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Origins (Part I)

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A heavy sigh escaped a teenager’s throat as he stared down at an old piece of parchment. Upon its yellow surface in black ink were Latin inscriptions following a small picture of a cliffside with a cave opening. The teenager wore a light tunic and dark sandals. His emerald green eyes stared at the parchment as he tried to discover what secrets it hid from him. Marcus Graves stared at this strange inscription and pursed his lips in a tight frown. He cleared his throat and read aloud what he had discovered.
Throughout History. people have sought after immortality but only a few have gotten close enough to discover its secrets” He took a deep breath before looking around the Library where he sat and noticed not many people were around. “It is with great dismay that I have found the beginning of the search. A cave in which the walls talk about a tomb of an ancient being that will grant thee eternal life but only if thou can pass the tests. You must head to the island of Chamili. There along the south cliffs is where you will find this cave. But be warned, only go at the highest of tides during the summer days. For the water will allow only a small rowboat to pass through at the noon of the 12th day. The rocks around it are perilous and will sink many ships. Once there…” Marcus flipped the parchment to the next one. “take the far left passage and there, upon the shrine, drink the potion I had made in my previous entry and you will be shown the location to the next marker”

** 12 days later**

Marcus stood in the cave and stared up at the shrine. The sheer size of the shrine was impressive considering it was carved from a single piece of stone that jutted out from the wall. It was of a beautiful woman whose figure spoke seduction as well as mystery. He knelt before the shrine and took out the potion heavy breathing was the only sound that echoed throughout the cave and he uncorked the vial before chugging the potion. It was bitter and slowly slid down his throat causing him to cough and wheeze. His eyes began to water as his ears rang. He could feel every heartbeat flow through him as he stared wide-eyed at the shrine. The woman seemed to come alive and pointed a stone finger at Marcus.
“You are destined for greatness” it spoke within his mind. “You shall succeed were hundreds have failed before you. But heed my warning. The Next marker is far to the northern west part of the empire. The town of Isca Dumnoniorum, to the south in another cave. You will find the next marker”
With a flash, Marcus was back in his boat in the middle of the sea. He coughed heavily and then felt his stomach churn. He threw his face over the side and regurgitated into the sea. He laid upon his back in the boat staring up at the sky as doubt began to seep into his mind. 
Was this really worth it? I’m already almost out of money. The trip to this… Exeter will surely deplete my wealth. He thought.
“but,” he said aloud. “Even mighty Rome started from nothing,” he said as he sat up and started to row back to shore. Sure of himself now that this was his destiny and he would see the task finished. 


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