jackson uziman


theme song,: play with fire by sam tinnez

Who Am I...

jackson uziman, and a slight pyromaniac

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Jackson was a kid who had been experimented on by dozens of scientists, his mother came only once to give him a large battle-ax, the gift had confused him, and then she left, ten days later, dead. this sent Jackson into a rage  the scientists have never seen, the boy had transformed into a large monster of proportional size and strength, the skin was just inky darkness but the face was a silver skull, the grim fear (as it called itself) destroyed half the facility

My Appearance

a 16 year old teenager wearing a black hoddie, black jeans and black shoes, his eyes are blazing silver


a large battle axe passed down to him from his mother

a pendant of a silver skull

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

in death