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Dinner for one…

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Cordelia was visiting her maternal grandmother for some downtime from work. She had awoken very late into the evening since she found sleeping completely through the night difficult but somehow found peace in the daylight hours. She sat up, slow as the bed creaked. The young woman lifted her arms and stretched, face scrunching up. They dropped and she rubbed her lips together, fighting through the grog. She furrowed her brows as she looked around the evening lit room, she sighed through her nose knowing she was about to receive a scolding and possibly not receive dinner. She looked at the nightstand and found her phone, leaning over to take it in her heavy hands before pressing the home button she settled against the fluffy pillows… This made her gasp, recalling the dream. She quickly sat up off of them, feeling uncomfortable all the sudden. Her crisp blue eyes flicked around the already familiar room. She was shaking slightly, clutching the phone to her chest. Cordelia sat like that for a moment longer before pulling away and looked back to her phone.


Cordie unlocked her phone and scrolled through notifications, selecting a text message thread. She rolled her eyes as most of it is work-related before shaking her head; she let the phone fall from her hands onto the bed once she locked it. “Ridiculous.” She sighed, 24 hours into vacation and it still was a full onslaught of work expectations. But, it wasn’t like she was out of reach… This is what happens when you take a leave of absence to family, in your home country versus going somewhere, you know, actual vacation-like. She eased out of bed, it creaked some more as her feet found the cool, wood floor.     Cordelia looked herself over as she passed by the mirror on the dresser, slipping a long sweater on to add some modesty to her silk tank top and shorts sleepwear. Ruffling her curls a bit before exiting her room. She tiptoed to the top of the stairs and listened really hard, pressing her lips together. Her eyes were seemingly on full alert. It was quiet for the most part, she could only hear the servants in the kitchen. Comforting her nerves, she proceeded down the stairs.


Once at the bottom an object is hurled at her, slamming into the side of her head and face. She yelps and flails her arms a bit before her side gaze settles on her grandmother. An old, crackling voice emits from the old bat, obviously rather high for its comfort and proceeds to berate Cordelia. An eye roll is earned as she turned to face her grandmother who is screaming and throwing a tantrum at her. Her hand was still on the banister as she pursed her lips and nodded with spite and attitude appropriate for her age and then rolls her eyes once more, walking away. Her grandmother gasps and begins to say she’s filled with the devil and she should dare to bring her her slipper back. Cordelia just wanders into the kitchen. One of her many male cousins was perched at the breakfast bar and raises a brow at her; he was much younger than her but understood how unfair their grandmother was. Cordelia throws her hands up, seeming to be over it after this. She pats her cousin on the head and walks out onto the back deck, a servant already behind her with a tray of food.


She sighs once she sits on a lounge chair and has the food set before her. She realizes she’s without the stuff. “Uh, I’m sorry. I left my phone upstairs, and could you also bring me my laptop?” She seems sorry to be an inconvenience but all at once, she seems used to being waited on and listened to. The servant shakes her head with a smile, turning to go fetch the requested items.


Cordelia stretches again, inhaling the city air. She relaxed back, with no disruption this time. She peers to her left to see the busy streets of familiar Rome. This was very different than living near the original site of the Veii where her parents built a house surrounded by miles and miles of what was their vineyard. Her grandmother’s residence would always be her home in her heart; she spent many holidays here, attended several dance and art academies here. She’s done fashion work here as well. But, for the darker memories of the lane, she and her younger siblings were placed here while their parents were going through trials and legal obligations, but that’s what the younger ones were told for now because in reality their parents were arrested and charged with a slew of things that meant many years behind bars. And it should be noted, she saw no reason to hide their parents wrongs from them, but in the end, their father’s family took the younger siblings and Cordelia was emancipated, she refused to live with such uppity people, but her mother’s mother, the shoe throwing, god fearing catholic was better by far if that says anything about the other side of her family…


She picked up the glass of wine and sipped at it as she let her eyes wander over the evening skyline, she would be up and out here all night for sure; she loved this deck, rain or shine, day or night. She would occasionally let her gaze drop to the street below, having to peer through the slats of the railing. It was still busy, they were only a few blocks from the historic center.


Cordelia let her gaze fall to the foot of the chair and she began eating at the tray of food. The servant seemed to time it right as she finished, she swapped the tray for her belongings, returning moments later to refill her glass and leave the bottle of wine on the table beside her, excusing herself for the night.


Cordelia thanked her and settled in on the lounge, opening her laptop. She sent a few IMs before beginning a skype call with a few friends as she emailed back and forth with her assistant via her phone. The trio of girls squealed and cackled on and off, loudly chatting away as it got later and later, but much like New York City, this place hardly slept itself, so, her and her friends’ loudness wasn’t met with scrutiny.


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