trix "glitchtrix" bass (plus more)


theme song,: iNSaNiTY  BY NIGHTCORE


abilities: teleportation, can create any object, being or plant, can disrupt and destroy any electronic device,can nullify powers when in contact with another person, shape-shifting, he can warp reality

personality- hes pretty laid back, but when angered he’ll stop at nothing to destroy what angered him, he has quite good control of his anger

Who Am I...

trix "glitchtrix" bass

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

-STATIC- welcome, my name is %^$^%$% and i will show you my new creation experiment 2406, code name “glitchtrix” -switch camera view to completely white room, a small boy lay on the floor sobbing, wearing a white hospital gown, his eyes were bright green -camera glitches- crap, stupid camera…-camerea cuts to doctor, his face was blanked out- where..where is he?! -camera shows empty room, suddenly a roar fills the room and camera shuts off, almost like it broke-

My Appearance

a unknown year old teenager, eyes are blazing green, clothing depends on whats hes feeling that day


whatever He wants

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

that reality is nothing more than a dream and death is when we wake up