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Clinging to the cold, the beginning of this newborn was a rocky start.


Born to a water dragon, and the father being a dragon of ice, this newborn carries an mixture of abilities. Nestled underneath the frosty wings of its father, the icy egg buried partly in the slush of water and snow. Rain plummeting down, yet, as it tore through the air, pelted down in frozen fractals.


Soon, the egg was held between curling claws, the surface of the icy cell becoming slick with the slush and rain. Wings pump the water dragon through the sky, scales shining through the storm. The mother’s grip on the egg loosened, the egg slipping from the claws that held it. 


The loss of the egg went unnoticed, and the frosty sphere fell down quickly towards the ground. It was bound to a fate of death if it were to hit the rocky surface that awaited below – but, it didn’t. With a splash, the egg fell through the slushy ground, rolling down into an icy cave, made of frost and compacted snow. Crystals of ice plummeting down from the ceiling, giving a blue look cast about the lighting of the room.

Who Am I...

A 2-month old dragon.