knew the werewolf wouldn’t.

“Wonderful! Now, we can do this one of two ways, okay? You can come nicely for once or…” The man gently patted his suitcase.

Peter could come nicely or he could be drugged even more than he already was.

“I’ll come nicely.” Was that his voice? It didn’t sound like his voice, it sounded old and rough and tired. It sounded defeated. It made Valack’s smile grow, which wasn’t at all comforting.

“Good, that’s good.” He stepped away from the door and held his hand out towards the long, poorly lit hallway that houses many other doors and armed guards. Peter hesitated for a moment, fingers wiggling at his side before he took a small step forward.

Dark the oceans
And dark the sky
Hush the whales
And the ocean tide

Suddenly there was something cold and smooth pressing against his back and there was a bright light blinding him from up above. Peter moved to block the light with his hand, but his arm wouldn’t budge and when he glanced down he could see it. His arms, legs, chest, and waist were all strapped down to a metal table, the only part of him free to move around was his head.

“Hello?” He heard himself calling out while his head moved from side to side, eyes squinting in their quest to pick up on something, anything! But there was nothing but darkness. Peter jerked on the restraints.

“Somebody get me out of here! Get me out! GET ME OUT, NOW!” Something was beeping loudly by his ear, but he couldn’t tell what it was, and there were hands on him. They covered his mouth and pulled at his hair, some dug into his flesh or just held his limbs down while he screamed to be let go.

Then the feeling of hands was gone, quickly replaced by the smell of burning flesh and pain around his throat. Peter gasped for air, limbs struggling to break free, to claw at his throat but it felt like somebody already had. “He-” He gasped again. “He-help me! Help m-” He started coughing, something wet flew from his mouth. Spit? No… it was blood. It was his blood. “H-he-help… me…”

One last gasp of breath and the feeling, like the hands, was gone. But so was the table and the restraints. Instead of the bright light, it was the moon and instead of darkness, it was trees. It didn’t take long for Peter to recognize where he was because he was home. Safe and sound.

Dark to light
And light to dark
Three black carriages
Three white carts

“U-uncle Peter… please… please!”


“You don’t have to do this, we can help you, I promise we can help you. We didn’t mean to leave, honest, but we had no choice! Just let me go… please…”

“Let… let you go?” Peter glanced down and sure enough, there was his hand, wrapped around her throat and lifting her off the ground.

“Why would I let you go when you let me go… for almost six years! Six years you left me to rot away in some shitty fucking hospital, unable to move, unable to do anything!” His grip on her neck tightened. “You did this to me, Laura! You and Derek both!”

He barely took notice of the tears slipping down her face as she clawed at his hands.

“P-Peter… Peter, please…”

What brings us together 
Is what pulls us apart

“No,” he growled out as claws sunk into delicate flesh and something wet and warm filled his hands.

Gone our brother

Peter awoke with a start, eyes staring up at an ugly yellow ceiling and body covered in sweat. He moved to lift his arm and it moved without a problem and when he turned his head to the side there was no darkness, just a setting sun.


Gone our heart

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