Abel Cross the Dragon Caretaker

Who Am I...

A ex-hunter taking care of dragons

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Years ago Abel was an ordinary kid living his life, but his life was changed by a bandit raid killing his family, his best friend, and they even destroyed his village. As he was by himself an old stranger spotted him in the desolated village, so he took him in and became part of the dragon hunting clan.

Years later he eventually became a hunter as well, but he hates the fact that most dragons deserves to live so he left the clan and start hunting evil dragons with his draconic claw, also known as the Dragon Bringer, that he is bestowed as part of a ritual of becoming a dragon hunter. Years later he almost lost his life by the hands of the Dragon Queen, Tiamut, until he was founded by two dragons, the Hellfire Twins named Baldur and Lori. After Abel is back on his feet the twins don’t want to leave him because of dragon poachers took away their family and might be the only ones left, so Abel has been taking care of them ever since.

Today Abel Cross is probably one of the world’s famous dragon caretakers in Hellifyno and the proud owner of Grimvale Islands as it holds the Dragon Scales Bar, he takes care of dragons, serves food and drinks, and when he has to he hunts either poachers or evil dragons with the help of Dragon Arms, as gifts from other dragons as a sign of trust.

(For information about the dragons or the Citizens of Grimvale go to my stories for their info.)

My Appearance

Abel Cross: Gray hair, either a red or black shirt with a black jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. Now have a X-mark scar on his right cheek.


A bag filled with all of the dragons favorite food and drinks with notes about them.


Dragon Arms (Abel Cross)

Fang Breaker – Abel’s new weapon of choice ever since Vs’shtak Bekir is broken, the weapon is a gunblade where one of his friends, a mechanic and Forgemaster, came up the idea from the Final Fantasy franchise and decided to make one from Abel’s new partner-in-crime and newest member of the dragon family named Hallow as one of his baby fangs fell out, so Abel’s friend was able to make a prototype and once successful it became Abel’s new weapon.

The Fangbreaker has three tubes connected together within the blade and as the trigger is pulled the corresponding charged bullet turns into kinetic energy that gives a temporary element to the blade that will only last depends on how much energy from the bullet has filled up in the tubes, usually last about five to fifteen minutes.

Vs’shtak Bekir – means “draconic energy” in the language of dragons, a longsword forged from the fang of the Elder Dragon and a gift from a Dragon God, it has the capability to charge the energy from nearby dragons and shoot beans into Abel’s enemies. Since his last encounter with everything that has been going on, the blade of Vs’shtak Bekir is broken and is beyond from repair.

Hellfire Katanas – forged from the baby fangs from Baldur and Lori, both the blades are set on azure flames that are hot enough to melt through a steel beam and once it hit contact on enemies they will not stop burning.

Evoker – a magical flintlock pistol with a lever, can fire 9mm magical bullets called Dragon Fangs, bullets infused with different elements and the only way to get more of the special ammunition is to switch the setting on the gun from fire to absorb on the back of the lever.

Volbeat – a crossbow attached to Abel’s left arm with the power of lightning and light, has the capability of shooting up to eight targets and electrocutes his enemies.

Dragonbringer – a dark violet scale, claw-like arm that is infused to Abel’s right arm as part of the ritual of becoming a dragon hunter, it can be activated at will. Since his time on the islands and encounters from the Voidless he lost his arm and before he came back to Hellifyno from Earth his arm grew back and is now a pure white dragon scales showing how much he has changed


I Believe...

that most dragons are meant to have a home.