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Lonely in Rome…

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Within a few hours, night fell over the city and she finally had to get up to turn the string lights on for better camera quality; her friends were bitching about straining to see her face when she sat back.
Once she does this and sits back down, she feels like something is watching her and she didn’t notice that earlier. This leads her to feeling  uncomfortable again, and she looks around throwing her gaze this way then that way, she even goes as far to fake being sleepy. They groan at her when they say good night, ending the call. Cordelia closes her laptop before getting up to stand at the railing. She has this apprehensive feeling as she places her hands on the railing to peer down on the entire street now.. She lets her gaze carry from the far left to the far right. Her brows furrow. She begins to feel silly and as she laughs at herself something catches her eye. A woman is standing in the middle of the street, staring up at her. She turns back to stare down just to realize the lady looks an awfully lot like herself. Cordelia’s eyes go wide, she knows it is nothing good to see your doppelganger. She blinks and sees nothing, just the plain road. “Shit.” She breathes before rushing to grab her things and move inside.
While she is Catholic, as is her whole family—-Her maternal side of the family is gypsy. She rushes into the front room of the house, she drops her things on the chair. She stares terrified at her grandmother who turns to peer at her granddaughter curiously. She watches her drop things and stares like she’s stupid. She shakes her head in a what-do-you-need kind of way. Cordelia’s breath catches in her throat making a half sob noise. This causes her grandmother some alarm and she snatches the remote to turn the muted TV off. This was her silent way of giving her undivided attention, she proceeded to pat the seat next to her and coaxed her with some endearing terms.
Cordelia sits down, facing her slightly, struggling to where to begin? “I had a dream, ” The first step of getting out of denial was admittance, right?  She continued, breaths shaky. “It woke me very early, which is why I slept late, and I apologize for my rudeness. But, I couldn’t find sleep until well after. ” She looked pleadingly at her grandmother now, whose features had softened, reaching out to put a hand on her granddaughters. “I saw myself, a blonde woman… I was pregnant—-.” She gets cut off by her grandmother’s squeal.
In Italian, her grandmother began to speak quickly, excited. “Bella! I knew you and that boy would come back together, and a baby is always a blessing! We should make your appointments right away—“
Cordelia jerked back and put her hands up, palms out shaking them. “Nah! Nah!” She interrupted. “This was just a dream.” She sighed. Gypsies were so out there at times… “I just saw my doppelganger, Grandmother.” She rushed out, as their differential excitement died down. This note was serious but well received. “In the road, so it was there, and not in a dream this time…”
Her grandmother stared at her. She stared back, waiting for some wise gypsy insight. But all she said next was something bullshit worthy. “It is just your past lives coming forth, nothing to fret.”
Cordelia bit her lip, that’d make sense but then her grandmother continued; she felt agitated she didn’t get to explain her dream as elaborate as it had been for her. “But, the doppelganger…” She mused for a moment… “Means the curse is alive, it has recognized you… That means my dear friend has passed away…”
Cordelia inclined her head. “Grandmother, this isn’t something to joke about.”
“I am not joking.” She bluntly cuts in, her English thick with Italian pronunciations and resentment.
Cordelia shuts up and the two fall together in silence. It is sometime before her grandmother speaks. “You are in mild danger.” She whispered, back to speaking in Italian. “But no one can help you, you must be cautious.” She reached up to pat her granddaughter’s cheek. “Good night, my precious.’ Her grandmother eases up off the couch and exits the room. Leaving Cordelia sitting there, confused and alone. Her grandmother never made sense…
She sits back gazing at the clock on the wall, it wasn’t late yet, just almost 10 pm. She could go out and party, if she could calm down. Cordelia closes her eyes now, folding her arms across her stomach. She breathed in and out, slowly—calming down little by little…

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