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Comment by Lucid Emanual on April 4, 2014 at 10:47pm

}}} Sometime later, Letta picked up a barely legible soggy piece of paper drooling wet minty green ink. >>> It was barely legible.

}}} Master Antwar  wrote. >>>  “Keep up the good effort!  Be Brave, Be not ashamed.  I look forward to visiting with you again. We are creating an awesome place to practice posting unrehearsed videos (By 'we' I mean 'me'- me and the other me's.  Multiple 'me's' makes me 'We'.  I guess that makes We me...  Anyway, thats for another time.  It's a lot of fun to freestyle dialogue with out erasing, editing, or not posting.  Ive said to much.  Good luck squirly Girly! 


Master Academic Antwar

Comment by Lucid Emanual on April 4, 2014 at 9:04pm

I must be honest. i quit listening half way through.  But dont worry about that.  Its courageous to post on-line these days.  Especially with all the all the sources competing for attention.

>> Master Academic Antwar >>  Gave a wink, a shuffle of feet, and a poof!!!-  a misty kiwi-mintish hued cloud meandered back and forth into the distance.  You heared mumbling and grumbling as it slowly drifted from sight.  It was soemthign about "stupid wind, never gonna make it, an Event,  and something about Galactic academy in panic.

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