Lukas Williams (+ others)


“All can change if they choose to.”

Who Am I...

A former nazi scientist and leader of the fourth reich, and his army

Romantic Interests

Who would love a monster like me? Lily, that’s who.

Relationship Status

Taken by Lily Ashen (Lukas’s main guard, Ben, is taken by Isabella.)

My Story Is...

Lukas was a Nazi scientist that served as Hitler’s main guard. He was a father of a little girl named Sally Williams now he wanders around trying to find her something of a big daddy from Bio shock. He’s able to use practically any weapons that sticks to the Four weapons that he’s uses constantly. His men are extremely loyal to him and would lay down their lives for him, weather or not he wants them to.

My Appearance

6 foot 9, wearing a large suit of armor Ubersoldat armor. His men’s  armor varies


His MG-42, duel STG-44s, his armor, and a large war axe. His men’s load outs vary.

My Secrets Are...

“I was Adolf Hitler’s former guard, now I just seek to redeem myself.” Lukas

I Believe...

In science