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My Story Is...

D-do I have to tell you? *She looked to the narrator and nodded.* Oh ok.



I am the rare shy child of Asclepius, Greek god of medicine. I grew up in a normal family for all I know. And I went to school and was average in all my subjects, nothing special till I hit biology and did good, I-i mean great. I went on to learn all about the human body and medicine without even knowing my father was the god of it. I was found half way through my class in human anatomy and taken to the demigod camp. I was trained in medicine with Apollos cabin as there wasn’t a cabin for my father. I tried to do combat but I just could bring myself to hit anyone, even with the mindset that I might die if I don’t fight. After that I became the official medic and was the best at it. So I survived in the camp till I was over 21 and chose to explore some which is dangerous but choosing to stay in populated areas got myself mixed up in something that got me to this place which is hard to pronounce but starts with an H. So yeah, that’s my story.

My Appearance

I- if I have to show you.

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I-I have a bad filled with medicine…

My Secrets Are...

I-I don’t want to share that, SORRY

I Believe...

I believe that the world can heal