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Sweet dreams are made of this…

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Jaelle was curled up on the bed as much that she could be given the current state of her stomach. She had her eyes closed tight for the fear of nothing, but the pain was excruciating. Her body trembled under its severity, sweat forming on her forehead and as if the dying heat of the day was helping.
Diana came bursting in, but quietly even though she was seemingly frantic as she rushed up to her sister. Gracefully, however, she perched on the edge of the bed just behind Jaelle and she placed her cool hands against her sister’s available arm. “Jaelle, please calm down.” She coaxed, their language sweet on her tongue.
Jaelle shook her head but just barely, refusing to do anything more; the trembling of her body ceased when she found some relief from her sister’s hands.
Diana’s brows furrowed and she felt a sadness grow in her heart, she had watched their mother suffer from this before meeting an untimely fate post-partum of their youngest brother; she had, along with other’s thought it was from the age and such… This seemed to no longer be the case considering Jaelle was her youngest sister. Diana forced hope into her heart, however. “Y…” She breathed a shaky breath, not really able to fathom a life without Jaelle.”You will be okay, Jaelle. I promise.” She leaned forward and hugged her sister, closing her eyes just as tight. She breathed as if she was running, she felt terrified.
Jaelle turned slightly to peer at her sister, suddenly concerned for her and not herself. Diana shifted back but just slightly. Their blue gazes peered into one another’s and before Diana could speak she closed her eyes, unable to face this obvious fact.
Jaelle licked her lips and breathed out. “I know.” She said softly, unknowingly confirming whatever Diana felt and had thought about. “I can remember.” She grabbed her sister as she tried to move away, overtaken by the pending grief. “Diana, don’t.” she sounded beyond weak in her speech, as was her hold. “Please, don’t be upset.” She tried to set herself up, every muscle flexing just felt like she was going to die right then. Managing, however, she grabbed her sister’s face. “Look at me.” She spoke softly but firmly in the weakness.
Diana shook her head, she couldn’t mentally afford this distress.
“Diana.” She choked out her name, angrily before she gripped her face; now causing her sister to yelp and she opened her eyes. “I love you, please don’t over think this yet, this could be anything, it is early for the baby to come. I could improve.” She leaned forward as best she could, her growing stomach made it a bit difficult, but until their foreheads touched she didn’t stop. “Promise me, you won’t do it.” She lowered her gaze for only a moment. “Promise me you won’t become beside yourself if anything does happen. Promise me you will not stay here, promise me you will seek them out and return home.” She had an emotion she hadn’t felt in a long time swell in her heart, nostalgia. Jaelle had no love lost for her people, where she came from. But she did miss the simplicity of their way of life. She pressed a kiss to her older sister’s forehead now.
Diana’s eyes closed as Jaelle bestowed the kiss, her hands settling on her sister’s shoulders. “Jaelle, let us go together.” She rushed out, sounded panicked. She sat back, staring crazily at her. “Let’s run home. We don’t belong here.” She began to cry, lightly gripping her sister’s shoulders. “Please, let us go.” She feared the future, she feared Augustus and for her sister’s well being. “Just let him know you are going to travel home for a length of time, he shouldn’t mind.” Diana seemed to try to be fabricating this in a logical reality…
Jaelle watched her sister struggling, losing herself to this assumed outcome. She held her breath sort of, letting her ride it out until she gave up. When her sister calmed down and stared off to the side watching the sun’s setting rays on the floor. Jaelle shook her head a bit. “You know he won’t let me leave, especially not while I’m pregnant.” She rubbed her sister’s cheeks with her thumbs. “I’m not a little girl anymore, and I made a few mistakes from that camp. I can never go back. You can. I urge you to go if you are this afraid.” She let out a pained breath, relaxing back against the pillows.
Diana sat there for a few moments longer, beside herself now, she couldn’t do this. But, she wouldn’t leave Jaelle for any reason. She shook her head, blonde curls bouncing. “I will not abandon you.” She looked at her sister now, her eyes were tired of them both. She shifted and crawled a bit to cuddle up next to her sister. She put an arm around her shoulders then laid a hand on her Jaelle’s stomach, feeling the life inside. Diana closed her eyes. “I will never leave you.” She breathed, feeling sleep coming.
Jaelle let her sister embrace her, the second set of arms she felt safe in… Her lips tugged at the corners as she recalled a specific friend… But the smile was quickly gone, she felt sleep too, leaning her head against her sister’s. “Just don’t let yourself become too involved. Okay?” Her hands settled on her sister’s arm now.
Diana hesitated but nodded, before nodding off.
Jaelle snorted at the quickness of her sister’s mania to sleep and let sleep wrap around herself on that note… But the reason for her smile surfaced again and the person in her fleeting thoughts wasn’t her husband… And no one could be bothered as long as no one knew…
Cordelia normally didn’t dream, so this woke her with a start, settling quickly though. She blinked a few times, letting her vision get used to the dark in her room, she sighed softly, getting comfortable again. The dream was odd and in a completely different time period. Roman-era? She shuddered, snuggling back down. It was just an odd dream, she thought… But, it felt so familiar—real—and that left her feeling sort of unsettled…

As the young woman fell back asleep, she seemed to forget; writing it off. But, what she would come to realize later is that this was a glimpse into the past of a life she had lived.


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