Abel Graves

Who Am I...

A dhampir

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

My name is Abel Graves and as you may know I am a hunter, a bar owner, and a family man. My story begins when I lost my mother when I was five-years-old by a vampire, then my father showed up and trained me to learn how to fight and destroy the undead, even taught me how to fight other monsters. Then when I turned sixteen I found out that my dad was none other than Alucard and my mother was from the Belmont clan, the same legendary clan that kills Dracula. I got pissed off to the point where I left him. Now that I grew up he and I get along quiet well and started his own business.

The motto is “No heartbeat? No problem”.

My Appearance

(Look at pic)


Crissagrim – a legendary sword infused with the power of light and shadow given to me by my dad.

Vampire Killer – a legendary whip used to destroy Dracula

.357 Magnum Revolver with different types of ammo, silver stakes, Holy Water, etc for hunting monsters.

My Secrets Are...

I have the blood of both enemies running through me.

I Believe...

There are some monsters that can be good and some that are meant to be destroyed.