The oldest child out of three. I came back to Hellifyno after I learned my mother was dead and father imprisoned. I came to protect my sisters and make things right. I feel very bad for leaving them in that toxic place and cannot imagine ever doing that.

Who Am I...

A grown man who has made many mistakes.

My Story Is...

When Ethan was little his parents were drug addicts, He had two little sisters. He ran away when he was twelve though, leaving them. He regrets it more than anything in the world. He ran away to earth. It was easy to disguise himself there because he had inherited his fathers Demon traits, not his mothers Neko traits like his sisters did. He came back to Hellifyno after learning his mom was dead, and his father in prison. He has one goal. To protect his sisters and make things right.

My Appearance

A 24-year-old male. 6’2, electric blue eyes. Messy black hair. Pale skin. Long legs, torso, and arms that only go down to my waist.


A gun with my father’s initials engraved in gold on the side, and much more.

My Secrets Are...

Too many to count.

I Believe...

I messed up leaving.