Aura Zoire


A 17 year old girl, traveling along with her good ol’ buddy , Kaai.
Is it strange her best friend is a cat? Pff, nahhh! Right?

Who Am I...

(Or-Uh) Aura (S-wuh-are) Zoire.

Romantic Interests

Pfftt.–Oh wait.. You're serious.. Whoops.

My Story Is...

Dull.- Sorry to be curt, but it is. Let’s just drop it!

My Appearance

I’m.. uh.. I’m right here.. Standing in front of you.. But here’s some pictures of me. The last one’s Kaai.
Image result for Anime art cat lover girl"

Image result for Anime art cat"


Depends on the day, and what’s going on.

My Secrets Are...

Aren’t they called Secrets, for a reason?

I Believe...

Well, that I'm friendly.. Well.. -some mutters and mumbles.- I will admit, I caaaan be a bit of a smart-ass.